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Full Moon: Interesting Facts

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“Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you. Then you will see your own light as radiant as the full moon.

Divine Full Moon

The full moon is a phenomenon that is described as the night when the moon appears as a round disc, which means that we can see one whole side of the moon. It’s a day when you can just stare at the moon for hours on because come on, it’s the full moon. You will probably want the moon to stay that way all the time, but its phases are also necessary. Different phases of the moon, like waxing crescent, gibbous, quarter, etc., are seen on the rest of the days of the month. All these phases affect our lives in various different ways, both astrologically and astronomically. Out of all these phases, the full moon is the time when an increase in fertility and births in women can be seen. It is also the time when animals are seen behaving differently, especially wolves, who are seen howling at the full moon.

Psychic Bond With Women

Moon’s natural cycle lasts for around 29.5 days, which is eerily close to a woman’s natural cycle of 28 days. This is the reason women can relate to the moon more than men. It is an honor for women to worship the moon because it’s profound divinity affects them a lot in various ways, which is why crystals like moonstone, opal, and selenite are considered excellent for women. Connecting with the full moon means honoring your feminine nature because the moon’s energies are regarded as feminine, motherly, and nurturing. The crystals mentioned above also help in the process. As a woman, you will be able to let go of the grudges you’ve been holding to do something you’ve wanted for a long time. It also releases stagnant energies and helps you bring out your emotional side if it was subdued somewhere deep in your conscience.

Celebrating Full Moon

Moon’s connection is a divine one, and you can observe the full moon in various ways to reap all these benefits. The most simple one is gazing at the moon in all its glory on a full moon night. Other methods include meditating under the full moon or doing something creative like painting, or making music because it lets the creative juices flow. You can also celebrate full moon by doing charity and donation and wearing different moon crystals like moonstone, opal, labradorite, etc. Whatever you do under the full moon, you will do it right, and it will help you achieve all you need to. Just remember that the more you respect the moon, the more it respects and blesses you back.

Full Pink Moon

This time around, the full moon is an extraordinary one because it is the ‘full pink moon.’ The moon isn’t actually pink, but it is called that because it is the season in which the pink flowers, called phlox, bloom. There are various other names for this full moon falling at the end of April. Sometimes it is called the ‘full sprouting grass moon’ because of the start of spring season and sprouting of grass, which is one of the best things about spring. It is also called ‘egg moon’ and ‘fish moon’ because in this season birds lay eggs and fishes are more plentiful. It is a very felicitous time because winters finally come to an end, and we get to see the sunny days full of chirping birds, blooming flowers, happy people, and so much more.

The full pink moon is the time to utilize the pink healing energy, which is the energy of rebirth. All that is gloomy from winter must be on its way back because this is the time to realize the power of the new and fresh. It’s time to let go of the past and enjoy the changing season by embracing it and allowing it to preserve your soul for a delightful new time.

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  • A full moon looks so mesmerizing and after knowing all this about it makes me love it even more.

    Posted by Adrian Murphy | May 17, 2018
  • Ohh, full pink moon? I wish it actually looked pink on this one day because i actually thought it was called pink because it seemed pink. What a dreamy sight it would be. :D

    Posted by Barbara Lipman | May 17, 2018
  • I had no idea that every full moon had a different name and represented so many things. Really nicely represented, too.

    Posted by Emilia Johnson | May 11, 2018

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