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How Do You Keep A Rose Gold Ring From Turning Your Finger Black?

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Before we talk about anything else, I want you to know that rose gold metal is not a product of nature!

In this blog, I'll talk about the common problem you all face if you are a fan of rose gold jewelry. That problem is 'your finger turning black from the rose gold ring,' making a devil halo underneath your ring on your skin.

You usually don't consider it that big a problem while purchasing the rose gold moonstone jewelry. Obviously, the beauty hypnotizes you while leaving you chanting, 'this ring is mine now.'

It's only after sometime when the magic spell breaks, you realize to consider a more important thing. That is what to do to prevent your rose gold ring from turning finger black!

Now you need the reasons as well as their solutions. So let's get into the details of your rose gold ring turning finger green or black.

Why Does Your Rose Gold Ring Turning Your Finger Black?

Why Does Your Rose Gold Ring Turning Your Finger Black?

The primary reason for your finger turning black from the rose gold ring is your fondness of the jewelry. You never want to take it off even while sleeping. Okay, I'm not blaming you for that, it actually looks stunning on your finger, why would you ever want to take it off.

Still, I'd mention some of the most common reasons for the rose gold ring turning finger black.

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When you regularly wear the rose gold opal jewelry, it becomes subject to the chemical reactions.

The chances of rose gold ring turning finger green become maximum when it comes in contact with the below-mentioned things:

  • • Sweat
  • • Cleaning chemicals
  • • Water (very often)
  • • Cosmetics

Now you will say, considering all these things, half of your remaining life will be spent in removing and wearing the ring! You are not totally wrong to think this way. And it's best recommended to wear your rose gold ring when going out for parties and social gatherings to prevent rose gold ring turning finger black.

I understand it's not a simple thing to do, but don't you like your finger more than your jewelry!?

Now let's assume you are the one who did not know this, and it's already too late. The chemical reaction has already happened and gave your finger that devil halo.

By now, with a heavy heart, you must have ditched your rose gold ring. And presently you are more concerned about getting rid of that green or black stain. Obviously, it looks as disgusting as your ring looked gorgeous on your finger.

Tried And Tested Tips For You
So here are some tried and tested tips for you:

  • • Rub the stain with mild acetone or nail paint remover
  • • Rub it with waterproof eye makeup remover
  • • Rub your ugly painted ring with rubbing alcohol

It's best to use the solutions mentioned above with a cotton ball and washed hands. This will give you the best results while eliminating the slightest chances of getting allergies (which is not a typical case anyway).

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Okay, so I have a little surprise for you here. Here is a brilliant hack for all those carefree types who are least bothered about their rose gold ring turning finger green.

All you care about is the beauty of your rose gold jewelry. You are the ones who never came out of the magic spell!

So here is the thing. To prevent your finger from turning black from the rose gold ring, just put a coat of transparent nail enamel on the inside of your ring. This will make a protective layer on the surface of your rose gold ring, which is most prone to do the damage.

The best part is, nail paint doesn't react with your skin. This will keep both your ring and your finger happy. As soon as you see that the protective layer is chipping off, keep everything aside, and redo the layer. This way, you'll be protected and beautiful as always.

Rose Gold Rings For The Beautiful You

Now you know the reasons for your finger turning green while wearing the rose gold ring - it's the chemical reactions.

The ways of removing the ugly stain from your finger - it's with the help of nail paint remover, waterproof eye makeup remover, and rubbing alcohol.

You also know the one trick to never let this mess happen - it's the transparent nail enamel coating.

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Also, you should confess by now that your love for rose gold jewelry is eternal. And it hardly matters whether it is mined from the depths of the Earth or created in a lab.

If this blog helped you, then tell us about your experiences with your rose gold jewelry in the comments section below.

Also, don't forget to check out our gorgeous rose gold jewelry collection!

Now when you know everything, there is no point in restraining yourself from wearing your favorite jewelry!

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