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10 Moonstone Engagement Rings That Will Make You Wish For A Proposal Right Now

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hen you think of getting married & buying an engagement ring, you almost always think of diamonds, right? While diamonds may be breathtaking to look at, they are definitely not in everyone’s budget. There are also some people who don’t want to go the traditional route and get their lover something out of this world, something unique and meaningful. And, who said engagement rings have to burn a big hole in your pocket? Cheap engagement rings can also be very special and touching as long as the bond you hold is pure. One such example is moonstone engagement rings as they have become very popular among many. Youngsters, today, are making wiser choices and spending on world tours instead of jewelry, which has given a sudden rise to the gold and rose gold moonstone engagement rings market. They are preferring a mystical looking engagement ring for cheap, rather than an expensive one.

GSJ: Gold & Rose Gold Engagement Rings For Women

GSJ has been one of the prime jewelry retailers in the US, and they have released their new collection which contains some swoon-worthy rose gold and gold engagement rings for her. All the jewelry is vermeil, which means sterling silver is coated with a layer of 14k gold or rose gold. This is done to make sure that all their rings look as luxurious as solid gold or rose gold, & are still under $100. Let us take a look at the ones that will make you want to be proposed to right now.

1. Moonstone Engagement Ring- Rose Gold

The tremendous design of this rose gold moonstone engagement ring is exclusive to GSJ. It holds immense poise because it holds the mighty rainbow moonstone. This magical ring will make that special day of yours even more special because these stunning looks will not even be 1% of the total wedding budget in the offing. Isn’t that amazing? Head over to Moonstone Ring- Uplift page and get yours now.

2. Moonstone Engagement Ring- Gold

If you have been looking for chunky gold engagement rings for her, this is where you stop. The two cubic zirconia gemstones provide the royal touch to this ring with a big rectangle moonstone is held by 14k gold vermeil. Your engagement is already a special day full of love and joy, and moonstone can multiply it with its healing powers. This 14k gold moonstone ring can help you both maintain a healthy and loving relationship for a long time to come. Moonstone’s ability to enhance the kundalini energy is a boon to couples, especially if they are trying to conceive. Give her this gold moonstone engagement ring, give her the gift of immense love and wisdom.

3. Moonstone Engagement Ring- Silver

The brilliance of this silver moonstone engagement ring is provided by a rectangle moonstone, two round moonstones, & two cubic zirconia gemstones. They combine in a melodious fashion to bring out the stuff of every modern bride’s dream. This moonstone silver ring can also be worn at parties and events because of its luxurious look. No woman would want to miss out on the way moonstone helps alleviate menstrual and pregnancy-related pain and uneasiness. It is a woman’s best friend and every man should know that before buying an engagement ring for his special lady.

4. Moonstone Rose Gold Engagement Ring- Oval

Verve is an engagement ring that lives up to its name because the kind of enthusiasm this moonstone crown ring has is just tremendous. You can see the designer’s efforts in this ring which makes it a unique rose gold engagement ring. You must gift something of meaning to your soon-to-be better half because what’s most important is being happy with each other. Moonstones are known for such abilities, which is why it was gifted to couples on the 13th anniversary to keep the evil related with the number away from them.

5. Moonstone Rose Gold Engagement Ring- Vintage

Moonstone has been the favorite of women for its motherly nurturing powers. It is also said that moonstone is capable of bringing back the emotional connection we lose with ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life. You can also give this fantastic rose gold moonstone ring to someone special on valentine’s day and they will remember the gesture, always. All those who make it difficult in life for them will keep away because it will keep all the negative vibes at bay. 

6. Moonstone Rose Gold Engagement Ring- Halo

Halo designs have been very common in traditional engagement rings with a round or hexagonal gemstone. This 14k rose gold engagement ring puts a twist in the old halo charm but using it with a kite-shaped moonstone. The cubic zirconia gems play a very vital role in making this ring what it is- a unique piece of eye-candy. Moonstone’s metaphysical qualities are synonymous to its beauty as it fills tranquility and wisdom in the life of the person wearing it. The kind of qualities you would want your beloved to be blessed with. These qualities also make this the perfect valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend if you are not yet ready to propose.

7. Moonstone Yellow Gold Engagement Ring- Emerald Cut

If you have searched the web all day long to find engagement rings that are very common & with a price tag so high that it just doesn’t seem worth it, then you have come to the right place. This is a light, yet extravagant engagement ring with yellow gold vermeil and shining rainbow moonstone. Give her the gift of immense wisdom and heavenly protection while proposing her or as a valentine’s day gift because you have got to spend your life with her.

8. Rose Gold Engagement Ring- Pear Shaped

This tremendously gorgeous pear-shaped moonstone rose gold ring will make her dreamy when you will pull it out of your pocket. It will also make for a perfect valentine’s day gift if you are confused what to get her because moonstone and cubic zirconia make this accordant combination that is very hard to not like. It would be even better if you are thinking of proposing her on that day because this ring will make it very special for her which she will remember for the rest of her life.

9. Rose Gold Engagement Ring- Simple

If your lover is someone with a sophisticated and simple taste, you might want to cut back on the glim-glam and get her an engagement ring that is uncomplicated, just the way she likes it. The CZ gemstones make a congruous backdrop for this cab-cut moonstone & the overall simplicity of this ring will allow her to wear it every single day without any hassle. 14k rose gold vermeil keep you assured of the quality and durability of this moonstone ring & old the gleaming gem for decades to come.

10. Rose Gold Engagement Ring- Round Cut

This lovely moonstone ring is called ‘Opulent’ and it has every right to be called that. The way this faceted moonstone is placed using prongs setting, and all of this is surrounded by cubic zirconia gemstones provide a glamorous finish. You can be assured of this ring’s character because it has been made with rose gold vermeil, which is the best and the cheapest method of making rose gold jewelry.

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  • moonstone jewelry is now very popular, especially in the wedding style. Sometimes new is better than the old theme! Moonstone jewelry looks good too with the gown.

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  • Nowadays, people don’t spend much on costly rings, instead, they spend on tours, like I did. I bought a moonstone engagement ring, it was not costly and yet very beautiful. I spent the money that I saved on an elaborate European tour.

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  • I love all the rings but I didn’t like the 7th ring (Emerald cut) because of it’s picture, but I love it’s design. All the rings have a very cool design, that is pretty impressive. Good blog!!

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  • NICE COLLECTION OF ENGAGEMENT RINGS!! I’m impressed with your collection and most important, it is very pocket-friendly. It’s a fact that many people can’t afford a diamond ring but the engagement ring should be really special because of thelove bonding they share. Choice of rings is amazing in this blog, Good one.

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  • Fantastic collection of engagement rings that are not at all heavy on pocket. Among all these, one ring is fascinated me a lot, which is the simple moonstone engagement ring. I would love for my boyfriend to propose me with this ring. All the designs are really amazing.

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