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June Birthstone: All You Need To Know About Moonstone Birthstone.

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Birthstones are the gemstones that are associated with each month of the year. The metaphysical properties of these specific gemstones resonate with those born in that month and work wonders for them. Twelve primary birthstones are related to twelve months and the twelve zodiacs. The trend of birthstones started in the early 15h century when the stones studded in the breastplate of Aron is connected to this belief. Initially, the practice was to wear a different gemstone every month, which later changed to wearing just one gemstone for the month to which it is assigned. And, in modern times, this ultimately changed to wearing the gem of the month in which the person is born.

Here, we'll talk about the June birthstone.

What Is The Original Birthstone For June?

What Is The Original Birthstone For June?

The birthstones for every month has been changed and modified from time to time. The latest decisions regarding the June birthstone land it with three gemstones: moonstone, the primary birthstone, and pearl and alexandrite as secondary ones.

So let's understand the magical and healing properties of moonstone birthstone, and why it is the June birthstone.

Before going any further, let's know some fun facts about moonstone.

Hindu mythology believes that the moonstone gemstone is the result of hardened moonbeams that fell on earth.

The Romans believed that it is the actual pieces of the moon itself. (Well, then how is it still available on the earth, and why our moon hasn't been consumed yet!!!)

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Apart from these two, the moonstone birthstone is always associated with the moon deities in various cultures. It's believed to be possessed with their blessings.

But the reality is that moonstone doesn't come from up above the heavens. It emerges from the depths of the earth. Yes! It is mined.

The best quality moonstones are extracted from India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, and Switzerland.

So it is none of the above, but a naturally occurring feldspar mineral.

Now let's understand the metaphysical properties associated with moonstone birthstone.

Moonstone Is The Gemstone Of Love, Protection, And Fertility.

Moonstone Is The Gemstone Of Love, Protection, And Fertility.

It is said and seen that wearing a moonstone improves the bond between two people whose connection seems to fade away. If both of them wear a moonstone, then there are high chances of their long-losing love being revived.

Then, it is observed that the moonstone is the gemstone of protection. It is believed because when in ancient times, people used to travel to places, and there were fewer facilities and more risk, they always carried a moonstone with them. During the journey, many times, they have to stop and rest in the scariest places. There the moonstone kept the wandering spirits away from their souls.

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And finally, it is the gemstone of fertility. It has been seen that wearing a moonstone helps in the childbirth process and, to some extent, eases the pain. Not only this but continuously wearing a moonstone or keeping it in contact with the body also helps maintain the female reproductive health.

Magical! Isn't it? Of course, yes!

You must be wondering that if moonstone is not a gemstone of heavens, then how can it do such magical wonders which are beyond explanation!

Well, yes, they are, kind of, beyond explanation if you don't believe in the power of vibrations.

Moonstone-The Gemstone Of Magical Vibrations.

The primary reason for the moonstone wonders is the vibrations that it possesses. Its composition and placement give this gemstone the vibrations that resonate with almost all the other patterns of energies. And when this happens, it molds the situations in the wearer's favor. It can attract all the positive energies wandering in the universe and concentrate them on itself, thus manifesting great results. This gemstone is so powerful (or magical), it even amplifies the benefits of the metal in which it is embedded.

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The best thing about this gemstone is that, although the June birthstone, it resonates with everyone's energies and vibrations. So you don't have to be born in June to be wearing a moonstone pendant or moonstone ring.

Along with the metaphysical properties of the moonstone, it is so mesmerizing that you can wear moonstone jewelry to add a little glam to your appearance. This is even if you don't want any metaphysical benefits (which will happen anyway). Because of the brilliant blue sheen that the moonstone possesses, it is considered to be one of the best gemstones to create fashion and fine jewelry apt for every occasion. Whether it is a moonstone necklace or moonstone bracelet.

Moonstone Is The Birthstone Of This Month

So now you understand that moonstone could be the birthstone of any month of the year because of its unbelievable vibrational properties. But, June got lucky when the 'jewelers of America' assigned it the birthstone of this month.

If you haven't purchased any moonstone jewelry so far, then it is inevitable that you'll find something in our moonstone jewelry collections for yourself.

I hope this blog helped you to understand the meaning of birthstones.

If you have any queries related to the birthstones, tell us in the comments section below, and we will solve them shortly.

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