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How Rings On Different Fingers Will Benefit You?

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In this fashion-obsessed world, adorning your body has become necessary to look presentable and attractive. People use different types of accessories to appear at their best. They experiment with designer clothes, watches, shoes, etc. When it comes to ornamenting your hands, nothing works better than rings. Rings on different fingers are not only responsible for giving a rich look to your fingers but are also responsible for many other benefits. Apart from their charming appearance, rings provide many advantages depending on the different fingers they are worn on.

Meaning Of Rings On Different Fingers

Rings are a good fashion accessory for every party and one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts a woman can receive. We have always considered rings only as an item of fashion, but they are so much more. Below, you can read about how rings on different fingers can create magic in your life.


The thumb represents will power and is responsible for showing one’s uniqueness and strength. Thumb ring wearers are known for their thirst to accomplish their goals. In ancient times, thumb rings were used as a protective tool by archers. Independent of all fingers, wearing a ring on thumb shows that the person is blessed with management skills and is capable of taking responsibility. Ruled by Mars, many experts recommend wearing rings on the thumb as it can help in becoming focused and aware. Our ‘Holy Tribe’ silver thumb ring is one of the best in our collection of silver rings.

Index Finger

The index finger ring is a choice of influencers and leaders. This finger is seen as the epitome of power and strength. After ring finger, Index finger rings are chosen widely by women as it is helpful in removing all the distractions that come in their way. People with low self-confidence & self-esteem should wear a ring on their Index fingers to solve their issues and make life easier and more stable. It will boost self-confidence and will power to outshine any hindrance that comes in the way.

As Index finger represents your energy and vitality, it deserves a ring which can warrant your self-confidence well.  We have a huge collection of large and prominent looking Index finger rings which are sure to produce a spellbinding mark. ‘Essence’ silver & moonstone ring is one among our huge collection of rings to make you the center of attraction because this ring never goes unnoticed.

Middle Finger

The tallest finger that represents stability in your life. A ring on the middle finger ensures solidity and perspective in your life. It helps its wearer by making them self-sufficient & decisive which can be very helpful for managers, entrepreneurs, and prominent leaders. For a well-balanced life, small rings will be best because they won’t hinder your daily chores & still do their job. We have an enormous collection of compact, petite rings. Check them out by clicking here.

Ring Finger

Ring finger on which hand should be preferred for engagements & weddings?  It’s a question which has different answers as some countries, like Russia, India, & Portugal, prefer right ring finger for engagement. Whereas, in countries like the United Kingdom, France, and the United States, for ring finger, left hand is preferred. We follow this rule because the vein of the left ring finger is directly connected to the heart making it lucky for a newly engaged couple. While leadership qualities are boosted because of the index finger, ring finger helps its wearers with an optimistic approach towards life. A beautiful ring on the ring finger, for women, can boost creativity. With our huge collection of cheap engagement rings with premium quality, your ring finger will get a beautiful ornament to make your look fantastic.

Little Finger

The Smallest member of the finger family is responsible for having an excellent bond with your intimate partner. Pinky finger ring helps in making your relationship strong by helping you communicate better. A pinky finger ring can be worn by people with low social skills and those who find themselves introvert and shy. It is considered as a token of fortune, too as it ensures a better, stable life for its wearer. Our ‘Love In Paradise’ silver pinky finger ring is made with premium quality sterling silver which is the synonym of quality in the jewelry world.

Rings hold an important place in the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts. It’s important to know the meaning of rings on different fingers because they hold a meaning & enhance the looks of the wearer. Rings also help one feel more comfortable and confident. Rings, big or petite, simple or fancy, are all available at GSJ. Wearing a spiritually healing ring on your finger can assure you good luck when nothing is going your way. It is better to identify your issues and motive before wearing a ring so that you can easily decide which finger you want to wear it on and what kind of ring will suit you better.

Hopefully, spending your precious time in reading this blog was a fruitful experience for you. It’s important to know what rings on different fingers mean and how they can help us in our lives. Making an ideal choice in selecting rings will not only help make your hands look beautiful but also helps in awakening positive energy and fortune. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest to get the latest updates in the world of jewelry, & to know what new designs & offers we are coming up with.

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