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How To Layer Necklace And Play With Your Jewelry?

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Creating a fashionable statement with your jewelry is an art which can make you the most significant lady in the room. What jewelry you choose for yourself and the way you wear it describes your personality. Layer necklaces because it is the trend which is ruling everywhere right now. From festivals to parks & beaches, you’ll find women wearing layered necklaces everywhere.

You must have seen many celebs or even some of your friends owning this trend since its magic and charm is spreading everywhere because wearing just one necklace is so 2015. We are sure even you want to follow this lovely trend b gifting yourself a new and vivid look. If you are not sure how you can rock necklace layering, you’ve come to the right place.

7 Tips To Layer Necklaces In Symphonic Combinations

Your jewelry selection is something you can’t ignore if you want to look attractive in any outfit you put on. You will come to find out some simple yet useful tricks which can help you make a great combination of necklaces whenever you decide to stack them.

1.    Wear At Least Three

Necklace Layering

When you have decided to layer necklaces, there is no point in giving anything but your best. It is better to choose at least three necklaces to make a graceful combination. Choosing necklaces according to their size, color, gemstone, etc will fill your neckline with a touch of aesthetic beauty. You will find out 'how' in the following tips.

2.    Mix Up The Length Of Your Necklaces

moonstone necklace layering

Layering necklaces offer the chance to express your love of wearing jewelry in your own way. You can mix your necklaces according to their lengths and wear them the way your heart fancies. You can wear a choker necklace followed by a long necklace and create a splendid impression with this combination.

3.    Combine Heritage And Contemporary Necklaces

layering necklaces in sterling silver

Stacking is fun as it lets you play with fashion. If you love both antique and modern designs in jewelry, you can mix them both and create your unique and fresh style. The elements of both the necklaces will contrast each other which very few people think of doing when they want to layer necklaces.

4.    Mix And Match Metals

layer necklaces with moonstone

Pairing and layering necklaces of different metals will show the world you don't live for anyone's approval. You can make a fine combination of a rose gold necklace along with some basic silver chains. Who knows this combination will end up become your favorite look and you will fashion it whenever you need to look your best.

5.    Mix And Match Different Colors Of Gemstones

layered necklaces with rainbow moonstone

Every occasion demands a different look and a different you (only the looks). If an event requires your cool and funky look, you can pair necklaces of different gemstones and add colors of glamour to your appearance. Wearing colorful combinations like these on a plain, light-colored dress will just bring out your inner angel and give a completely new meaning to necklace layering.

6.    Emphasize On Your Middle Necklace

necklace layering

Your middle necklace will grab you most of the attention, so it is crucial for you to understand that your most premium necklaces should be in the middle. You can go with a piece of dazzling opal necklace accompanied by some simple ones on the top & bottom for a chic look.

7.    Just Be You

sterling silver layer necklaces

If you layer necklaces, it will allow you to showcase your style to the world. It is essential to understand that you should layer your necklaces the way you want, not how others are doing it. You can try what they are doing and only keep it if your heart is set. Being yourself and enhancing your natural style is better than copying anyone. You should understand what type of jewelry suits you and makes you feel confident and happy.


Necklace layering is a hot trend which is followed by every budding fashionista out there. Some people like to wear big and bold pieces of necklaces whereas some prefer small necklaces. The good thing is that layering is possible with every kind, you just need to make it work using the tips above.

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