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10 Of The Best Sterling Silver Rings For Women By GSJ

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What Is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is the quality of silver that is widely used in jewelry making across the world. The proper term used to describe it is 925 sterling silver because of its composition. It contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper by volume. 100% pure silver is way too malleable to make jewelry or any other ornament which makes the addition of copper necessary. When talking about sterling silver rings, cheap or expensive, GSJ’s huge and extraordinary collection has to come on top. The beautiful ring designs are flawlessly cast for a perfect looking ring with a jaw-dropping appeal. They are also commonly known as silver rings 925 because of their composition.

Sterling silver has been used for centuries for making coins, ornaments, jewelry, sculptures, etc. It was found out that sterling silver articles made hundreds of years ago were still intact and needed just some cleaning to get back to their shining state. The rigidness provided by copper has played a crucial role in maintaining the shape of these pieces. Sterling silver rings & bands have always been the choice for the masses because they are affordable, luxurious, and last a lifetime.

Why Sterling Silver Rings?

We live in an era of stackable rings, and if these rings are made using sterling silver, imagine how many more you can afford to wear in comparison to gold or platinum. These sterling silver ring bands can be worn over each other for a staggering look to up your fashion game. Another advantage of wearing these silver rings is that they are perfect for daily wear. There is no huge stone that can break if the ring takes a little bit of a hit. Sterling silver is comparatively very strong, and if taken care of, it can shine on for decades.

If you are an office fashionista and want to wear a different ring stack every day, you are in luck because GSJ’s sterling silver rings cost between $11-$17 apiece, and you also get free shipping over $49 with a discount of 10% on sign up. What more does a woman need when she has found all the silver rings for her in one place.

10 Silver Rings From GSJ For Your Absolute Delight

We couldn’t stress more why silver rings are the way to go. The designs from GSJ will make you fall in love with the simplicity of these rings. Some of them have been made for ring stacks while others look lovely standing alone. Below is a mix of sterling silver rings by GSJ that stand out, just like we want you to stand out in a crowd.

1. Sterling Silver Knot Ring

925 silver, as we have already discussed, is one of the best jewelry metals that is both, affordable and non-irritating for the skin. This sterling silver knot ring’s brilliance makes it one of the most treasured rings in the collection of GSJ. It is a masterpiece that combines simplicity with craftsmanship so pure it will make any woman its fan. The beautifully tied knot using the silver band brings out the radiance of this 925 ring in a lovely manner. It will best combine with a plain white dress and a couple more plain silver rings, some of which are mentioned below.

2. Sterling Silver Vintage Ring

A sterling silver ring’s vintage quality is best represented by an oxidized part that beautifully combines with the shiny silver and provides a look that seems to have seen & experienced a lot in its lifetime. The tribal design just adds to the benevolence of this amiable silver ring 925. You will find very few rings that will provide such charisma in just under $15. It is the vintage ring you have been waiting for.

3. Sterling Silver Engraved Ring

Who doesn’t love some motivating lines on their silver ring that actually help them in the time of need? This sterling silver ring’s engraved words ‘My Sunshine’ will remind your loved one what you mean to them and that will provide them with the energy or motivation needed to get through a situation. The words ‘my sunshine’ will have an instant impact on them because they will remind them of the love you have for them and how you want them to always do the right thing, no matter how difficult it is.

4. Silver Plain Ring

Only a few will be able to see the radiance of this silver ring because only the most humble will be able to understand why simple is always better. The lovely kite design gives it a look that will brighten up your look of the day and complement your outfit well, especially if it is also as plain. This sterling silver ring’s simple design not only makes you come off as a straightforward person, but it also defines your methods of working and your attitude towards life.

5. Silver Chunky Ring

Colossal rings are loved by many people because of the changing fashion where big, substantial pieces have become the standard. A silver ring’s chunky appearance says a lot about the person wearing it. If you want your jewelry to speak for you, this sterling silver ring will be a great addition to your box of glitter in your closet. You will receive many compliments because of this flawlessly arranged bow design because you will find very few people with this kind of ring on their hand.

6. Sterling Silver Simple Ring

This is a very plain-looking silver ring, but do not be fooled because it features two little hearts at both the ends of the band. These hearts have a gap in between them that will be filled when you will wear this lovely little ring. This sterling silver ring’s simple yet expressive nature makes it the perfect gift for anyone you deeply love. The open-ended design makes the size of this ring a little adjustable so you can give it to someone even if you are not sure about their exact ring size. Check out our ring size guide and always order the ring that fits well.

7. Silver Boho Ring

This boho style silver ring has elephants trailing each other which signify the strength and power within you waiting to be explored and utilized. Make a silver ring stack set with this ring in the middle & other boho sterling silver rings to support it to make an impression that will last. 925 sterling silver is always the best choice for jewelry making because of its immense luster and shine that captures hearts in an instant. This is also the perfect ring for you if you love wildlife and feel like there should be more of it and less of cities and industries. Support your cause with your jewelry.

8. Sterling Silver Ring Band

To make a statement that is bold and straight, you will need something like this sterling silver ring. The black color of the oxidized silver leaves a very up-front impression on those looking at you. It can be stacked with other brilliant rings mentioned here or among other silver rings on GSJ to make a ring stack that everyone will adore.

9. Sterling Silver Stackable Ring

This alluring silver ring named ‘ethereal droplets’ will definitely make your ring stacking game shoot up high with its perfectly made design. Make your fingers a haven of beauty and grace with this sterling silver ring combined with many more rings that are your options at GSJ. They have all been made with supremacy and not one ring will look any less alluring than the other. Make them yours and show off your choice to everyone.

10. Sterling Silver Heart Ring

An artistically sound person will get this silver ring more than someone who thinks that there are unnecessary lines in its heart. The sterling silver band packs a colossal heart design to impress your girlfriend/wife and show her how much love you have for her. If you are buying this for yourself, you will have bought the most lovable sterling silver ring in our store. It’s an amiable silver ring that will beautify your hands even more and make you ready to take on the day.


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