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7 Phenomenal Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her

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It is a no-brainer that your girlfriend or wife will be expecting a gift from you this Valentine’s day. It is also a no-brainer that jewelry as a gift will always stand up to her expectations, and even exceed them if you go the extra mile to find that perfect piece. We have curated a list of valentine’s day jewelry for her that will make her 2019 a year filled with immense style and divine blessings. How? Let us take you through a journey full of moonstone jewelry and its metaphysical properties that make it a woman’s best friend.

Moonstone Jewelry: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

When moonstone is discussed, its brilliant bluish sheen is talked about before anything else. This phenomenon is called adularescence and it will make her valentine’s day lit, definitely. The way a moonstone ring shines when it is touched by light is just phenomenal as an array of blue, purple, cyan, magenta, and many more colors are seen on it. Moonstone, apart from being a delight to watch, is also a delight to wear because it’s known to bring about calmness, composure, and equanimity in the wearer’s life. It is known to help women get through pregnancy with ease by alleviating pain and discomfort. It is a blessed gemstone that will make for the perfect valentine’s day gift her mind, body, and soul will absolutely love.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry For Her: 7 Breathtaking Moonstone Jewels

Valentine’s day ideas don’t come easy, especially for guys. But, after reading this blog, you will have at least accomplished one thing- decided her valentine’s day gift. You can select one or more moonstone jewelry items from the list below & stop worrying about that valentine’s day gift. She will love all of them because we have curated this list especially for valentine’s day 2019. It contains designs that will woo her and strengthen your relationship even more. Moonstone is known to invigorate kundalini energy, the power of rebirth, which can be really helpful if you are trying to conceive. Let us take a look.

1. 925 Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring- Edged Poise

A moonstone ring that is named edged poise has to be something special, and it really is. The way this colossal moonstone is set by hand is just phenomenal. The smooth surface of the gem gives it that adularescent finish it is highly known for. If you’re looking for valentine’s day jewelry for her, this is something she will definitely appreciate, especially if she prefers large pieces like this one.

2. 14k Gold Vermeil Moonstone Ring- Sense

For a unique woman, you need a jewelry item that is as unique. This 14k gold ring with a crystal shaped moonstone will definitely tickle her fancy if she’s into offbeat stuff. 14k gold vermeil means this ring has been made using the finest sterling silver and then wrapped with 14k yellow gold for a finish that will make her go crazy. It is the perfect valentine’s day jewelry gift for her.

3. Silver Moonstone Ring- Princess

This is not just a moonstone ring that you can gift her on this valentine’s day, it can also double as the engagement ring you may have been looking for. Valentine’s day is the best time to propose, and what better for it than a moonstone ring that will make her feel like a princess. She will be dazed and amazed if she has always dreamt of being an offbeat bride because moonstone is far from mainstream. It is one of the few gemstones that can make diamonds look bleak, which is why they are taking over the engagement rings, too.

4. 14k Rose Gold Vermeil Moonstone Ring- Luna Thrill

If you have spent hours searching for valentine’s day ideas, you might want to take a step back and admire the beauty of this ring. This moon and star moonstone ring is made of 14k rose gold vermeil and it is one of the best rings in our collection. Tell her that she is your moon and your star this valentine’s day with this lovely gift she will always keep on. It will remind her of you while keeping her at the top of her jewelry game because of the heavenly design.

5. Moonstone Necklace- Dos Lunas

Another jewelry article to tell her how much she means to you. The moonstone in the middle is accompanied by two crescent moons and two stars to signify you love her double the amount you did last year. Start the year with new promises and more love. Celebrate Valentine's day with moonstone jewelry and gift her the moon’s piece.

6. Moonstone Earrings- Peaceful Legion

She will appreciate these earrings as a gift for valentine’s day if she likes to mix it up while deciding what to wear. The blue topaz is accompanying the mighty moonstone to provide a fresh look. This is definitely better than any other valentine’s day gift ideas you might already have, and if it isn’t, then add in a moonstone ring. That’ll do the trick.

7. Moonstone Bracelet-Young Floret

This petite moonstone silver bracelet will make her really excited if she likes wearing little pieces of jewelry with little gemstones in them. Buy this valentine’s day gift for that simple woman who likes simple things in life, like flowers and birds. Give her the gift of expression from you saying you appreciate her like she is and should stay the same, always.

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  • The 3rd ring is stunning (Princess ring), but a little too sweet for me. Though, of course, I wouldn’t turn it down if someone were to gift it to me! I really like the Edged Poise ring with the big moonstone.

    Posted by Carol | March 04, 2019
  • I love rings so much! I often see my hands to see the free space on my fingers for another beautiful ring. This collection is simply amazing.

    Posted by Emily | March 04, 2019
  • All these pieces carry a message of love. All the seven jewelry items are beautiful and can make one fall in love with this gem. Just bought a pair of Moonstone Earrings. Beautifully crafted and a unique piece of jewelry.

    Posted by Donna | March 04, 2019
  • I appreciate your article. This blog is really helpful to give us some really good options in jewelry to choose for valentine day.

    Posted by Steven | February 18, 2019
  • Superb collections of moonstone jewelry for valentines day, I just became die hard fan of your blog, so, thanks a lot for sharing such a beautiful blog with us.

    Posted by Sandra | February 18, 2019
  • Great Collection by an experienced blogger. I like to read about Gemstone Jewelry, especially moonstone Jewelry because it is a really great help to me.. I happy to  read this… Thanks youu

    Posted by Lisa | February 18, 2019
  • Fab post.!! It’s definitely giving me awesome jewelry picking ideas. All are so elegant to wear. I must say, it’s worth your time to read this blog.

    Posted by Betty | February 18, 2019
  • My wife is pregnant, so my neighbors suggested me to buy moonstone jewelry for her. I always give gift to my wife on Valentine’s day, so I thought why not gift moonstone jewelry this time. So I started searching for unique jewelry and I found this " Moonstone Ring- Edged Poise ." It’s unique and beautiful, I love it.

    Posted by Scott | February 05, 2019
  • I was looking for a combo of earrings, a ring, and a necklace that is unique, beautiful, and affordable too. I fount it. I love your “Moonstone Ring- Edged Poise”, “Moonstone Necklace- Dos Lunas” and “Moonstone Earrings- Peaceful Legion”. These three would be the perfect gift for my wife on this Valentine’s day.

    Posted by Jake | February 05, 2019
  • I am always confused on Valentine’s day, or Xmas, or any other festival when I have to gift something to my wife. I start searching on the internet weeks in advance. Sometimes I find and sometimes I don’t. This blog really helped me in selecting jewelry for her.

    Posted by Bryan | February 05, 2019

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