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How To Know If Moonstone Is Your Spirit Gemstone: 5 Fascinating Signs

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There are gemstones that may be your birthstones or suitable for you according to your zodiac sign. There may be some gemstone you like because of their beautiful colors and textures but have you ever wondered if there can be an even deeper and divine connection with a gemstone? If you can not stop wearing moonstone and think of it as more than just a jewelry item, you’re reading the right article. If moonstone defines your personality and you find an exceptional sense of peace wearing moonstone, then there are chances moonstone is, indeed your spirit gemstone. The signs below will confirm that for you.

Moon Has Always Mesmerized You

If you think that moon has the answers to all your questions and solutions to all your problems, you are definitely a moon child. Staring at the moon is your favorite hobby, then there is no doubt that you are a lover of the moon. It is such a mesmerizing view, moon in all its glory just being what it is. Its different phases throughout the month have always mesmerized us and every other moon child too. You want your love for the moon to stay as it is and want this bond to become more intense, then you should wear a moonstone as it is considered by some as a part of the moon and is also worn in honor of many moon gods around the world.

Traveling Is Your Nourishment

If you think that you are here to collect experiences and meet new souls by traveling. If you go and travel as soon as you can to explore new destinations, people, cultures, food, etc, you will be able to reap moonstone’s benefits because it is known to protect travelers. This is the reason it is touted as the ‘traveler’s stone’ around the world. It provides light to the spiritual world to guide the passengers toward enlightenment. It can get rid of dark times and illuminate one’s life as it provides hope, protection, and good luck. If you love traveling, moonstone will be your companion that will guide you and protect you whenever you need.

Meditation Relaxes You

Bohos and gypsies around the world consider moonstone as a holy stone that gives them the power to free their mind of thoughts and relax. Monks have worn moonstone for centuries, too for the same reason. Meditating with moonstone is a completely extraordinary experience because it rids the mind of all the materialistic thoughts and helps them achieve complete peace. Moonstone is considered holy because it honors many gods of different religions. If you meditate, you are definitely trying to achieve total peace of mind and moonstone can be of a great help in doing that. It also says that you should definitely be wearing a moonstone, meditating or not.

You Experience Deja Vu More Than Occasionally

A moonstone is not just a bewitching gemstone in terms of its looks, it also harbors the powers of divination and psychic abilities. Moonstone has a gift from the moon itself that can make the wearer aware of their psychic abilities and helps them enhance those abilities. Moonstone also helps you stay calm and composed with all that activity going on in your mind, which is bound to cause weariness and distress. For anyone else, moonstone can prove to be a great provider of intuition energy that will not only make your anticipation better, but it will also help you make wiser decisions after judging everything from all angles. If you have a great intuition or want to have one, moonstone is definitely you should turn to.

You Can’t Help But Be A Romantic

If you have always been a romantic person and there is nothing you will not do for the one you love. If you can travel thousands of miles just to catch a glimpse of the love of your life and if nothing can stop you from doing it, then moonstone is definitely you spirit stone. It is a symbol of romanticism and love because it is known to keep your loved ones close if they live far away. It also helps relationships by bringing lovers together, both emotionally and physically. It is known that love-making on a full moon wearing moonstones can bring the bodies of both the lovers in sync with the lunar cycles. So, if you are a hopeless romantic and want that spark to always remain between you and your significant other, moonstone is definitely your soul’s gemstone.

It takes a moon child to know a moon child and these are the things that define an admirer of the moon. If you think of yourself while reading the above signs, you definitely should go and get yourself a moonstone jewelry because it is the gemstone that your spirit craves. It is a gemstone that defines your ability to love, connect meditate, and admire the moon. It gets you closer to your spiritual self to make you realize what is more important in life and what you should let go of to get on a path to enlightenment.

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  • Your jewellery is just amazing. Everything I just read in regards to moonstone, what it means, and has been used for ancient times fully resonates with me. I love all crystals for healing purposes.

    Posted by Joyce | February 18, 2019

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