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How To Cleanse Moonstone & Always Stay Blessed

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There have been many questions about moonstone’s cleaning and cleansing which have pushed me to write this blog. I am only going to talk about the spiritual cleansing of moonstone and moonstone jewelry here. Cleansing moonstone from within to remove all the negative energy it has absorbed along the course of its life can be a significant activity that you must perform from time to time if you are using it for its healing properties. It is a process that must be performed to keep the pathway of the moon’s blessings clear. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the four most useful methods that you can easily use to make moonstone clear of all the negative energy it has soaked in. These methods are simple and don’t require anything you already don’t have in your house. Some of them are also fun and can make you go out for a little picnic of yourself. Let's see what they are.

1. Outdoor Cleansing Through Flowing Water

This is the method I mentioned above that will be a picnic for you. Just find a river or a natural stream of water near you. Take all your moonstones and moonstone jewelry there. One-by-one submerge all the pieces in the flowing water and keep them there for a couple of minutes before removing them. Make sure you thoroughly wipe the jewelry dry with a clean and dry cloth, especially if it is sterling silver. Sterling silver can react with water and get tarnished, which is the reason you want to reach all the problematic areas and remove moisture from there if you want your jewelry shining, always. Do the same for all the pieces and enjoy the rest of the day in the palm of nature. This is one of the simplest methods, but it requires going out in the woods, which is the reason the ways following will come in handy.

2. Indoor Cleansing Through Water & Salt

The first method sounds nice, but it is not always possible to perform it, which is the reason I have introduced an alternative to it that can be performed at home whenever you feel like. All you need is a tap with flowing water and a bowl full of salt. The steps are very similar to the first method; the only difference is that you will need to use salt to absorb the negative energy. This is the energy released from the moonstone that it has been collecting from around you to keep you protected. Make a salt-water solution and let your moonstone and moonstone jewelry sit in that solution for about 10 minutes. Remember, don’t leave it there for too long because saltwater, or even water, reacts with sterling silver and begins the process of tarnishing. Remove the jewelry from the solution and wipe it thoroughly so that it is completely dry to prevent any tarnishing in the future. Make sure you get rid of the salt-water solution because it has all the negative energy. Throw it away from your home.

3. Cleansing Through Smudging

Smudging is another method you can use for the moonstone’s cleansing. This method replaces water with smoke, either coming from an incense stick or a smudge stick. A bowl of salt near this process is a must because it will take up all the energy released from the moonstone during the process of smudging. Just light up the incense stick, or the smudge stick, and hold your moonstones over it so that the smoke touches the surface. Do the same for all your moonstones/jewelry and get rid of the bowl of salt by throwing it somewhere far. It contains all the negative energy released from the moonstone.

4. Cleansing Through Moonlight

Moon’s own gem and what better method to cleanse it than moon’s own light? This method requires you to keep all the jewelry with moonstone and the loose stones out in the moonlight. This method works best on a full moon night. You can leave the jewelry there for two days so that it can absorb, both moonlight and sunlight. This will give your moonstones new powers that you may never have thought of.

Cleansing moonstones is really important because if you believe in its powers, you need to believe in its powers’ upkeep, too. You can perform cleansing everyone in a while whenever you have time. This is a holy practice, and you need to feel it if you want it to work for you.

Special Tip- You can whisper your intentions to the moonstone, and it will work according to what you have said to it during the cleansing process.

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  • I really enjoyed this post! I read somewhere that it’s best to cleanse/charge crystals for ourselves with the Full Moon and for others with the New Moon.

    Posted by Claudia | April 24, 2019
  • I used this guide to cleanse my crystals last night and I think I feel something different! Thank you!

    Posted by Eve | April 24, 2019
  • Excellent article. Your writing style coupled with your great knowledge of the Moonstone brings forth a piece of information that speaks to the heart as well as the head.

    Posted by Polly | February 05, 2019
  • I have absolutely fallen in love with your company. It exemplifies such a beautiful thing in our world in something that we can show off to one another. Keep up this magnificent craftsmanship.

    Posted by Prudence | February 05, 2019

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