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How To Know What Ring Size You Are?

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ring size guide

(This Image Is A Representation Of The Ring Sizes That Usually Fit Different Fingers. Yours Could Be Completely Different, So Read Up)

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Are you also still wondering how to know ring size? It has come to our attention that many are still confused about their ring size, and we completely understand because it is a prevalent problem. There is no unique scale to measure the ring size, so you are left with only one option, and that option is to try different rings to see which one fits. But, that becomes a problem when you shop online, which is the reason we felt that there was a dire need of this extensive ring size guide that will answer all the questions in your mind, like “what is my ring size?” or “how do I know my ring size?.”

Before we dive into all the numbers, let us see which magic number you are looking for, and for that, you will need to know at least one of the following-

  1. 1. Your ring size in any country’s format (US & Canada, UK & AU, Germany, Spain, France, etc.)
  2. 2. A ring that fits you perfectly in the finger you are looking to buy a ring for.
  3. 3. The circumference of your finger. (Read below to find out how you can measure that.)


So, if you don’t have the 1st or the 2nd information, you will need to find out the circumference of your finger. Don’t worry; it is nothing you can’t do with the things you already have at your home. You don’t even need any particular skill to know your finger’s inside circumference. Just follow the steps below.

Things You’ll Need-

  1. 1. A piece of string (non-stretchy and at least 3” in length) or a piece of paper (3” X 0.5”)
  2. 2. A marker or a pen
  3. 3. A ruler with mm (millimeter) markings on it

Let’s Begin-

  1. 1. Wrap the string or the paper around the finger, and the location on that finger, where you intend to wear the ring.
  2. 2. Mark the point where the string/paper overlaps with a marker or a pen. Make sure it is not too tight or loose; it should just fit how you want your ring to fit.
  3. 3. Measure the length of the string/paper using a ruler in millimeters and use the chart below to find out your US/Canada Ring Size.

      ring size guide chart


        Now, before you think of asking a friend (who has probably forgotten it too,) “what’s my ring size,” you will think of this table and come back to it to find the ring size of any of your fingers on your own with perfection.

          Some Important Tips:

          • 1. All the ring sizes on Gemstone Silver Jewelry are in US/Canada Ring Size. Please use the table to convert your size if you know it in any other country’s format.
          • 2. If you are between sizes, always buy a ring that is larger because a tight ring can hurt you by being an obstruction to your blood-flow.
          • 3. If your knuckles are a little wider than your finger’s base, buy a size that falls in between as you want the ring to fit snug and also not move too freely.
          • 4. Always take your finger’s measurement when your body is in a place with normal room temperature because fingers tend to shrink and swell up with temperature change.

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            • I like your ring designs. Would like to order one but I wear a size 16. Any possibility of getting one custom made?

              Posted by Margaret | April 09, 2019
            • I’m only an 11 year old girl who is looking for a ring that can fit me.

              Posted by Hilary | April 09, 2019
            • We women are always confused with the ring size and many times order the wrong size. I face this situation too. I saved this ring size picture so that I remember my ring size in future.

              Posted by maggie | January 25, 2019

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