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Is Moonstone a Messiah of Spiritual World?

Is Moonstone a Messiah of Spiritual World?

Posted on January 09 2018

Not one, not two, but moonstone is a sign of good spiritual health in a lot of religions. Be it the Greek, the Romans, the Indians, and many more, moonstone is considered the stone of gods. It represents the characteristics of gods and goddesses that include their down to earth behavior and the purity of soul. You will see monks around the world wearing moonstone. The reason is the power of moonstone, which makes the wearer free from the feeling of materialism and helps them connect with the almighty power above us all.

Moonstone And Crown Chakra

Crown chakra is the center of spiritual energy in our body, and moonstone has the positive energy that helps in removing the already present negative energy from all the chakras, especially the crown chakra. Crown chakra is present on the top of our head and if it is full of positive energies that help us see see the world in its true form. A lot of the mind’s aspects like thinking, reacting, and responding are connected to the crown chakra. It connects all these aspects to the higher power to help us think clearly and know the difference between truth and lies. This also comes with the ability to let go of the negative events so that they don’t affect us in our life.

Moonstone And Meditation

Moonstone jewelry brings inner peace and this peace is multiplied by many times if the wearer combines it with meditation. Crown chakra is affected a lot during meditation, and moonstone helps open it, let the negativity flow out, and spiritually healing energy flow in. This helps one in balancing their inner intellectual, physical, and emotional self. The astounding results will reflect in one’s life as they will adapt to changes faster and react in a calm and composed manner in extreme situations to keep the people in their lives happy. Moonstone is also used in a holistic process, which helps find out where the negative energies are lying. This process is known as radionics analysis and treatment.  No other stone holds a higher spiritual place than the moonstone because of its positive effects on the mind and body.


  • Elizabeth Hogan: May 17, 2018

    Well, I had no idea that out of all the gemstones, moonstone would become my favorite for meditation. It is a very peace-imparting stone that just soothes every speck in your body and makes you feel really light.

  • Anastasia McLoughlin: May 17, 2018

    there is no doubt that moonstone looks amazing but to know this much about it in detail just makes me want to have moonstone, and only moonstone jewelry, nothing else.

  • Jenny Fernandes: May 17, 2018

    Well, I’m speechless. Couldn’t have imagined what secrets this gem would be holding in itself. It’s so enlightening to know what I am wearing is so much more than just a good-looking mineral.

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