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Labor Day: Fine Opal Jewelry To Make Everyone Happy

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Labor Day is a special day dedicated to all those people who are responsible for the growth of any organization; Employees. It is celebrated to respect and appreciate all working men and women in the United States since 1894. This federal holiday is observed on the first Monday of September & it provides the employees with the last chance to take a trip before summer ends and their kids go back to school. People like to bid goodbye to summers by spending their time with their closed ones and making the best of their holidays. Music festivals, picnic with family and friends, outdoor barbecues, etc., has become shared interest of the masses.

Ours is a country where people work for more hours than many European nations. In such a busy schedule, a holiday, like labor day, becomes quite necessary. We are sure you have already planned many things for the labor day weekend, but have you thought about what outfit are you going to wear? What jewelry items will complement that outfit? How will you make your Instagram stories chic with your appearance? Well, we have sorted out the jewelry part, and we hope you love our choice of jewelry for Labor Day.

Opal Jewelry For Labor Day 2019

Opal is one of the most dominant October birthstones, which is also known as the queen of gems. The reason which makes it the queen is simple; it contains many colors from other gemstones and combines them in a vivid fashion. Its shine and beauty are worth appreciating whether you are a gemstone lover or not. Our opal necklaces, earrings, and rings have an elegance that helps them complement anything you choose to wear. Below, we have selected some dazzling pieces of opal jewelry which can take your style and charisma game to a whole other level.

5 Fantastic Opal Jewelry Items For Women 

Opal can make everyone crazy with its peculiarities and shine. It is more than just a jewel accessory which has got mystical powers which can uplift the aura of its wearers and make them more calm and positive thinker.

1.   Opal Ring ‘Vibrance’

Opal in round shape on this ring can provide a mature and sophisticated experience. Surrounded by Cubic Zirconia gemstones, it looks more luxurious and appealing than a more straightforward ring. The forever spark of this ring will not only complement your dainty fingers but provide a dream look to you, which will be etched in your heart, forever.

2.   Opal Earrings ‘Bijoux’

These triangular opal studs will let you dance to your rhythm at the concerts & give you a pleasing appearance while you’re rocking & hopping. Because they are pretty petite, you can also include it as a jewel option for your corporate attire. This delicate opal ring, outlined by CZ gemstones is enough to grab anyone’s attention. You can easily carry them in a small jewelry pouch and carry them in your purse.

3.    Opal Necklace ‘Floralia’

A flower can never fail to make a girl happy. With this floral opal necklace, make your every day beautiful just like a blossomed flower. With little CZ gems on petals, it looks pretty organic yet so chic. You can pair it with any of your outfits, and because it is pure 925 sterling silver jewelry item, which means no tarnishing in regular use. It will not only make an excellent accessory for your Labor Day celebration but many more upcoming occasions, as well.

4.   Opal Ring ‘Insight’

If you don’t shy away from artistic and unique jewelry, this opal ring deserves to be in your jewelry box because it has the ability to fill the day with beautiful colors. This small opal ring with CZ gemstones makes a noticeable difference in your whole look that will make them want to keep admiring your choice. No matter what dress you wear and what plans you have set for your day out, this is the ring to wear.

5. Opal Earrings’ Tradition’

Just like the morning rays of the sun, these earrings with a sun-like design will make you look like an epitome of positivity. With every ray containing one CZ gemstone, these opal studs will make everyone fall in love with your jewelry collection. They will make every morning delightful and filled with positive energy.


Labor Day is almost here, and we know you’re excited to spend well-deserved time with your friends & family. These jewels will be your unforgettable partner, not only on Labor Day but other occasions as well. If you are looking to explore a massive range of opal jewelry items, follow Gemstone Silver Jewelry on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and never miss anything.

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