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8 Moonstone Jewels That Will Light Up Your 2018 Christmas

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Let’s face it, we all struggle buying Christmas gifts for near and dear ones every year in this festive season. Why does it have to be so difficult? And, the closer that person is to you, the more tedious this task becomes. How does Santa Clause do it every year for so many people? This is not just another blog that you will read and forget about, it is a Christmas gift guide to satisfy all the women in your life this festive season with amazing looking moonstone jewelry. There you go, that’s half the problem solved for this Christmas.

Moonstone Jewelry: Beyond Trend & Fashion

Let us walk you through how moonstone jewelry is more than just a metal and a gemstone combined in a trendy and fashionable manner. So, when you hear the word jewelry, you must think of its aesthetic value and its monetary value, but have you ever thought about its spiritual value? Or, it's healing value? All of this must sound crazy to you. Don’t worry, it does when you hear it for the first time, but as you wear moonstone jewelry for a while, you start realizing its powers. What powers, you ask? Let’s take a look.

Luck & Healing Combined

While there is a lot of folklore attached to moonstone jewelry, you must still be wondering what powers can a gemstone possibly hold? When it comes to moonstone’s powers, it is best suited that we talk about it in connection with the moon, because all of its capabilities are derived from the holy moon itself. Let’s take a look

1. Calming Tendencies

Moonstone is known as the source of tranquil and serene energy that it is said to have because of its connection to the moon. If a moonstone touches your skin for some time, it will make you a more relaxed and calm person. This makes moonstone a perfect Xmas gift for anyone you deeply care about.

2. Protection Always

Moonstone is known as a powerful talisman that wards off spirits and other dangers, especially in the night. It provides the wearer with the power of intuition and makes them aware of the surroundings like never before. Your Christmas list should contain moonstone jewelry for that wanderer soul in your life who loves exploring uncharted territories.

3. Motherly Nature

With great protection comes great nurturing energy. Moonstone is a motherly figure like the moon itself which watches over all her moonchildren through the night and provides them comfort. A moonstone bracelet would be the perfect way to say Happy Christmas to your mom this year.

4. Guiding Light

Moonstone is known as the guiding light in the spiritual path because it is a white talisman, which makes it the perfect present for her. It gets these capabilities through the moon’s powers by replicating its prowess & guiding all travelers with its light.

5. Women’s Best Friend

Moonstone is the light that provides every woman with the answer to the mysteries in their minds. What can be a better Christmas gift for teens or other women in your life? Wearing moonstone can be beneficial for women in many ways because it helps in maintaining reproductive health and reduce fluid retention. It also eases menstrual and labor uneasiness with its blessed virtue.


Christmas Gifts For Women: Moonstone Jewelry

1. Moonstone Ring- Celestial Rise

This moonstone silver ring will not only make your wife or mother happy, but it will also remind her of the Christmas Eve night and the way the moon looked that day. This ring, like our every other ring, is made of 925 sterling silver, which you can see stamped on the inner side of the band.

2. Moonstone Necklace- Marvelous Moonbeams

If you have been looking for Christmas gift ideas for wife online, look no further because this necklace will always keep her protected and make her wiser. It is the best thing to give her and show your love for her because it is a meaningful jewelry item that will make her look fantastic and be her guiding light in this dark world.

3. Moonstone Ring- Tilda (Rose Gold)

A moonstone silver ring is already such a magical combination. This rose gold vermeil ring takes moonstone jewelry to a whole new level and makes other jewelry look bleak. This Christmas, small gifts will be very prominent because people want to save carrying space and gift something that shows emotion, rather than monetary value. It is perfect if you are thinking to buy a Christmas present for your wife or mother, especially if they like uncomplicated and classic designs.

4. Moonstone Pendant- Moon Feracity

This lovely and chic pendant has a colorless transparent gemstone, known as moonstone. Moonstones are composed of albeit which gives them their signature bluish purple hue. This stone reflects blue light and glows like the moon of Christmas night. Let moonstone give your Christmas mass a new shine this year with this exceptional pendant.

5. Moonstone Ring- Leisure (Gold)

A moonstone ring, when set in gold, becomes the perfect combination of luxury and poise. This is an attempt at such a marvelous combination by our designers. Because your office gifts don’t have to be very expensive, this ring is priced at just $41. It can light up the Christmas of whoever you chose to gift it to and make them realize how important you are for them.

6. Moonstone Ring- Squared Instinct

Since ancient time, moonstone is considered to have a strong intuitive force that can provide a sort of a sixth sense to the wearer. Instinct is a feeling, not an opinion, or a fact, and this ring is a feeling that gains compliments on its own. This beautiful ring has a square shaped stone that will look good on every hand it is worn on and touch every heart that comes in its aura. What better way to say Merry Christmas to someone you care about?

7. Moonstone Ring- Opulent

A moonstone, when showcases cubic zirconia stones along with its bluish-purple fire, becomes an instant favorite of anyone looking at it. This ring is exactly that with 8 CZ stones surrounding one big round moonstone which makes for the perfect solution if you are looking for gifts for her. The best thing is, all of these articles can also double as Hanukkah gifts, too.

8. Moonstone Ring- Enchantress

Enchantress is a word used for those women who are extremely attractive and interesting. This moonstone ring embraces the qualities of the enchantress within you and gives you wings to express yourself with all the emotion. It has a feeling of love and romance associated with it. It's an attractive and beautiful moon that shines everywhere.

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  • I purchased this ‘Moonstone Pendant- Moon Feracity’ for my lovely wife. I gifted her this pendant as a Christmas gift, she loved it. Thank You Mr. blogger, you gave best choices for Christmas. This gift lit up my wife on Christmas.

    Posted by Justin | February 18, 2019
  • Yes, most of the people struggle in buying Christmas gifts for their loved ones. I was struggling too, but this blog helped me, and I bought moonstone jewelry for my family. Good job guys.

    Posted by Anthony | January 19, 2019
  • We all struggle in buying Xmas gifts for our family, friends, neighbors or relatives. But, the main struggle comes when we buy gifts for females, this time I struggled a lot. Thanks to this blog, it solved my struggle. I bought jewelry for women of my family, friends, & neighbors.

    Posted by Andrew | January 19, 2019
  • I have a friend and she has a moonstone bracelet that she always wears on school trip, or trips with friends, or at a party. She told me about the healing powers of moonstone and I was absolutely amazed. I think now I am also starting to believe them. Amazing blog.

    Posted by Susan | January 19, 2019
  • I love the beautiful moonstone ring. I believe in its powers. Moonstone really helps in making a person relaxed and calm.

    Posted by Barbara | January 19, 2019
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