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10 Reasons To Shop At GSJ

10 Reasons To Shop At GSJ

Posted on September 12 2018

We live in a world where online shopping has become as prominent as eating or sleeping. And, in such a world, there are no boundaries to shopping, be it time, payment, distance, location, etc., anyone can buy anything from anywhere. In such a convenient scenario, online jewelry shopping has also become a trend that seems like it is here to stay. Bohemians and other gypsies have made moonstone jewelry so popular that it has become a thing of the past to see moonstone jewelry present only at flea markets and special exhibitions. At GSJ, we take the moonstone jewelry game to the next level by providing you with excellent quality, fine craftsmanship, and never-seen-before designs, which makes us the biggest exclusive moonstone jewelry store in the whole wide world. You will find pieces that you will fall in love with, and you will also find some that you’ll think are great for someone you know. Don’t hesitate in buying for yourself or anyone else because the divine healing of moonstone is something everyone needs to experience in their lifetime. Still not convinced? Let us look at all the reason why GSJ is the perfect moonstone shop, and why you should not look any further for moonstone silver jewelry.

1. Grade-AA Moonstones

The first and foremost thing you will notice in a moonstone ring will be the moonstone itself. No other gemstone exhibits such exceptional and lovely sheen like moonstone. But, even moonstone has different qualities, and the best one available for jewelry without luxury auctions is Grade-AA quality. All the jewelry present on the store is Grade-AA and is ethically sourced from India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, etc. It shows adularescence that will leave you awestruck and mesmerize every sense in your body, mind, and soul.

2. Certified 925 Sterling Silver

Moonstone has a white core, and it reflects light in cool colors like blue, green, violet, etc., this makes moonstone most suitable with a silver-colored metal. And, what is a better silver colored metal that sterling silver? It is light on the pocket, as durable as any other jewelry metal, if not more, easy to maintain, & its shine complement’s the moonstone’s shine. These reasons seem enough to pair sterling silver with moonstone, but what is this certified 925 sterling silver being talked about here? It is the variety of silver that contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, which makes it perfect to make jewelry. Every jewelry piece at GSJ is stamped with ‘925’ which certifies that the jewel is 925 sterling silver and nothing else.

3. 10% Discount On Sign-Up

All the jewelry will be available to the first time users at a FLAT 10% DISCOUNT. This is an introductory offer for all those who haven’t purchased from us yet. Our already pocket-friendly jewelry will be even easier to afford, and you can buy many more with such exciting discounts that will keep coming your way if you sign up and become a part of the GSJ Family.

4. Finest Craftsmanship

At GSJ, we take pride in our artisanal jewelry that has been created with intricate attention to detailing. We have brought back the designs of the past and combined them with the contemporary designs of the future to create jewelry that will be appreciated by literally everyone. There is another category that contains celestial designs related to the sun, the moon, and the stars. This category is parallel to our mission to make everyone fall in love with moonstones. Also, this is the category that is loved by all the moonchildren.  

5. 500+ Designs

Our online store has more than 500 designs of moonstone jewelry that includes moonstone rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. We are proud of being the biggest online moonstone jewelry store in the world, and the designs on display are such that they will appeal to anyone looking at them. They follow many different themes, like gothic, bohemian, celestial, traditional, royal, etc. Every piece is made with love and perfection.

6. Free Delivery Above $49

All the US folks will love this because we are providing free shipping on all products above $49 in the US. All the jewelry is delivered for free in the US if the total order amount is $49 or above and that is just a number because who orders jewelry, and it doesn’t amount up to $49? If it doesn’t, here’s a secret tip- add a silver rings to reach $49 and get free shipping. Rather than paying to ship, you’ll get a silver rings for almost the same amount.

7. 100% Secure Checkout

All the transactions on GSJ are secured with highest grade encryption. This means that your money is in safe hands, and so also your payment info. We have taken this step to ensure that all our customers feel safe and secured when purchasing the beautiful jewels for themselves.

8. Trackable Shipping

All the orders shipped from our warehouse can be tracked using the tracking number provided at the checkout. This is an option that will enable you to check yourself where your celestial jewels have reached. They are sent through USPS First Class Mail, so you can sit back, relax with a beer, or a glass of wine and your order will be there soon.

9. Hassle-Free Exchange & Returns

Ordered the wrong size, or expected a bigger/smaller piece? No worries because you can send it back to us and we will do whatever it takes to satisfy you by sending the right jewelry or returning the money. But, we hope you would give us another chance to bring some designer jewels to you very soon.

10. New Designs Added Every Day

Didn’t find the jewelry item that appealed to you today? You could always come back tomorrow because we keep adding new styles to the store every day. You will definitely find that one jewel that will make you fall in love with moonstone jewelry.

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  • Kimberly

    Totally true facts! Thanks for sharing with all the readers! Nice store in quality and service, all is good.

  • Ashley

    GSJ is a fairly new brand that’s been on my radar for the past year– and I like what I’ve seen on this store! I’m agree with the blogger’s 10 reasons.

  • Patricia

    I purchased a moonstone ring and thought the price is low so may be they will not give .925 sterling silver. But, I was surprised to see that they give certified 925 sterling silver and it didn’t make my skin green or itchy or anything else. Thank you.

  • Barbara

    I’m a regular customer of gemstone silver jewelry. Whenever I have to shop jewelry online, I pick them. I m saying this because GSJ offer good quality at low price.

  • Linda

    I love jewelry from gemstone silver jewelry because of the unique design and fine quality they provide their customers with.

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