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With no middlemen and the hefty markups they cause, we bring fine jewelry directly to you at affordable prices.

All the materials used are 100% genuine, of highest quality, and ethically sourced.

We have one of the largest inventories of moonstone and opal jewelry so you will never run out of options.

Every jewelry item you buy helps in plantation and nourishment of one tree.


Welcome to Gemstone Silver Jewelry (GSJ). In this online store, the jewelry cravings of every gypsy, boho, and moonchild are taken care of. We love moonstone gemstone jewelry & we're sure that you all will love it, too. The magical qualities and mesmerizing appearance of moonstone can make anyone a fan. It doesn't matter whether it's retail or wholesale gemstone jewelry . If it's the moonstone jewelry, it's sure to win your heart.

Our store is all about Natural Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry, which can uplift your appearance and make a bland appearance attractive. Moonstone is the gemstone of spirituality, composure, and all things divine. It's not just a gemstone; it is a cabinet that holds a thousand magical tales about its brilliance and excellence.

At GSJ, we allow you to own and experience all the grandeur yourself in Rainbow Moonstone Fine Jewelry, including Gemstone Rings , Earrings, Pendants, and Bracelets. And when it comes to owning Rose Gold Moonstone Jewelry, it's a great feeling in itself because it holds the wisdom and ability that can take you from ordinary to the extraordinary.

If you are looking for elegant and Affordable Gemstone Jewelry designs to combine with a dress or a gown, we've got it. If you're looking for something simple and sober to wear daily, we've got it. And, if you are looking for something that would complement your free-spirited personality, something that would speak for you while healing you from within, we've definitely got it.


We are a bunch of moonchildren who fell in love with the sheer beauty of Unique Moonstone Jewelry at almost the same time. Maybe it was fate that brought us together, or perhaps it was the blessings of the moon goddess herself. Whatever it was, we are glad it chose us.

We never thought there would be so many moonchildren out there, and the love for Real High-Quality Moonstone Jewelry was so widespread that it has formed a sort of a cult. We prospected that potential. Being bohos and gypsies ourselves, we reached out to like-minded people with a plan of providing Authentic Healing Gemstone Jewelry. We saw it working pretty nicely and, to our fortune, quite quickly.

We always wore moonstone in the form of moonstone rings , pendants , earrings , etc., all the time. We were all astounded that Rainbow Moonstone Fine Jewelry brought so many positive changes in our lives that we've noticed and experienced.

We started producing our 925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry for our Online Gemstone Jewelry Store instantly, that we were almost scared. But we kept calm and moved forward with the faith in our hearts and the moon's blessings. And here we are today. We are recognized as one of the best and most reliable Natural Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers.


The Gemstone Earrings created by us are the highlights because we have many unique designs that you won't find anywhere else. This is not limited to the earrings, but all our Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry possess this trait, including Gemstone Necklaces .

This was one of the reasons that encouraged us to come up with this idea of making Real High-Quality Moonstone Jewelry available to all the moonchildren out there.

The Gemstone Pendants and earrings are produced in a sort of harmony so that you can easily find a matching pair of moonstone earrings with the necklace you selected. And if you want to go solo, there is still a lot of options for you. You can also find several Gemstone Bracelets to own, wear, and flaunt.

Every piece is made of 925 sterling silver because we trust this metal's quality and durability apart from the love it gets from most jewelry enthusiasts. It is composed of 92.5% pure silver, whereas 7.5% are other metals (mostly copper). They are added to make the final product highly tarnish-resistant and more durable.

You will find sterling silver jewelry in many online stores. Our specialty lies in the unusual, classical, contemporary, and many other designs that we create with that metal. This is something which apparently no different online store offers simultaneously.


We work absolutely on the 'pre-order' model. This allows us to cater to the custom order requests with perfection. The most notable thing about us is that we give free shipping on orders above $49. It only takes 21 working days (in normal circumstances) for us to deliver your much-awaited moonstone jewelry. So feed all your moonstone cravings with our collections.

You can also get early access to our offers and discounts and the latest jewelry trends by signing up for our newsletter.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please drop us an email at We will be happy to hear from you, moonchild.

You can even drop us an email with all your questions regarding moonstone jewelry's magical properties and the styling tips. Our experts are here to help you.

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