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5 Fabulous Ways To Style an Opal Ring That You'll love

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Opal, the name itself, represents love and compassion. Originated from the Greek word, Opallios, or the Latin word, Opalus both meaning 'a change in color.' You will be able to relate to the name when you will see the stone. With a slight change in angle, the stone reflects its fire, generally blue but sometimes multicolored. Wear an opal ring and be the talk of the town. People will not be able to get their eyes off the jewel that you are carrying so flawlessly. It not only enhances the external beauty but also strengthens your overall personality.

Let's explore some of the benefits of keeping an opal stone near:

    • 1. Opal gemstone promotes good emotional & physical health.

    • 2. Wearing an opal engagement ring will strengthen the bond that the couple shares.

    • 3.Opal gemstone will activate your cosmic consciousness.

    • 4.Wearing a rose gold ring with opal will show your artistic self as it brings out and promotes originality and creativity.

  • 5.If you are a free bird, then putting on a sterling silver opal ring will bring out your wild side. It encourages freedom, independence, and spontaneity.

    Apart from all the metaphysical properties that opal gemstone possesses, it is also famous for its healing properties. Let's explore some of them:

    • 1.Opal stone is believed to treat fevers and infections.

    • 2.Wearing an opal will also regulate your insulin levels.

    • 3.A simple opal ring will be beneficial in purifying blood and kidney infections.

  • 4.If you have issues related to childbirth or menstruation, then wearing an opal stone ring will ease the process.

Now that you are aware of opal stone meaning and the benefits & advantages associated with it, you must be thinking about upgrading your jewelry collection. Include at least one jewelry piece with opal stone embedded in it.

Well, today, we will find out some remarkable ways to wear an opal ring that will make you look gorgeous inside out.

Winter is approaching, and you will be all decked up with those fancy knitted pullovers and turtle neck sweatshirts. Wearing jewelry will be the last thing on your list. Even if you want to, there will not be much of your skin exposed to flaunt your jewelry.

Oh, wait! Just look at your fingers. These little body parts are not covered and shouting for attention. So, let's make the most out of them.

Here are some of the styling tips for wearing opal rings that will make you stand out.

So now, without much ado, let's jump to what you have been looking for.

1. Silver Never Goes Out Of Style

Silver Opal Ring

If you are confused about which metal to choose for your opal ring, we would recommend 'silver.' It is the safest choice, and the metallic grey color goes well with almost every other color. So, if you do not want to experiment and rely on a trusted solution, then a silver opal ring is the best resort. Unless you are hypersensitive to silver, it will be a great choice. So, go out and win the hearts with these little beauties on your fingers.

2. Stacking Is Forever

Sterling Silver Opal rings

Yes, you read that right! Stacking was in trend for the past many years and is continuing till date. You must have seen your mom wearing multiple rings in one finger and flashing them so flawlessly. Wasn't she your style icon as a nine-year-old? Well, now is the time to copy her style and give it your personalized touch. You can also stack them up with gold or silver ring bands. So, don't be hesitant to wear all those opal rings in your jewelry box, all at once.

3. Each Finger Is Important

Rose Gold opal rings

Wearing simple opal rings in each of your fingers will take the appearance to a whole new altitude. Do not confuse this with stacking. Although, both the styles involve wearing several rings, stacking is majorly done on a single finger. Rings with minimal designs, not necessarily stone studded, will give you that cute and kind look. So go out and be that head-turner you always wanted to be.

4. Be the Showstopper

Opal engagemnet rings

Bold is the new elegant. Wear that opal ring with a giant opal embedded in it and walk in the room like you own it. Showcase your graceful style with the statement jewelry pieces, and you are sure to make everyone in the room envious. Wear that enormous opal on the left middle finger, and you do not need any other accessories. Be the lady boss and show that valor that ignites inside you because you are worth it!

5. Go Abstract

Raw Opal Stone rings

If you call yourself a maverick or a free bird, then it is certain that you prefer to do things your own way. Regular styles were never your cup of tea. Hence, this styling tip is undoubtedly for you. Wearing square or oval-shaped opal rings was too conventional, whereas irregular designs suit your personality better. Whether it's a cheap opal ring or an expensive one, it hardly matters to you as long as the opal ring stone is of your choice.

Now, you know how to style the opal rings that you bought but did not know when and how to wear them.

So, choose your personal favorite style, and if you have any other suggestions, please share your ideas in the comments section below.


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  • I remember that my first engagement ring was a opal gemstone but by mistake I broke it within a year. I snagged it on something and it bent…. It was seriously heartbreaking. These rings reminded me of my opal ring.

    Posted by Frances | November 09, 2019
  • Opal is an excellent and elegant choice for a ring. I also own an opal ring which is close to my heart and love to wear it on special occasions.

    Posted by Gayle | November 09, 2019

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