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6 Delightful Healing Rings Chanting Positivity And Love

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In the world of women's jewelry, rings are loved and cherished by women more than anything else. It is difficult to find a woman who doesn't like wearing rings. This symbol of status, love, and wealth has been a part of the daily routine of women as they wear it regularly according to their mood, dresses, and occasions. A ring, for women, gets attention quickly as its presence gets noticed within a flick of a second. Well, if it can grab attention instantly, why not wear something meaningful that is also a treat for the eyes? We have created rings for our wearers, which are more than just a jewel. The design of these rings is what makes them unconventional and different from other rings.

6 Charming Healing Rings That Are More Than Just Jewelry

The design of these rings may not get you the tag of a fashionista since they are not crafted to exude luxury. They all are storytellers of positivity and happiness, which will make you feel beautiful from within. The beauty of a woman enhances even more when she is happy & remains positive about everything. Below, we have presented some rings for girls and women, which are more than fashion, & outer beauty.

Coexist Good Karma Healing Ring

gold plated rings for women

The size of the ring may be small, but its design carries a great message. It reveals that we all are one and every religion is equal, something which is required in today's idea of society. It does provide you with trendy colors because it is available in vermeil of rose and yellow gold, and also, the good old sterling silver 925. So, no matter what your preference is, there will be something for you. It can also be an excellent gift for your friend or anyone who is fascinated by religion, culture, and traditions.

Buddha Karma Healing Ring

buddha silver ring for her

Gautama Buddha has always been considered as the noble teacher of truth, honesty, and wisdom. He spent his whole life enlightening the life of other people with his knowledge. This women's ring showcases the presence of Buddha within you. It will be a sign of positivity that will help purify your aura and give a new meaning to your life with Buddha as your teacher. Available in sterling silver 925, 14 k yellow and rose gold vermeil, you will never run out of options when it comes to the color of your jewelry.

Hand of Fatima Healing Ring

rose gold plated hand of fatima/hamsa/khamsa ring for women

Being a sign of good luck in eastern culture, it will surely make you feel pragmatic in whatever you do. You can achieve accomplishment in any field at any point in time when you believe you can win. This women's ring will suit all those who are running towards their ambitions and goals without any thought of backing down.

Om Healing Ring

silver om rings for women

Chanting 'Om' while meditating provides peace and calmness to the person doing it, and even to those around him/her. With this women's jewel, you are not only increasing the quotient of positivity in your life, but you are also adding a sophisticated ornament in your jewel box.

Horseshoe Healing Ring

yellow gold plated rings for good luck

A horseshoe has been considered a sign of protection from the influence of negative energy. In our life, we encounter both negative and positive energy in the people we meet and the places we visit. Surround yourself with purity and cheerfulness by wearing this ring without worrying about the negative forces around you. You can also use this healing ring as a gift for anyone who needs it.

Lotus Healing Ring

flower design rose gold plated rings for women

Lotus is more than just a beautiful flower. It grows beautifully in mud and dirt, which indicates that success has nothing to do with where you come from. A flower never fails to impress a woman: with this healing jewelry, you are adding elegance and sophistication to your outfit, which will surely be a delight for everyone looking at you.

A ring is and will always be loved by women as it symbolizes richness and beauty. With these healing rings, you may not become the trendsetter, but you will surely become the ambassador of good luck and positivity. They will help you get over your fears and help you move forward with life more prolifically and confidently. If you liked this blog & want to receive more designs & jewelry trends from us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest & never miss anything about our exciting jewelry.

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