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How This Year's Columbus Day Sale Is Different At GSJ?

Jewelry Sale At GSJ

Columbus day, what a controversial holiday for a country that likes to keep things simple, and just enjoy some barbecues and parades. We have all known this special holiday as the celebration of Christopher Columbus's first-ever landing at the previously unknown 'New World.' It was the first person from the rest of the world to discover the Americas and give it the culture, languages, and people that we see now. While it sounds like one of the oldest celebrations of our country, it was celebrated for the first time in 1792 and was declared a national holiday in 1937 by the then-president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Changing Times

Columbus day's image has been tarnished for a lot of reasons in the past decade. People have come forward to call it the celebration of disturbing the life of indigenous people. Many of them died fighting to protect their land, the slavery imposed by the Europeans, and the diseases they brought with them. South American countries celebrate this day as the indigenous people's day, and some states in the US have also started recognizing the day in their honor. With civil rights movements and anti-racism campaigns, something like this was bound to happen. Events of the past are being seen through the telescope of liberalism to be recognized for what they truly were.

GSJ's Columbus Day Sale 2019

We at GSJ, want to dedicate a day through our Columbus Day Offers to all those who think there was more to the picture than what schools taught us. There were many Indians who sacrificed their lives to make America what it is now. We are identifying the real heroes who have given America its roots and their land for this great nation to be built upon. So, this year we are going to offer a flat 20% discount on all our jewelry items that are not already on sale. Avail of the discount by using this coupon code 'GSJCD25' at check out. This Columbus Day Sale will begin on October 9th and will go on for 6 days until 14th midnight. Read further to know more about the type of jewelry we specialize in and why we are pricing it so low.

1. Opal Jewelry On Sale

Opal is the new obsession because it has something no other gem has, its breathtaking array of colors. It is also referred to as the queen of gemstones because it holds many different colors from other monochromatic stones. Not only this, but opals also have their fair share of healing properties. It is an excellent gemstone for those who have difficulty expressing what they really feel, and for those who find it challenging to let go of the past. One of the main reasons why opal rings are also available on this Columbus Day Sale because opal is the October birthstone. So, all you October babies are in for a treat.

2. Moonstone Jewelry For Sale

GSJ started with moonstone, and it is still our favorite gemstone today. No matter how many gems come, we'll always be bewitched by the blue fire of a rainbow moonstone. Out of all the items in this category, moonstone rings on sale are the hot sellers. They have made such a special place in the lives of women who have bought from us, or who follow us on social media. Moonstone has so many qualities that make it a spiritual, physical, and emotional healer. Its connection with the moon is just incredible in every way. Monks and shamans have worn it to heal and to honor various moon gods. Moonstone's looks are also a great feature that attracts many towards it. The bluish glare on its surface that is seen when it is kissed by light has many fall for it. Are you waiting to fall for it, or our Columbus Day Sale will do it for you?

3. Pricing Practice

At GSJ, we pay a lot of attention to the quality of the jewelry that you get from us, but we also pay equal attention to what price you are paying for it. Most of the retailers out there are the 4th or 5th link in the supply chain, which means hefty markups. These markups happen due to margins, commissions, brokerage, marketing, storage, branding, etc. What we do is that we buy directly from the factories and provide the jewelry straight to you, keeping the markups to a bare minimum. We are the only link between you and the factories that produce your beautiful jewelry. So, you get the jewelry from the same factories producing premium products without the price of those premium products. And with the 20% OFF Columbus Day Offer of 2019, it's a win-win situation!

Jewelry Sale At GSJ



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