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5 Reasons Why Sterling Silver Makes The Best Moonstone Rings

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Those who look for the price of a jewel, usually miss the deeper meaning behind it. Value of a jewelry item should never be determined in money because it is an injustice to that jewel.

The metal and stone that make it are predetermined to carry a price tag because of their availability and scarcity. This means nature has given us more of those materials because it wants us to use them more. They are not cheap, they are spiritually a lot more valuable.

Same goes with sterling silver jewelry containing a gemstone like rainbow moonstone. Silver is a metal that has been used for centuries to make currency, jewelry, ornaments, utensils, and other accessories. It was always the precious metal after gold that was widely available. Copper was added in it to make sterling silver so that it stayed firm and kept its shape even after decades of use. We are in love with moonstone rings, and that’s what we are going to talk about.

Rainbow Moonstone: A Priceless Beauty

We are surrounded by chasers of the big paychecks who are slaves of a lifestyle that brings hollow happiness measured only in terms of money. In such crooked reality, we often overlook the beauty of things as they come, especially jewelry.

The engagement ring’s worth judges the amount of love a guy has for his lady, and the bigger the diamond, the bigger his heart. Now, when you read it, you must be thinking, where did we all go so wrong?

Why only a diamond ring has to be your engagement ring, why not a beautifully crafted moonstone engagement ring? Why do you need to go for your honeymoon at an expensive location that is good only for Instagram pictures, not your inner peace and happiness? It is time to rethink all that we know and assess what really is important. Having said that, let us see why sterling silver moonstone rings are the best, and why any other 1000 times expensive ring can never beat the brilliance it holds.

Moonstone: Meaning & Uses

Let us start by discussing moonstone’s otherworldly powers that are said to make it unique in its own league.

Moonstone is so closely related to the moon that it has become the favorite gem of the moon children out there. It is a healer, a nurturer, and a protector, and all this at a fraction of a diamond’s cost. Moonstone’s properties have made it the holy gemstone that many people, including monks and shamans, have used for meditation for thousands of years.

    It helps kindles the kundalini energy, the life force, which helps those who have been trying to conceive for a long time. Talk about a better engagement ring stone! Still not convinced? Let us tell you that moonstone is long known to bring couples closer and keep their love intact after years of togetherness. It is gifted to couples on 13th marriage anniversary for that purpose, and to keep the evil related with 13 away from them.

      Moonstone is a traveler’s stone. It is known to protect the voyagers in the night with moon’s blessings and nurturing. White gemstones are known as the spiritual source of light in the darkness, just like the moon’s light on a lonely & dark night. Many moon goddesses have been related with moonstone, who have always blessed the moonchildren wearing and respecting moonstones. Read more about moonstone’s mythological legacy here.

        It is also a gem that invigorates creativity in young ones. Keep a moonstone in the room where kids study, and it will help them retain better. There is a lot more about moonstone that we know and have tried to pen down in our blogs - ‘All You Need To Know About Moonstone’ & ‘Moonstone Meaning.’ They will give you a better idea of moonstone’s healing properties & tell you a little more about its spiritual meaning.

          Sterling Silver Moonstone Rings: Ace Of Jewelry

          Now, we already know why rainbow moonstone is ‘The Gem’ you should be wearing, & we have also seen sterling silver’s use in jewelry & other ornaments. Let us now see how GSJ has combined moonstone rings and sterling silver to bring us the most amusing designs of silver jewelry of 2019. These beauties are our reasons why sterling silver makes the best moonstone rings.

          1. Oval Moonstone Silver Ring: Verve

          This is one of those lovely sterling silver rings for women that resemble the moonstone ring Bella wore in the hit movie ‘Twilight.’ Many people have wanted to see a ring like this on sale, and now there is one. The oval crown setting gives it a trendier look than the movie, and the top quality moonstone does justice to the name with its immaculate blue fire. Wear this silver moonstone ring at home or at any event, and you will light the place up with your radiance.

          2. Square Moonstone Ring: Favor

          To be able to radiate positive energy towards others, you need to fill yourself with such energy which will be provided to you by this lovely moonstone ring. The immaculate craftsmanship and grade AA+ moonstone will beautify your hand on the days you need them the most. The healing properties of moonstone provide a sense of calm and relief to the restless soul and reduce the offset of stress, anxiety, and depression. The lovely combination of moonstone with sterling silver in this women’s silver ring cannot be achieved in a way any better than this.

          3. Square Moonstone Silver Ring: Rhythm

          Some people are into colossal jewelry, while others prefer something petite and simple. This ring is the prime example of clear cut moonstone rings for women. The plain band connects with the dainty piece of cab-cut moonstone in a straightforward manner. This moonstone ring is for those who want to appreciate moonstone and also wear it every day, no matter what they are planning to do. This silver jewel is also available in rose gold and gold vermeil at no extra cost.

          4. Round Moonstone Silver Ring: Aurora

          This colossal moonstone ring is known as ‘Aurora’ for the sole reason that its sheen looks like the Northern Lights. It gives an impression of holding the whole Aurora sky in your hand. The round cab-cut moonstone provides a magical experience to anyone wearing it. The stone is set in the silver ring by hand, so you don’t need to worry about its strength. GSJ has a total of 4 substantial rings that have a handmade setting, check them out here.

          5. Oval Moonstone Silver Ring: Meraki


          The thick band combines with an oval moonstone in this ring to make one of the most loved rings on GSJ. There haven’t been a lot of moonstone rings that have presented this gem’s sheen in such a wonderful manner. The crown setting adds to the brilliance with a royal look to make moonstone the king of the show. Visit GSJ now to see all the moonstone rings on sale, and you might just find the jewel you will always keep with yourself.

          To know more amazing facts about moonstone, and to stay updated on the latest trends in jewelry, follow us on Facebook & Instagram.

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