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All You Need To Know About Moonstone

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"Moon’s affection in a divine gemstone"

Moon and moonstone have been the stuff of dreams for every moonchild. Moonstone is eerily similar to the moon, which is the reason it is called moonstone. Some people even say that it is a part of the moon. All that may be believed, but one thing that is definite is that this gemstone looks phenomenal and that is not it. Its purplish-blue sheen covers the surface of the stone, which is usually cut in en-cabochon form so that this sheen is visible all over the surface like a smooth blanket of glow. All this beauty is holding the even more magical powers of this gemstone, which cannot be explained in words.

This gemstone’s virtue is so other-worldly that people have considered it the gem of many gods in many religions. This tells us how holy it is and how spiritual an experience it will be to wear it. You must have heard of gemstones bringing good luck, and this is the epitome of it. Most powerful amulet and talisman in the world of gemstones. IT can introduce fortune in one’s life and protect them from any harm during the night from the dark creatures and powers that dwell the darkness. Its motherly energies keep the wearer safe wherever they go, no matter how nasty the going gets.

It is said that moonstone has been used as a holy gemstone in jewelry and ornaments for as long as we know. It is worn as an honor to the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and is also known as the gemstone fixed on the Indian moon god’s head, representing the third eye. In the modern world, moonstone is known to be mined majorly in India, Sri Lanka, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, and Australia. It is a very famous semi-precious gemstone that is traded all around the world in high quantities. The blue fire on moonstone is known as ‘adularescence’ and this name was given to this phenomenon when moonstone started to be cultivated near Mount Adular in Switzerland. Between the ancient Roman and Greek times, moonstone was all the rage in Art Nouveau period when an artist named Rene Lalique started using it in making jewelry.

Moonstone is also known for its physical healing properties. Yes. A gemstone that can physically heal the wearer in many ways. It is one of the best gemstones for women to wear as it is a great help in reducing menstrual cramps and pain. It also helps in maintaining reproductive health, hormonal system, and eliminating fluid retention. It is also a great gemstone to keep with children and the elderly as it promotes growth while slowing down the degeneration process. Sometimes, moonstone is also used in treating digestive problems and alleviating any pain related to them.

Its emotional healing capabilities are something moonstone is known for around the world. It is said that it contains many different qualities possessed by the moon and it can transfer those qualities to the wearer if worn for a long time. Some of these qualities include the tranquility and the wisdom, for which moon is admired by everyone. If worn continuously, moonstone can help the wearer become calmer and wiser with time. This will bring about a change in the person’s life and they will be able to make wiser decisions in stressful situations. It is also said that moonstone can help one become more emotional, which is required to maintain relations and keep loved ones close forever. It digs one’s subconscious and brings out the long-lost emotional side, which was missing in the person’s personality for a long time.

Moonstone is known as the birthstone of the month of June, but that doesn't limit it’s benefits to only the people born in June. Anyone can wear moonstone and reap umpteen of its benefits. The calming effect of moonstone makes it a great gemstone for meditation because a calm and cool mind is needed while meditating. Moonstone helps one keep their head clear and get them to the next level of meditation where one forgets everything and everyone around them to achieve a complete state of peace. Even Feng-Shui has touted this gemstone as the ‘phenomenal gem’ because it is known to utilize the energy of metal and bring happiness and stability in the life of people living in the house where moonstone is present. If placed on the northwest side of the house, it can help in making the children in the house more sharp and intelligent by improving their retention power.

There are a hundred, or even more advantages of the moonstone and all that combined with its captivating appearance makes it a complete package of spiritual beauty. It is so difficult to not wear something when you know so much about it’s advantages that are so magical and completely beyond explanation. It’s love from the moon, its something exceptional.

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  • I didn’t know about moonstone’s history. I love moonstone. It helped me recover from my illness. Great blog.

    Posted by Jillian | January 16, 2019
  • I have a beautiful moonstone ring, the moonstone is big. It is in circular shape and sparkles like the moon even in dim light. Got to know more about the moonstone just because of this blog. Well written!!

    Posted by Kaitlyn | January 16, 2019
  • This is an amazing stone i love it

    Posted by Ronald Nichisti | December 21, 2018
  • I think I know enough to fall in love with moonstone. Going to buy more and more.

    Posted by Patty | May 17, 2018
  • Moonstone has become a little closer to my heart after reading this blog. Keep up the good writing. Cheers!

    Posted by Emily Traore | May 17, 2018
  • Who knew a gemstone would have so much history to it. And, the qualities are just amazing. I would have never thought jewelry could have o much meaning to it, too.

    Posted by Georgina Miller | May 17, 2018
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