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Celebrating International Women's Day With Your Wonder Woman

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Most of you cannot even think about sitting back at home, doing nothing for the rest of your lives. But, your ancestors (and here we are talking only about the women) were bound to do so, no matter what they wanted. They lived as the dependents of their father and, when married, their husband. But they lived a happy life, until one day a woman realized that they should be given suffrage and other public rights.

International Women's Day Gifts
Courtesy: Alisa Belochkina  (Gemstone Silver Jewelry)

This was still okay, they could yet have been convinced about the ambiguity of the idea. The primary issue arose when these women asked for the rights, equivalent to that of the men. That was the day when, for the first time, women were thinking about themselves and their rights. They realized that they are also the legal citizens of their country, and their role in choosing their leader should even matter.

International Women's Day Jewelry Gifts
Courtesy: Alisa Belochkina  (Gemstone Silver Jewelry)

Now, considering the lifestyle of a modern woman, it is unbelievable to abstain her from fundamental rights. Imagine it is the polling day, and you are not allowed to go out to cast your vote and contribute to the future of your country. Or, your loan application being rejected because the financial institutions consider you as a ‘high-risk’ investment. Or perhaps if you somehow manage to save some money, then you are not allowed to spend it the way you want. You cannot even imagine that, right..!? But your grandmother, your great grandmother, and the generations preceding them lived this as their reality.

But it never fails to amaze me that how even after all the difficulties and adverse situations, women managed to hold significant positions in great companies. How they did wonders in their life. And how they inspired a large number of other women.

Sheryl Sandberg, Virginia Rometty, Melinda Gates are some of the famous examples along with many others.

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I won’t deny the fact that women are delicate, both emotionally & physically. But, these women proved the world that they are not fragile like a flower to be crushed, but fragile like a bomb to make an explosion when mishandled.

International Women's Day Moonstone Jewelry
Courtesy: Alisa Belochkina  (Gemstone Silver Jewelry)

Not only are women excelling in their professional life, but when it comes to balancing the work-life balance, nobody can defeat a woman. Managing everything, including job, children, family, formal & informal parties, and amidst all the chaos, beautifully keeping their own identity alive is an art that women master.

None of us is uninformed about the unconditional and selfless love that every woman is filled with. The love and respect for her parents, her children, her husband, her work, and everything & everyone she is associated with is as pure as the driven snow. I bet you cannot remember a single incidence where your mother denied you something (unless you wanted to wear a cowboy suit to your Sunday church visit)

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A woman never complains about anything and embraces everything that she receives. And, whatever she gets, she nurtures it, so it blossoms and flourishes like a beautiful tulip from the fields of Netherlands. Women, with their tender hearts, are created by God to make this world a better place to live in.

International Women's Day Moonstone Rings
Courtesy: Alisa Belochkina  (Gemstone Silver Jewelry)

Considering everything, if they ask for the fundamental rights for themselves, should this even be considered a question of right and wrong..!?

Now things have changed. Thankfully..!! Currently, women are working, earning their livelihood, being given equal voting rights, and they are now living a respectful life. Not only this, they have made a whole day exclusively dedicated to the women from across the world, “8th March, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY.” In fact, it is celebrated in almost all the countries of the world in the most unique ways.

Currently, the hype is all about #IWD2020 across the world.

International Women's Day Moonstone Necklace
Courtesy: Alisa Belochkina  (Gemstone Silver Jewelry)

If we talk about an individual, then I am sure everyone must have a woman in their life who they adore and admire. And, I realized this while I was talking to one of my friends. She shared with me about the wonder woman of her life, her aunt. She said, “I was 14 years old, when my uncle passed away, leaving his son (10 years old) and my aunt to live on their own, that’s when I saw the superhero cape that my aunt wore. It always amazed me how she managed everything brilliantly. She was my first inspiration, and also my lady luck.”

International Women's Day Moonstone Earrings
Courtesy: Alisa Belochkina  (Gemstone Silver Jewelry)

It was then when I was compelled to identify the wonder woman of my life, and I ended up remembering my maternal grandmother. She was the lady who always pointed out and corrected me whenever I did something wrong or inappropriate. This included basic etiquette, my language, my body language, and everything that could have been overlooked for a 4-year-old or a 5-year-old child. It is because of her teachings, genuine feedback, and advice that I am doing wonders in my personal and professional life.

In fact, this women’s day, I am certain to gift her the most precious thing to tell her that she is matters a lot. I will gift her the Moonstone Pendant - Curious Luna that I have already selected because I believe it best compliments her personality.

Although gifts are not subject to any occasion, they only depend on your connection with the person. Still, if we get an excuse to express our love, why not utilize it in the best possible way..!!

We, at GSJ, adore the women associated with us and appreciate their tremendous efforts for making ‘Gemstone Silver Jewelry’ a huge success.

But, we don’t want to be limited to our women because we believe every woman is a wonder woman for someone. Therefore, we want to make it easier for you to buy the perfect jewelry for her.

So, when I say perfect, I not only mean the design of the jewelry but the quality of metal & stones as well. The price and even the way our materials are sourced most ethically also constitute the factors for calling our jewelry perfect.

After buying jewelry from GSJ, you will only be satisfied. And after wearing that jewelry, your wonder woman will only be joyous.

So, to make it even more convenient for you and to save you from the ‘choice paradox,’ here I am sharing with you my personal favorite pieces of jewelry -

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Thank you for reading the whole article, I hope you like it.

Now, identify the wonder woman of your life and be the one for someone else.

Be the endless source of inspiration for someone in the best possible way that you can.



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