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Gifts For Wedding Guests: Who All Should Get What?

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The tradition of gifts for wedding guests has originated from our ancestors. Your wedding day is important for you as well as for the guests who will attend the wedding, especially the ones in it, like the bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, parents, best man, etc. Deciding so many things is a task in itself for the bride and groom, and these gifts just add to it. Many couples get separate wedding gifts for the honored guests to praise them in a more meaningful way.

Even if you have a busy wedding preparation schedule, you should take out some time to buy some beautiful wedding gifts for your guests, at least the important ones. 

These presents are just an expression of our love and gratitude to all the people who we adore. You don’t need to go for an overpriced gift, just go with something meaningful, personalized, and in your budget. Try customization to make the receiver smile wider. We will obviously start with the bride's gift to groom and the groom's gift to bride and then move on to other important people.

Wedding Gift For The Bride

Many couples exchange gifts with each other on this special day. Selecting the wedding gift for the bride is the most challenging task. It is the perfect opportunity for the groom to show that he is fully aware of her likes and dislikes. Thinking out of the box will come in handy at this time. Because of its popularity, gemstone jewelry according to her birthstone would be the ideal wedding gift for the bride.

Wedding Gift For The Groom

Choosing a wedding gift for the groom isn’t as easy as some people might think. One of the best wedding gifts for the groom could be your will to select it according to his personality and taste. Find out what/who is he a fan of and get him merchandise for the same. It could be a simple gift like a watch, wallet, belt, pair of sunglasses, a cap, a pair of shoes or slippers, etc. If it is something that he can relate to, its a win for you both. Wedding gifts for groom from the bride can go disastrously wrong if she gifts him a DC merchandise when he is a marvel fan. The margins are little, and the stakes are high, but o are the rewards. Your wedding gift for the groom could also be his wedding day tuxedo, but you will have to plan for it way in advance as compared to other gifts.

Wedding Gift For Maid Of Honor 

Gift for the maid of honor from the bride should be a special one because she was there with you in every situation. She was the one who assisted you in choosing your wedding gown, organized the bachelorette, coordinated with the bridesmaids, and helped with many other wedding arrangements. Praise her at your wedding by mentioning her name in front of everyone.

You can gift a beautiful piece of moonstone jewelry, or a ‘maid of honor gift set’ of her taste with a brief, meaningful, personalized note. If you think that giving gifts to your best maid can hurt the sentiments of other friends, go for a separate lunch or dinner to give the gift.

Best Man’s Gift 

From planning and organizing the bachelor party to helping you select the ring to other preparations for your wedding, your best man has done a lot to help you share the burden on you. The best man gift is given to the most trustworthy friend who did all for you every time and that put lots of effort into your wedding preparation since the announcement of your wedding. A lovely best man gift can tell him how much he means in your life, and doing it in front of everyone around his speech would make him feel valued. But, if you want to go with a physical gift, take some inspiration from the groom’s gift in the beginning.

Wedding Gifts For Parents  

Your parents and grandparents are your superheroes since your you were a little kid. To choose the right kind of wedding gift for parents, just go with your gut. You have been with them since you can remember, so your subconscious knows what would be perfect for them. Don’t overthink it and feel free to add your siblings to this list, too.

Giving wedding gifts to parents will show your gratitude. It will help you praise them for everything they did for you.

You can bestow a moonstone necklace or bracelet to your mom and help her enjoy the benefits moonstone has to offer, apart from its breathtaking iridescence. For your father, you won’t have to worry much because men have very few indulgences and hobbies. It could be sports, wine or whiskey, politics, or a couple of other things. A gift related to one of these would make him see you in the present every time he uses it. It is a great idea to take them out to present them with their gifts.

Gifts For Parents-In-Law

When it comes to getting wedding gifts for parents-in-law, you certainly want to impress them and want them to appreciate you with a warm hug of welcome in their family. You can either give two different gifts to your parents-in-law, or you can give them one joint gift they both can use.

No matter how good your relationship with your mother-in-law, it is always a challenge to impress her, but opal jewelry can make it a bit easier. The hue of this gem will make your mother-in-law go wow. The wedding gift for your father-in-law should be thoughtful to make him appreciate his son’ s/daughter’s choice. For understanding the taste of your parents-in-law takes the help of your better half. 

Gifts For Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

Don’t forget to buy gifts for bridesmaids and gifts for groomsmen. You can refer our blog “7 Unique & Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids” to get a better idea for the bridesmaids’ gifts.

Give unique gifts to groomsmen, like tie pins, cufflinks, pocket watches, beer steins, grooming kits, etc. You can bestow these gifts to the groomsmen to them at the rehearsal dinner rather than giving it on the wedding day, especially if it is something that they can use on the big day.


Don’t be too worried about who all you should get gifts for on your wedding. If you plan well, you’ll be able to buy gifts for all the people above and still stay under budget. This is the perfect day to celebrate those who were a part of your journey and to cherish the respect and love they have for you.

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