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5 Beautiful Pieces Of Moonstone Jewelry To Buy This Mother's Day.

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"Your mother is one of the most special persons in our life."

Despite the selfless love and care, Mother's Day is celebrated just once a year. But don't you think they deserve to be celebrated every day!?

She is the woman who spends almost a quarter of her life, raising her kids in a way that they become good human beings & preparing them for every walk of life. She's your exclusive and permanent cheerleader, never letting your smallest achievements go unnoticed. She is ready to take on the world for you in a jiffy.

While this may sometimes drive us crazy, she always has our best interests at heart.

So on this mother's day, let us take a moment to acknowledge & appreciate her endless & valuable efforts. Let's make her feel special in a way that she truly deserves. It's not at all a daunting task. A mere phone call or a hug, or something as unique as saying "I love you," will bring a smile on your mother's face.

Especially on mother's day, we have the opportunity as well as the excuse to put in some extra efforts. So, this mother's day lets show a little extra love and make her a little happier. Let's show our appreciation in a way she had never imagined and let her know that she raised us right.

We can take her out or get her a gift, like a leather handbag, or a moonstone ring, or maybe a bracelet. Anything with the pure intention of showing love will do wonders.

Although you can do whatever you want, if you considering the idea of gifting her moonstone jewelry, this article is worth your time. Even if you are thinking of something else, I prefer reading it to get the idea of moonstone jewelry.

Before reaching the end, you will realize how moonstone jewelry curated with love is the perfect gift for your mother or any woman in your life. And I am not just saying this because of the eternal love of women for jewelry, but the reasons are way more profound and divine.

Moonstone Is Love And Magic In A Stone.

Love And Magic In A Stone

Moonstone is not only a beautiful and magical gemstone, but it is evident in history that it is much more than that. It is believed to have a direct & tangible connection with the powers of the Moon. Hence, it is used as an amulet of protection for travelers and gypsies.

Also, lovers exchange moonstone rings as a token of love and passion. Apart from that, it enlightens the path of wisdom & channel for prophecy. Our bond with the Moon has always been powerful.

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The waxing and waning of Moon in cyclic patterns control the tides of the ocean and rhythms of our Mother Earth, thus influencing our behaviors, emotions, and spiritual growth. Similarly, Moonstone calms and encourages our moods, connecting us to the natural rhythms of life.

Already fascinated! Well, keep reading to find out why it is the perfect gift for your mother this mother's day.

Moonstone Is The Piece Of Moon.

Moonstone Is The Piece Of Moon

When you hear 'Moonstone,' what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Moon!? Gemstone!? Something resembling the Moon!? Or anything else!? Well, let's explore.

It is called Moonstone because of its appearance and its qualities that it can impart to the wearer. It is believed that Moonstone can make a person calmer and wiser if worn regularly. These are also some of the many qualities of the Moon. Isn't it!?

It is a very spiritually uplifting feeling wearing a moonstone because of its talismanic qualities. The appearance is almost similar to the Moon with the milky white base and blue fire.

The inclusions or imperfections only add up to the beauty. When it comes to gifting Moonstone to your mother, you should know that there is a very peculiar reason behind this. Moonstone is becoming very popular among women because of the positivity it reflects.

Along with that, it can bring out the long lost emotions that were subdued because of the responsibilities and busy schedules.

It's a great way to tell your mother that you love her and want to thank her for making you emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Moonstone is also an excellent gemstone for the reproductive health of women.

If you live far away from your mother, you can both keep a moonstone with yourselves, and it will help you maintain the love and bond that seems to be faded because of the distance.

Moonstone Jewelry For This Mother's Day

There are so many reasons why you should be gifting your mother moonstone silver jewelry this year. The sheer beauty of this gemstone is undoubtedly the one, right?

Read further to find out the moonstone jewelry that would be perfect for gifting your mother.

Moonstone Ring - Infinity Karma

Moonstone Ring - Infinity Karma

When you think of a gift for your mother, you think of something sensible, simple, and of course, beautiful. This ring has been correctly named because of the infinity signs around the Moonstone.

They not only provide an exceptional appearance but also depicts your infinite love and bond with your mom. This ring comes under healing crystal jewelry, and it is a very potent one at that. It can be worn for the divine and angelic protection.

Moonstone Ring - Lusting Light

Moonstone Ring - Lusting Light

Moonstone rings cannot come more delightfully than this. If your mother has a sense of fashion that is more on the modern side and if she likes to follow fashion trends by always trying on new things, then she will love this one.

The oval-shaped cabochon Moonstone reflects every ray of light that falls on it, in different shades of blue and purple to give this ring a very mystical look. All those colors make beautiful rainbow-like patterns on the Moonstone that is enhanced by its big size.

It will definitely become one of her favorite rings because there is no reason not to love it. 

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Moonstone Earrings - Sun and Moon

Moonstone Earrings - Sun and Moon

A gift for your mother calls for something that she can really appreciate. These sun and moon earrings are really something that she can dream of. The unified Sun and Moon are handcrafted to contrive these moonstone earrings to give them a cosmic appearance.

Just as the Moon shines bright with the help of the Sun, the Moonstone will also help you shine bright and liberate you from all negative energies surrounding you. 

Moonstone Pendant - Lunar Will

Moonstone Pendant - Lunar Will

The earrings featured above are precisely the same design as this pendant. It will make a great pair to gift them both to your mother because then she can flaunt them together.

It is always a bliss to be able to find the same designs because gifting just one pendant may not sound very interesting. But, pairing them with matching earrings make for an excellent gift.

A sterling silver chain along with this moonstone pendant can also be gifted to complete the whole gifting experience. 

Moonstone Bracelet - Peeping Apollo

Moonstone Bracelet - Peeping Apollo

Your mother deserves the best because she has always thought the same for you. So, instead of gifting her, something that looks only amazing on her, this mother's day gift her something that is also meaningful. And saying that isn't it a great idea to gift her this moonstone bracelet!

Imagine, if one moonstone is capable of doing wonders, what would be the impact of eleven of them! They have been cut into the shape of an eye and arranged using a sterling silver setting and links. It is a solid piece because of the use of 925 sterling silver, rather than the usual silver.

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So, now you know what to get your mother this mother's day...!

As we know that a little jewelry never harms, and when it is everything that your mom wants, then why not gift the same...!

We hope this year you surprise your mom like never before.


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