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Jewelry Styles That Can Make You The Office Fashionista

Posted on July 01 2018

When you hear the word ‘office,’ the first thing that comes to our minds is boring. But, what if your office doesn’t necessarily have to be boring? What if there was a way to make daily life activities a little more interesting? Well, there is, and that way is called ‘change,’ We have read it everywhere that ‘change is the only constant,’ but what does this statement actually mean? It means that those who keep changing things in their lives keep their lives interesting, and things moving more swiftly than those who have become used to the monotonous lifestyles. Same applies in the jewelry department. If you wear the same jewelry every day, you will be bored looking at it, and so will the people around you. So, to keep things fresh, you must shuffle between jewelry styles, and that’s how you might receive the crown of the ‘office fashionista’ when people will see you in different jewelry every day and notice that you really have a great fashion sense. To be able to do that and not go bankrupt, you will have to look into silver jewelry because it is very affordable and non-allergic to most. You can look into other types of jewelry with gemstones, like moonstone rings, garnet necklaces, peridot pendants, etc. Let’s take a deep look into jewelry that you can wear in the office and become the office fashionista.

Jewelry Ideas To Rock The Boring Office Look

You already know that you need to keep the change coming in if you want to look different every day in the office, but how? This is the big question and it is answered by Olivia Cruz, who is our star stylist and one of the persons behind the success of our jewelry brand. She says that wearing everything in moderation is the best you can do when you want to look different every day. A good dressing sense and make up sense will add on to the overall demeanor. It will not only make you look more attractive and fresh, it will also make you feel confident from within. You can lay the jewelry in your jewelry box according to the days of the week and keep some items in a separate box that can be used on the days you are feeling more creative. You can do this, or you can just make different sets of jewelry items for different days and wear them according to the dress you are wearing on that day. There are so many ways to shuffle jewelry, but which jewelry? Which are the best jewelry pieces you can wear on a daily basis? Let us take a look at some of them below.

Jewelry For Everyday Rejoice

There are jewelry items you can wear on occasions, there are some that you can wear daily, and then there are the ones you can wear whenever and wherever you want. We will divide the jewelry according to how you are feeling on a particular day. There will be three categories, let’s take a look.

1. “Top Of The World”

These are the days you know you are going to make a difference. These usually come once in a while when you are feeling just wonderful because of some reason, and that reason could be anything. The thing that matters is that you are having the time of your life and you deserve to wear jewelry according to your mood. Let’s look at some pieces that will make you feel even better on these days.


Just because you are feeling on top of the world, the jewelry selection for you has been kept sterling silver moonstone jewelry. Every jewelry item will complement each other in many ways as they are all sterling silver, have a round moonstone, and are made to feel you like a goddess because moonstone has unreal qualities that make a person calmer and wiser. It’s a win-win situation.

2. “All Good, Like Everyday”

It is a Tuesday, nothing special is happening, you don’t have a reason to be happier than a usual day, and you know it is going to be a slow day at the office because Tuesdays are like that. These are the days you want to wear something subtle, and yet interesting because your clothes and accessories are the only things getting interesting on a Tuesday. You should always keep experimenting with clothes at work, keeping in mind the professional dress code, of course. And this experimenting should continue with jewelry too. Let us take a look at how you can do it.

You will see that this set of jewelry doesn’t have any gemstone. The reason behind this is very simple, when there is nothing special happening around you, you will also not want to look exotic among the other people in your office. But, don’t fool yourself into thinking that it means wearing boring jewelry, it simply means you will wear jewelry that is different and has the ability to make you stand out in a very subtle way. The sterling silver ring and healing chakra designs is something very few people in your office must’ve seen together. Wear this combination and let them know who you are.

3. “Not Today, Please”

Every day is not Sunday, and this fact applies everywhere. You are bound to have a hard time at your workplace once in every few days or weeks. This doesn't necessarily mean you don’t like your workplace, it just means that it’s not your day. You will know at the beginning of the day itself how it is going to be for you, and if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. There’s no escaping such days, but you can make them a little brighter with some exceptional jewels. These are the days you need the most change, so we will move over gold and silver, and explore some rose gold overlay on silver to keep things interesting and pocket-friendly. Let us look at some pictures to find out the jewelry that will be perfect for such days.

You will see that with these healing chakra designs for your jewelry, you will make even the most boring and dreaded days delightful, or at least bearable. These healing chakra silver jewelry pieces with rose gold overlay are something that everyone should have because they represent the crown chakra, the king of chakras in our body. It reminds one of the great achievements they have had and how a bad or slow day doesn’t mean everything coming after it will be bad. There’s always calm after the storm, that’s when the healing begins, and for that, you need healing jewelry.

This guide will help you get ready for every kind of day for office and the good thing is that you can wear this jewelry outside the office, no problem. It features designs that are unique, which means it will be appreciated everywhere. Let us end here with some more jewelry designs that you can mix and match with each other to create your own look. There is no rule in particular to match these jewelry items, just go with your gut and wear whatever feels right. Because, after all, it is your day and you gotta seize it, ‘Carpe Diem.’


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