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How Moonstone's Significance Has Changed Over The Years

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"Magic For The Soul And Light For The Senses"

It is no secret that moonstone, or in fact any other gemstone, has seen so much in its life that their importance has changed over the years. Having said that, it doesn't mean that the importance has decreased, it has just changed and people have been wearing moonstones these days for all the different reasons. Moonstones are presented today in a very different way than they were in the past. They have become a part of the gypsy jewelry for the free bohemian wanderers who seek the higher truth, the meaning of life. Moonstones have also made their way into the fashion jewelry world because of an iridescence like no other. The way a moonstone reflects the light in various hues of blue and purple is just mesmerizing in every sense. The way this phenomenal gem is cut and placed in trendy and chic jewelry, especially the enormous pieces, is a delight in itself to look at.

But, has moonstone always been this famous for jewelry? Has it always been the gemstone of the wanderers and gypsies to show them the path when they travel? To protect them during rough times and help them on their journey? Well, there have been different stages in the moonstone’s history that have made it what it is today. Read further to know more about what was moonstone before today.

Magical Inside And Out

Moon has been admired by people since the beginning of time and because reflection of light  presents an array of vivid shades of blue, purple, indigo, etc on it. This phenomenon, when observed from different angles, makes the whole scene look like different phases of the moon. This is the reason it was used by magicians back in the day to practice magic tricks. Some magic tricks were best performed and practiced when the moon was waning while the others were made for when the moon was waxing. It helped magicians and illusionists stay calm in front of the spectators.

The ace of talismans, moonstone is something beyond just a gemstone, it is a great medium to take a spiritual journey into self and dig out what is required, what is missing from life, from the journey towards enlightenment. Moonstone brings out lost emotions and helps in getting rid of thoughts holding one back in life. These qualities of moonstone are known to the natives of India, Ancient Rome, China, and Middle Age Europe. It’s the gemstone of moon gods in many religions in these countries and was worn by saints and monks in the honor of these gods. Another reason they wore moonstone is that it helps them get rid of materialistic pleasures and superficial indulgences in order to help them lead a spiritual life, free of any distractions.

Moonstone In Art Nouveau Period

There was an artistically significant era from 1890-1910, which was known as the Art Nouveau period. It was the time when moonstone was discovered again and made famous by an artist, named Rene Lalique. He produced a lot of moonstone jewelry and ornaments along with some more French artists that gave rise to moonstone’s popularity in the modern world. Moonstone’s presence in one of the most historically important artistic periods was a push start for moonstone’s popularity but its entrance into the hippie culture took time, which was the time it became really, really famous.

Entry Into The Free World

Hippies and gypsies love moonstone because of its other-worldly charm and its mystical capabilities. Cab-cut moonstone is perfect for colossal eccentric jewelry pieces because the blueish purple sheen on this gem looks like an array of light beams dancing on its surface. The healing and protective powers of moonstone is another reason for its popularity, not just among the wanderers but among everyone. It is a protective gemstone that helps the person wearing it when they are traveling, especially in the night and in the woods by protecting them from any harm. It is also known to help the wearer become wiser and much more aware of their emotions, which ultimately helps people in maintaining relationships, especially if their loved ones live far away from them.

Moonstone Used In Jewelry

The bohemian free culture has been in love with the moonstone for a long time now and it is said that as long as moonstone is there, travelers will feel safe, no matter how far away they are from their homes. Moonstone jewelry is available in many forms, shapes, sizes, etc. There are moonstone rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc. Wearing a moonstone on a full moon night can give you the power of prophecy as moonstone is also used in divination by wearing on a full moon. The inclusions in the moonstone make things even more interesting because you will never find two same pieces of moonstone. Combine a couple moonstone jewelry items and look unique while feeling great, too.

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