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How To Wear Stackable Rings: 7 Expert & Practical Tips

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The feeling when someone compliments your jewelry is fantastic, and it is something that directly touches your heart. We always invest a significant amount of time in selecting rings which suit our clothes as well as our mood. History is evident of the importance rings hold. They were the fashion ornaments which graced the hands of kings and queens alike.

In this dynamic world, where new trends and styles are coming out every other month, getting used to the change is the only option. We are trying different outfits, styling tips, and grooming advice to mark our contribution towards this continually changing world. When we are matching our pace with trends, how can we forget rings? They have been a part of our tradition and wardrobe since forever. They are not mere dazzling ornaments, they are also a token of love, emotions, & richness.

Stackable rings are minimalistic and compact in size, but that is not always the case. They have provided us with the chance to wear multiple gold, rose gold, &/or silver rings, and showcase different combinations. This is the perfect place to know how you can add stackable rings in your life, wardrobe, and on your fingers. Below we have listed some tips which will surely help all those struggling with ring stacks.

How To Make Your Ring Stacks Do All The Talking?

Stacking rings is one of the hottest trends of the moment. You can use your imagination and wear multiple rings on one or different fingers. Some expert tips for wearing stackable rings will be an excellent fashion advice which will help you raise the fashion quotient of the room. It will get you compliments and appreciation from everyone, and probably a couple of followers if you flaunt them well on Instagram.

1.Mix It Up With Colors And Metals

stacking rings right

The main reason to go for stacks is to make a versatile fashion statement, and pairing rings of different colors and metals will never fail to impress. You can wear a rose gold ring along with a silver one to create an urban-luxurious ring stack, or you can wear a silver ring with a gold ring for a classique touch. It will not only make your fingers look vibrant and appealing, but it will also allow you to wear the stack with multiple dresses.

2. Plain Ring With Premium Ring

gemstone ring stacks

To add some sparkle to ring stacks, it will be wondrous if you pair a gemstone ring with a couple plain rings. The plain ring will accentuate the premium ring and provide a completely balanced look. This trend is already followed by many celebs and is also catching up with everyone else, too. You can wear a big gemstone ring along with a simple band and slay all day.

3. Thin Bands On Different Fingers

silver rings for her

If you wish that each one of your fingers should have a ring of their own, you can try wearing simple stackable rings on different fingers. It will be excellent for those women who are not comfortable wearing multiple rings on the same finger. These type of stacks look a little conventional, but they are really convenient because each finger has only one ring.

4. Don’t Forget The Other Hand

stackable silver rings

This tip is for all those who end up wearing all rings on their dominating hand, mostly right. You cannot ignore your other hand if you are aiming for an offbeat look. It is essential to wear rings on both fingers to make your hand movements look more prominent and noticeable. It will create a firm balance in your appearance and make it look more pleasing and presentable.

5. Manicure Is Important

Very basic but very essential- take care of your fingers. It is vital to trim your nails and polish them according to your outfit. Your clothes and accessories should paint a harmonious painting, and that will only happen if they all complement each other. When you are wearing ring stacks, they will definitely grab quite a lot of attention, why not make it a treat for those looking.

6. Go Heavy On Your Middle Finger Ring

gemstone ring stack

Your middle finger ring catches most of the attention compared to rings on other fingers. To make the most of this fact, wear your most prominent and designer ring on your middle finger. You can combine it with basic silver bands on your index and ring finger for a rhythmical balance.

7. Try Shapes And Designs

serling silver rings for women

There is no need to shy away from experimenting with different shapes and sizes because they all have something distinctive to offer. You can try rings with various geometric design & shapes to create a contemporary look. It will make you feel happy and forever young whatever you chose to wear it with 

Every person is different, and so are their preferences. Some like to stay traditional, while some want to explore new styles. It is essential to understand what kind of stackable rings work best for you and what combination makes you feel comfortable. We often try to copy the style of other people rather than improving our own, which results in dissatisfaction. Go with your gut (and our tips) for a ring stack so exceptional, even Meghan Markle starts following you.

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