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How Moonstone is a Mythological Legend

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To become a mythological legend, there should be something so special about something/someone that people actually believe the folklore. Moonstone is the best example of a legend. It was believed to be holy in many religions and had various stories related to it. The most common story that was believed in many Asian countries is that rainbow moonstones were washed up the shore by the waves of the mighty sea every 21 years. Let’s take a look at more stories about the moonstone believed around the world.

Ancient Rome’s Star Gem

Belief was a great part of any ancient culture and same was the case with ancient Roman culture. Their deities were all related to different gemstones, and so was the case with the moonstone. They believed it to be the harbinger of prosperity and love because it was the stone of their moon goddess, Diana. They considered it the essence of prophecy and second sight that could make the wearer wiser and more sensible while taking decisions. Some even believed that the moonstone lost its brilliant glow if the wearer kept grudges and anger in themselves.

Highly Praised In Feng Shui

Then comes the Feng Shui, where moonstone is known as the ‘phenomenal gem’ that should be worn on Mondays. It is considered as the stone that can utilize the energy of metal. Metal energy is the symbol of the energy of intellect, creativity, and restoration. Metal energy is best utilized by white crystal energy that will open new channels for the flow of concentration and determination. You must have heard people talking about placing some specific plants in a specific place in the house or placing the furniture facing some particular direction, when they discuss Feng Shui, similar is with the moonstone. They have a belief that the northwest and western side of the house is the best place to keep a moonstone to utilize the metal energy to the fullest. Children will be more creative and there are more blessings in this area, and all this can be enhanced by placing a moonstone or storing your moonstone jewelry in this side of the house.

A Holy Gemstone In The Indian Subcontinent

Indians are the ones, who have been using this gemstone as a holy item for centuries and they still continue. There is a god of moon with four hands in their religion, and a moonstone is set on the deity’s forehead, according to the belief. The glow of this stone was known to fluctuate with the different phases of moon. This is when they first realized that it was related to the moon and got the name moonstone. Moonstone was the best gift for wedding anniversaries, either for the 13th year or for the year falling on any multiples of the number 13. The reason being moonstone’s ability to reverse the misfortunes and negative influence from number 13. Surely, a stone with so many stories has to be something quite special, and it really is a truly remarkable gemstone.

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  • Nothing is PERFECT in this world, but things certainly BEAUTIFUL! MOONSTONE

    Posted by Brianna | February 05, 2019
  • Worship gets even better with moonstone, really. It is also a great gemstone to wear at parties because people always ask about it.

    Posted by Isabel Kelly | May 17, 2018
  • The mythological legend is now a really celebrated jewelry item. I have at least 6-7 moonstone jewelry items and, maybe it is exaggerating but it really makes you feel that eerie connection.

    Posted by Hillary Gallaghar | May 17, 2018
  • If all of this is really true, I really don’t know what to say. It is just breathtaking that moonstone has been on so much importance to gods everywhere.

    Posted by Ursula Tilman | May 17, 2018

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