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Fine Jewelry To Make Your Mother's Day Gift The Best

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Talking about your mother’s role in your life will be an endless conversation. Right? She is a selfless woman who can sacrifice her needs for her children with a smiling face. As your first teacher, her experience was your primary source of knowledge, providing the right direction to your life. It doesn’t matter if you are a 15-year-old or a mother of a 15-year-old, she will take care of you like you are still in the crib. For all that she has done for you, shouldn't your Mother's day gift be very, very special?

When a new member adds in life, a couple becomes a family and receives enormous happiness, love, and also, responsibility in the form of a baby.  Although, Mother’s day is neither celebrated in a grand style like New Year or Christmas nor is there a federal holiday in our country. However, for an individual, it is the most important day to thank their creator and his source of inspiration.

Mother’s day 2019 will be observed by on May 12.  You must have started looking for all possible mother’s day gift ideas to make the best of the day. Do you remember how old you were when you designed your first greeting card as your gift for her? A mother’s day gift showcases your love and warmth and shows her importance in your life. We want our present to make her feel special and on top of the world. From cards to candies to spa coupon, all have become old school mother’s day gift ideas. When it comes to making a splendid impression, nothing works better than jewelry because after, all she is also a woman who likes looking beautiful all the time. Just visualize when you take your mother to a restaurant for dinner, and she is wearing the jewelry which you gifted her. Won’t you feel great for enhancing her appearance on the day dedicated truly to her?

Every jewel from our collection will prove to be great if you are looking for a jewelry gift for your mother. Not only will they make her happy, but they will also showcase your love in an elegant, luxurious way. Whether she is a homemaker or a working woman, our catalog is filled with many jewels in moonstone, opal, healing chakra, and plain silver which have something for everyone.

We know it doesn’t sound easy when it comes to selecting that jewelry gift for mother as we need to carefully understand what type of jewelry she likes and needs in her jewelry box. Our contribution should provide significant value to her. To make your mother’s day 2019 the best one till now, we present to you some of our handpicked jewelry articles which you can pick as your jewelry gift for mother’s day this year.

5 Jewelry Pieces Proving Faithful For Mother’s Day Gift

1. Moonstone Silver Ring- Edged Poise

Moonstone rings

The moonstone in this silver ring makes it look magical, and because it is also a symbol of divine energy for women, this ring becomes all the more special for her.  A glittering ring never fails in getting appreciation from every corner because it is a treat for eyes and delight for fingers. Moonstone, being a spirit stone powered by the moon, is the epitome of calmness and serenity. If you have seen your mom in distress and sometimes burst in anger, moonstone will help her with by balancing her Chakras and blessing her with the peace of the moon.  Go with this bold and beautiful ring as your jewelry gift for mother keep away the negative vibes from her aura and also beautify her looks at any big or small event.  

2. 14k Rose Gold Vermeil Opal Earrings-Luminance

opal earrings studs rose gold

If you have grown up seeing your mother trying her hands on different sets of earrings just because she doesn’t miss decorating her ears on any occasion, present these earrings to her as your mother’s day gift.  Just close your eyes for a second and imagine you are helping your mother wear these earrings while waiting for her reaction. It will make her believe that her choices are valuable to you and how much you know about her. These vibrant earrings are synonymous to class and luxurious statement. CZ gemstones add a little more glamour to these earrings and make it an excellent gift for mother from daughter. The gleam of 14K rose gold will never fade away just like your love for your mother.

3. 14kt Rose Gold Vermeil - Heart Chakra Necklace

heart chakra necklace rose gold

You owe what you are today to your mother, don’t you? Well, it’s not only you; we all do. Our mothers have sacrificed a lot to make us what we are today. To make her realize that her contributions and sacrifices mean a lot to you in a grand style, gift this healing chakra necklace to your mother. It will stay close to her heart and bless her with its divine energy. It helps its wearers by making their heart chakra balanced and keep it working correctly which relaxes their minds to help them make wise decisions at every crossroads in life.

4. Silver Ring-Celtic Trail

sterling silver ring celtic design

The intertwining design of this sterling silver ring will provide a sophisticated and classy look to your mother and make her heart filled with happiness. If you are looking for cheap yet attractive mother’s day gift ideas, your search ends here. She can wear it daily or keep it for particular events & she will not stop sharing with you the beautiful experience of praise and appreciation she received while wearing it. She will look more magnificent if she pairs it with one of our moonstone rings which will provide a thoroughly perfect experience to her dainty fingers.

5. Moonstone Bracelet-Entrancing Adonis

moonstone bracelet sterling silver 925

It doesn’t matter how much importance you give to your rings, earrings, and necklaces; you can’t ignore your bracelet to get that perfect gorgeous look. This moonstone bracelet will make a lovely mother’s day gift because it will also make her more confident and peaceful. If your mom gets tensed due to personal or professional reasons, the energy of this bracelet will make her feel good by relaxing her mind, body, & soul. The length of this bracelet is adjustable, making it easier for every woman to adore her wrist.


Mother’s day is an occasion which provides you with the opportunity to thank your mother for everything she has done for you. No matter how busy your schedule is, we believe you will spend this day by resting your head in your mom’s lap and revisiting your childhood through photographs. Our mother’s day jewelry gift will make your mother smile like a blooming rose. We wish you and her a happy and delightful mother’s day 2019 and thank her for being the symbol of strength for their children and society. If you want to stay connected with the world of women’s jewelry and be the first recipient of our new offers & trends, follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.

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