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7 Fantastic Halloween Jewelry Pieces For A Stylish Spookiness

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Halloween, a festival that celebrates those who have departed and their spirit in a manner that is entirely unique. No other celebration comes close to being as offbeat as Halloween. Dressing up as ghosts, villains, monsters, and many more characters who we never think of for the whole year. Kids do it for fun, but adults now understand the bad guys and go the extra mile in dressing up. It seems like this year would be dedicated to joker because of the enormous impact the movie has had on people. We just want to say that people pay a lot of attention to their costume, but how many have you seen discussing jewelry for Halloween? Well, very few.

Why Halloween Jewelry?

Halloween jewelry is not a very popular concept, but if you do it right, your jewelry can give your look a whole new meaning. You can choose the right jewelry according to your look and make your Halloween a really memorable one. We have curated a list of Halloween jewels for you so that you have something to go on and won’t have to browse through the whole website. And the good news is that you can get FLAT 25% OFF on all non-sale items with coupon code ‘HALLOWEEN25.’ Many pieces are already in the sale section with up to 50% OFF. So, let’s get to the Halloween jewelry collection right away where you’ll see jewelry with at least one of the above offers applicable.

GSJ’s Halloween Jewelry Collection

This is an excellent selection of jewelry for Halloween. It is handpicked by our designers, and there is a reason for every piece to be present on this list. They all have some connection to Halloween, and that connection will make you want to wear them even more. 

1. Moonstone Ring- Celtic Flame

Halloween has its roots in the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. People sported costumes to scare ghosts and evil spirits away by dancing around bonfires. This day was later declared All Saint’s Day, and then the evening before it became All Hallows Day, which is now called Halloween. This Celtic ring is a tribute to the Celtic roots of Halloween and why we should never forget a holiday’s actual origin because of all the new traditions.

2. Moonstone Necklace- Ethereal Light

This moonstone necklace is made for Halloween because just look at it, it is ideally dark balanced with gleamy for an occasion like this. The spooky lines flowing out of the round moonstone can be interpreted as an octopus’s limbs or anything that your mind wants them to be. Be creative and give this ghoulish necklace a new meaning with your costume, and you may end up in your best-ever Halloween look.

3. Opal Ring- Zelda

Opal rings are very colorful, and this one is in a league of its own because its 14k rose gold vermeil. Usually, one would not suggest this kind of a piece for Halloween, but there is something about halos and Halloween that just clicks. This opal & CZ halo ring can give your costume a different twist, especially if you have decided to wear a relatively light colored one. You can even act like the colorful opal has some mystical powers which are stimulated when light falls on it, and its color changes at different angles.

4. Moonstone Earrings- Moon Bearer

Moon bearer are the earrings made in the shape of the moon, which is in the waxing crescent phase, exactly how it is going to be on this Halloween night. How cool would it be to look at the moon and have that same phase of the moon hanging on your ears? Fun Fact: There is a full moon on Halloween every 19 years, which marks the beginning of a new Metonic Cycle.

5. Moonstone Ring- Superior Highness

Big pieces of jewelry always work on Halloween because an overelaborate costume will completely hide a small piece of jewelry. This silver ring’s aura gives a very chilling vibe- is it a decorated knife or an evil’s crown, who knows? The best thing is the open interpretation and the mystery that surrounds this ring, which makes it perfect for Halloween or any other similar days.

6. Opal Necklace- Vibrance

This necklace will look best if paired with the halo opal ring mentioned above. The Ethiopian opal will showcase many colors and can become a part of your story where the ring had some mystical powers. Apart from that, it is a rose gold necklace that you can also wear on other days because it is a relatively simple necklace and not really spooky or dark at all.

7. Moonstone Ring- Gleaming Planet

Mandala designs have always worked, and we just had to include a mandala ring for Halloween. It has a round cab-cut moonstone in the middle, which provides it with all the power it needs. The magical healing properties of moonstone are what make it so desired and loved around the world, especially by women, because it is way more helpful to them. 


This is ‘THE LIST’ for Halloween jewelry this year from GSJ, and we hope you will sport one (or more) of these jewels to give them a completely different meaning on 31st October. We would also love it if you posted an image on Instagram with one of our jewels and tagged us @gemstonesilverjewelry because you can get featured on our story and timeline. So, get clicking and get tagging. Ciao.


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  • Excellent list of jewelry. These are just really amazing, super-cute jewelry pieces for Halloween!

    Posted by Arizona | October 25, 2019
  • I absolutely love all of the jewelry and Great Blog! Happy Halloween!

    Posted by Ashlyn | October 25, 2019

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