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5 Reasons Why Moonstone Is A Boho Gem

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A bohemian lifestyle is all about living a free & simple life without any boundaries, traveling around the globe, meeting new people, making new friends, and the most important- finding oneself. Boho lifestyle also has a special place for art, be it music, photography, painting, dancing, or anything that requires creativity. It is said that they always have to be in touch with their creative side as it is something that makes them different and keeps things interesting.

Such a free soul always likes things that make them feel peaceful and helps them in relaxing, which is the reason they love moonstone. The serene & calming energy of moonstone makes them the avid followers of this magical gem. Moonstone is said to be blessed by the mystical moon and the goddesses which reside on it, like Diana, Selene, Nyx, etc. They always watch over the moonchild who honors them by keeping moonstone close, either by wearing moonstone jewelry, hair accessories, clothes with moonstone, or any other way. They safeguard these travelers of the night and nourishes them when all hope is lost. Let us see the reasons why moonstone is the perfect boho gem.

1. Calming

The first and foremost reason why moonstone is the ideal boho gem is the way moonstone helps the wearer become calm and tranquil, especially in the situations they might lose it. Now, a boho will always seem cool to you no matter how tough the situation is. They have achieved that level of peace with several years of meditation, reflection, and use of healing gemstones, like moonstone. They are the perfect living example of what moonstone can do and why everyone should have at least one moonstone if they need a little peace in their life.

2. Spiritual Healing

All the bohos crave spirit healing and moonstone is ace at doing it. It is said that all the issues one is facing in life have a root cause in the spiritual dimension, and moonstone is the enchanted gem that can heal the spirit, which can be beneficial in getting rid of many life’s problems. Healing through moonstone is done in various ways, and the simplest of them is by wearing moonstone jewelry all the time, keeping moonstone close while meditating, and performing full moon rituals. These rituals should always be carried out with a pure heart to reap all the benefits.

3. Connection To Ancient Gods

Bohos are always talking about following ancient gods that people usually don’t talk about today. It is a part of their counter-culture approach to life. There are many ancient European goddesses related to the moon, like Diana, from ancient Rome, Selene, from ancient Greece, and Nyx, also from ancient Greece. Moonstone is worn as an honor to these goddesses. In return, they guide their moon children through the dangers of the night because bohos love traveling and they are in places where others don’t think of going. These are the places where they require more protection than anywhere else, and their moonstone devotion pays off in times like these.

4. Meditation

Every boho will take some time out at the start of their day and spend it in yoga, or at least meditation. This is the reason why they always seem at peace and satisfied with their lives. Meditation can do wonders to change one’s life, and when it is done with moonstone next to you, the effects are multiplied. This helps one find the true meaning of their life by assisting them to place the right pieces of the puzzle in proper places. Moonstone also helps in activating the crown Chakra, which is the topmost Chakra in a human body, also dubbed as the spiritual center. This is the Chakra of higher connection and the final one to conquer for a complete state of peace.

5. Journey To Self

All this traveling across the globe and meeting as many people as possible is a boho’s plan to achieve only one thing, and that is to find the meaning of one’s life. The purpose of our lives is never clear to understand, and there is no set method to do so. The more you see, the more you explore, the more you will understand life. Moonstone is worn by people who are searching themselves on this journey of life and are trying to find the missing pieces that can connect to clear the picture of life in front of them. It is the principal gem of the inner journey which can light up the hidden parts of one’s spirit.

A boho will always choose moonstone over any other gem, no matter how expensive gem is being offered because they are the people who have risen above materialistic contentment to a holy place where they see the deeper meanings hidden behind what meets the eye. This is what makes bohos the example we should follow for an untroubled and jovial life.

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  • I have always been attracted towards the divine powers of moonstone and I bought a moonstone for myself when I was 14 year old. This was the best memory I have about moonstone. I love moonstone.

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