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4 Things You Should Look For Before Buying Moonstone Jewelry

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Jewelry is a woman’s best friend, right? And who would want to buy jewelry and then find out it is not the right one. Sometimes jewelry looks so adorable in the pictures and even in your hand but it doesn’t look as attractive after you wear it. It happens to many of us and more times that you can actually imagine. So, what is the solution to it? How can you make sure that the moonstone jewelry that you are purchasing online suits you? That it is the kind of jewelry piece that will speak to you while representing you in the perfect manner? There so many factors to keep in mind when you buy jewelry for yourself. The earrings need to be bought according to the face of your shape. The rings need to be bought according to the size of your hand and the finger you want to wear them in. All the jewelry items need to be purchased according to your preference and requirement but there are some things that are common, which you need to keep in your mind when buying moonstone jewelry.

We will discuss those but before that, let us understand what kind of effects moonstone will have on you if you wear it and how you can benefit from those effects because no matter what is the shape, size, or cut of the moonstone, its effects will be the same. Moonstone is really good for, literally, everyone because it holds some qualities anyone can benefit from. It makes the wearer wiser, more emotionally sound and expressive, more loving and caring, etc. These qualities are good for everyone but read below to find out who all can actually benefit from moonstone a lot.

  1. A person with a short temper:
    People who have a short temper usually tend to lose it on small matters. Anger management does help, but to help someone from within to become calm, moonstone is the answer. It has the magical ability to make anyone calm if worn for a long time. It can reduce anger and that can reduce decisions made in such a state, which are always regretted.
  2. A person with loved ones living far away:
    Moonstone is known to have an ability to reduce the distance between the wearer and their loved ones. If you have a moonstone by your side and your loved ones, too have one with them, it will make you feel like there is less distance between you and will keep the connection strong. It makes people bring out their emotions and desires, which are really important in relationships.
  3. A person going through a tough time in their relationship:
    Moonstone is also known as a very potent love stone and it is true that it can bring you closer to your loved ones. It can reduce the tension between two partners by making them calm and wise so that they can look past the differences between them and can look at the love and bonding they have. This ultimately brings them closer than ever making the bond strong, really strong.
  4. A person that doesn’t work well under pressure:
    Moonstone, as we already discussed, can be a great gemstone to make one calm and wise. This quality can help people perform well under pressure. It will work in favor of people who need to perform a task in front of an audience. Or make an important decision in their career or relationship.
  5. An artist:
    Moonstone is known to be a really great gemstone for artists because it has been long known to improve an artists capability to be creative by helping them think of new ideas. A calm mind can always be more creative than a chaotic one, which is why artists just love the moonstone.
  6. A person born in June:
    Moonstone is a gemstone of the month of June and anybody born in June can benefit from moonstone a tad bit more than other people but that doesn’t mean it won’t be of any significance to others. It is a gemstone that can transform a person’s life if worn regularly and respected.

Now you know how moonstone can help you and there are hardly any qualities that you would not want to benefit from. Now that you have decided to get yourself moonstone jewelry, you should start to think what shape and size of moonstone will suit you and what you like. Read below to find out what should you look for in a moonstone jewelry item while buying.


When purchasing moonstone jewelry, the shape of the moonstone is completely up to your preference but there are some things to keep in mind. If you have a triangle shaped face, you need to wear inverted triangle shaped earrings to complement the shape of your face. Thin and dainty fingers are good for rings of shapes like rectangle and oval of a smaller size while if you have fuller fingers, you should go with square or round shaped moonstone rings. You have complete freedom in choosing the pendant that you like because all of them are going to be perfect.


Moonstone rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets are all lovely jewelry items and their shape is something that you need to select according to where you want to wear them. Informal events, where you are going to be pairing them with an evening gown or a formal dress, you should go with smaller size moonstone. Whereas, if it is an informal setting, you can choose to pair substantially sized moonstone jewelry to go with those casual outfits. A very small moonstone ring on fuller fingers will not look as good as a ring with a big moonstone, this is also something you need to keep in mind.


Moonstone jewelry is known for the gemstone’s sheen and that is the biggest measure of quality when buying a moonstone. The sheen of a moonstone should have bluish purple color. The deeper the hues, the better the quality of the moonstone. There’s another way to check the quality of moonstone and that is the number of inclusions. The little cracks and crevices in the moonstone are something that must be considered while buying moonstone. The less the inclusions, the better the sheen on top. This special reflective sheen is known as adularescence and this term is only used for moonstone because it is coined after Mt. Adular, a moonstone mining site.


It is of utmost importance to pay attention to the metal of the jewelry because the cost that you’ll be paying will probably be more for the metal and less for the gemstone unless it is silver or any junk metal but even then it depends on how much silver is used. Moonstone jewelry is available in 925 sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, and some inexpensive metals, too. Buying from a trusted source is important because you can not look at the metal and judge it’s authenticity. For sterling silver, you can check for the ‘925’ stamp on the back of the jewelry item. Buying genuine jewelry doesn’t come easy but it does when you are buying from Gemstone Silver Jewelry.

Buying jewelry is always a little tricky but if you follow this guide, you won’t find any problem because you will know how moonstone can benefit you and how to choose the right moonstone jewelry for yourself. Be it the quality, the shape, or the size, you will not find any difficulty in these areas because you are prepared to get the perfect moonstone jewelry.

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