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A Close Look At The Colorful Opal And Its Fascinating Story

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Known as the eye stone because of its ability to heal eye-related diseases, opal is a healing gemstone that has it all. It is believed that the word ‘opal’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Upala’ which means ‘precious stone.’ Some say that it was adapted from the word ‘opalus’ while others suggest that it may have been related to ‘Ops’ the wife of Saturn & the fertility goddess. Opal’s hardness doesn’t stand too high on the hardness scale which means it should be kept with care. Opal jewelry needs to be kept out of the sun or heat for a longer duration because opal contains moisture which is the reason behind its colorful appearance. Extreme heat and dryness can cause the stone to crack over time & lose its color.

Opal holds the colors of 4 of the most loved gemstones around the world and presents them in an eye-catching shimmer. The subtle red of ruby, the royal purple of amethyst, the profound blue of sapphire, and the enchanting sea-green of emerald work magically well with each other to provide an other-worldly look to the opal stone. Looking at this gem feels like looking at the lightning in the rainbow, so colorful & still so soothing. This play of colors is known as opalescence, which is only seen in precious varieties of opal. Opal, the birthstone of October, has been worn as jewelry since forever, but the 20th century has been a boon when it started to become popular. Many famous brands started to make opal jewelry and this gave rise to the resurrection of the opal gemstone.

Opal: Meaning & Uses

Opal’s colors are caused due to a prism-like formation in its structure. This phenomenon is said to be the soothing & cleansing factor associated with it. Whatever enters into the opal, comes out clearer and in a form that is easy to understand. It is known to intensify one’s feelings in a positive manner. Whatever good is present in you will multiply to show you that you are better than you think. It will also bring out your negative aspects to make it easy to understand them and bring about the changes which will help diminish them. Opal is used by people who need to become more optimist, enthusiastic, and creative. It magnifies these qualities to make one the master of love and passion. Opal’s healing properties also include intuition and insight, which make it a protective gemstone if respected, meditated with, and kept near at all times.

Opal: Types & Varieties

Opal is basically divided into four broad categories which are then further divided into many varieties. These categories are- precious opal, fire opal, common opal, & precious fire opal.  

1. Precious Opal

An opal ring or a pair of earrings that you might have or would love to have is probably made of precious opal. This category of opal is the rarest & is mined in very few sites. Its scarcity means a higher price than the other two types of opals. This opal is also known as ‘rainbow opal’ because it flashes various colors when it reflects white light. This phenomenon takes place because of its structure containing hardened silica in a grid-like manner. The higher the color’s intensity, number of colors, ability to see from most angles, and absence of inclusions, the higher will be the price of the gemstone. Some common examples are black opal, boulder opal, Ethiopian opal, etc.

2. Fire Opal

Available in three colors, red, yellow, and orange, fire opal can be transparent to translucent. It is not as valuable as precious opal. Some varieties may exhibit a play of colors but most of them don’t. It should be noted that the word ‘fire’ here isn’t used for the colorful array of light as exhibited by precious opal, it is just because this variety is available in three colors all of which are primary colors of fire.

3. Common Opal

Common opal is called common because of two reasons- it’s appearance and its abundance. The single color stone doesn’t show any play of colors or any other mystical phenomenon which is the reason why it is not as prized as other opals. It is also its availability that makes it common because it is easily and abundantly available in many parts of the world. It is available in blue, pink, lilac, peach, and many other colors. Peruvian opal is the one that is widely used in jewelry-making from this category because of its subtle and soothing blue color.

4. Precious Fire Opal

This is the type of opal that takes the best qualities of precious opal and fire opal and combines them in a lovely way. The play of colors from precious opals and the clear, almost transparent background make a precious fire opal. This gem contains the best of both worlds and is one of the rarest varieties of opal which means it is more expensive than any other type. The most common example is the Ethiopian opal.

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