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The Ultimate Guide To Moonstone - Meaning, Benefits, And Uses.


Moonstone is a semi-precious gemstone that has been used by people from across the world (especially the ones following bohemian culture) since early ages. You'll be surprised to know that the aesthetic appeal of this gemstone isn't the only reason.

Then why our ancestors cherished moonstone..!? Why did they worship it..!? And, why did they always keep the moonstone physically close to them..!?

In this blog post, you'll get all the answers with the help of parables, anecdotes, and reasons to understand everything in a better way.

Here, we will be discussing the divine and spiritual moonstone meaning followed by the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical benefits that it provides to its wearers. And, we'll conclude by knowing unbelievably different ways in which it can be used.

Origin - Where Do Moonstones Come From?

Before talking about moonstone powers, its qualities, benefits, and uses, I want you to know the best quality moonstones origin.

I am deliberately putting this information at the beginning. After reading this blog, I am sure you will not be able to resist buying a moonstone jewelry piece (even if you already have one.) And if you will do that, then why not go for the best quality!

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India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Finland, Austria, Madagascar, Norway, Switzerland, Mexico, Tanzania, and Virginia are home to the best quality moonstones. Out of these places, Sri Lanka has the most exquisite quality blue moonstone with transparent sheen.

Initially, the premium quality moonstone was found in Myanmar. As the gemstone gained its popularity, eventually, the whole area was ripped off of it. Now, there are no reserves as all the moonstone has already been mined.

What is a moonstone? What is a moonstone?

Meaning - What Is A Moonstone?

Moonstone is a gemstone that is considered beneficial whenever you're starting something new in your life, the apparent reason for its popularity as 'the stone of new beginnings.'

The new things that I'm referring to here can be events, businesses, or even starting high school or merely a new year.

Can you believe that a part of the ancient Greek and Roman community thought that moonstone is made from the moonbeams that fell on the earth's surface and froze!? Thankfully, there were still some of them who denied believing this. But, the people who rejected this notion thought that it is formed from the actual pieces of the moon (faith makes people assume strange things..!!).

But you don't worry, you'll get to know the actual process through which it is created by mother nature.

Just because moonstone is not the actual piece of the moon that fell on us never means that it does not possess the qualities of the moon.

The healing powers of moonstone, the behavioral patterns, and many other things can be connected with that of the calmest celestial body, the moon (more details on this in further sections).

One of the most renowned moonstones' uses is contriving moonstone jewelry that includes moonstone rings , necklaces, bracelets, and even moonstone pendants . Although there are other uses as well, which we will discuss later in the blog.

Benefits - What Is A Moonstone Used For? Benefits - What Is A Moonstone Used For?

Benefits - What Is A Moonstone Used For?

There are many benefits of wearing a moonstone that can be categorized as emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.

So, let us begin with different areas of benefits of wearing a moonstone.

  1. Physical Benefits
    • ⮚ Strength

    Wearing a moonstone helps the wearer in building and maintaining physical strength. To all the people who are the advocates of gyms, I am not denying the importance of physical exercise here. All I'm saying is that wearing moonstone will work as a catalyst in the strength-building process. Apart from this, it'll also help in maintaining the achieved results.

    • ⮚ Ease Childbirth Process

    It is believed that the moonstone's vibrations match with that of the expecting mother and the unborn child. This helps ease the whole process of childbirth and promotes the good health of the unborn or the infant. Also, it allows women to conceive easily.

    Thus, it can be said that wearing moonstone will be helpful from beginning to end in the process of becoming a mother.

    • ⮚ Safe Travel

    This may feel absurd when you first read it, and I am absolutely okay with that. Even I had believed the talisman of moonstone when I experienced it.

    Moonstone is supposed to keep the wearer safe whenever she travels to the places affected by evil spirits and negative energies. This happens because of the positive vibes attracted and released by this gemstone.

  2. Emotional Benefits
    • ⮚ Emotional Stability

    This is the one thing that we all need on priority. All of us encounter situations that test our patience and take us through the roller coaster of moods.

    Here wearing the moonstone helps stabilize the negative emotions tremendously, thus helping you lead a healthy, happy, and stable life.

    • ⮚ Enhance Love

    Moonstone is a gemstone that will make you love your moonstone jewelry and enhance your innate capability to love other people and things as well.

    Humans have been created to love, but with time we have developed other negative emotions that were not expected from us. So, moonstone will help you bring your core emotion, i.e., love to the surface.

    • ⮚ Promotes Unselfishness

    Being able to be free from the feeling of selfishness is a bliss! Once you do something for someone and the happiness you see on her face gives you a sense of satisfaction.

    This is precisely the feeling you get when you become unselfish. Moonstone plays a very prominent role in promoting this kind of behavior, which will ultimately enhance your peace of mind.

    Mental Benefits Of Moonstone Mental Benefits Of Moonstone
  3. Mental Benefits
    • ⮚ Stress Relief

    Stress has become an integral part of our lifestyle. And if I can get any remedy to reduce this stress apart from eating pills, I will, without a second thought, grab it. For me, that remedy is 'moonstone jewelry.'

    I do not know how much it affects the lifestyle, but it is sure to be my guiding light when dealing with unbearable stress (work or otherwise).

    • ⮚ Calmness

    This benefit is actually related to the preceding one. It is evident that if you are not stressed, then you will be at peace. The energies and vibrations of moonstone resonate with that of the wearer and promote calmness.

    We all know if we are calm, then we are in a condition to make better decisions, thus improving our productivity (saying from personal experience).

    • ⮚ Promotes Happiness

    It is said that most of our emotions are interconnected. This is true here as well. As mentioned above, if you are stress-free, you will be calm, which will make you productive. And if everything will fall in place, then you will automatically be happy.

    So you can reap all these benefits and live a cherished life just by wearing moonstone jewelry, which BTW also makes you look lovely.

  4. Spiritual Benefits
    • ⮚ Intuition

    Moonstone makes your intuition game right. I'm not saying that you will be able to predict the future right after you start wearing moonstone, all I am saying is that you will develop a strong sixth sense with time.

    And, just FYI, ancient fortune tellers used a moonstone crystal ball to predict the future. So, we can safely assume that this makes some sense.

    • ⮚ Good Fortune

    It is pretty evident that if the energies & vibrations of moonstone can be responsible for so many benefits, then it can bring good luck to the wearer.

    A happy soul will instinctively attract all the positive vibes of the universe. Thus, it'll promote a good fortune for her.

    • ⮚ Spiritual Insights

    Wearing a moonstone embedded jewelry piece will help you get a better idea of the matters related to spiritual and mental well being. This will help you understand things better, therefore having your own perspective rather than following what everyone else is doing.

    Moonstone gives a new slant to the wearer. This moonstone meaning or intention will add meaning to your life.

    These were a few ways a moonstone can help you, but wearing moonstone jewelry is not the only way to get all the benefits. There are other ways too. But before discussing them, let's look at some of the additional benefits of wearing a moonstone.

Additional Benefits Of Moonstone Additional Benefits Of Moonstone

Additional Benefits

Moonstone is blessed with many qualities, big and small, and here, I will be talking about all of them, which have been left in the previous section only for you.

  1. Makes Beginnings Beautiful

    As already mentioned above, the moonstone is the stone of new beginnings. And keeping a moonstone on my writing desk while starting this blog post has helped me tremendously to overcome the condition of 'writer's block.' That was enough for me to believe that a moonstone actually makes beginnings beautiful (and in my case, convenient).

  2. Nurturing Your Soul

    Moonstone has the vibrations that complement the energies of each individual. This is why it is the gemstone that nurtures your soul and promotes a fulfilling feeling from within.

    It feeds the soul of the wearer with all the positive energies and vibes of the universe. They are attracted and concentrated on the moonstone, thus resonating with the strengths of the wearer. This is one of the most fascinating moonstone powers, along with many others.

  3. Mothering The Wearer

    The moonstone is believed to have a mothering nature. Thus, it proves to be of great help when it comes to matters related to conceiving the child, giving birth, and raising kids.

    I am not superstitious, but when my best friend told me that wearing a moonstone ring helped her conceive, I've started to believe it. By the way, she is the senior marketing manager at GSJ. Moreover, it looks gorgeous on her.

  4. Empathetic Gemstone

    Moonstone complements the energies of everyone. It clearly shows that it understands the vibe and aura of each individual, feels theirs, and shapes itself accordingly to provide the maximum benefit

    Most of the employees of GSJ wear a moonstone ring. We all have different zodiacs, names, families, and problems to deal with. But, surprisingly, we all are doing fabulous in our personal and professional lives.

    I am not saying it is because of the moonstone, But sometimes I just wonder, can it be because of that!?

    These are the qualities that the moonstone possesses. If you wear a moonstone necklace or any moonstone embedded jewel already, I am sure that after reading this, you have started noticing all of them.

Ways To Use A Moonstone

Here, I am mentioning some of the most fascinating ways to use moonstone to provide the maximum benefits.

  1. Keep a moonstone in contact with your skin while practicing meditation and yoga to make it work as a catalyst in the process.
  2. Soak moonstone in water and place it under moonlight on a full moon night. Drink the moonstone infused water in the morning (do not forget to take the moonstone out if you do not want to choke on it).
  3. Keep moonstone in different corners of your house to attract positive energy from each direction.
  4. The most obvious way, wear dazzling moonstone jewelry to get the benefits while also looking beautiful at the same time.

Now, I leave it on you to decide how you want to use the moonstone.

This was all that was promised. But I believe in delivering more than what's promised. So here is some more information regarding the formation and aesthetics of moonstone.

Formation - How Moonstone Is Formed?

Moonstone is a semi-precious gemstone that is basically a mineral formed below the earth's crust. This happens when two different natural minerals, namely orthoclase, and albite, are mixed due to the heat and pressure beneath the surface. They are then cooled and parted but still stuck to each other forming layers.

The whole process takes place naturally. These layers are the reason for the mesmerizing play of colors (adularescence) of moonstone.

Aesthetics - Colors Of Moonstone Aesthetics - Colors Of Moonstone

Aesthetics - Colors Of Moonstone

Moonstone meaning, origin, and everything else is one thing. Still, I believe that it is equally essential for you to be aware of the different colors of moonstone available in the market.

Blue, rainbow, pink, black, brown, peach, green, and gray are the standard colors in which the moonstone is available. However, the most popular ones are the blue and rainbow moonstones that are majorly found in Sri Lanka and India.

So, here I have mentioned everything about moonstone that you possibly want to know.

You now know how wearing gorgeous moonstone jewelry will make you look fabulous and help you get in good shape, mentally and physically. This will also change your approach towards life and turn fortunes in your favor.

Most importantly, you are well aware that the moonstone is neither made up of the hardened moonbeams nor the moon's pieces.

I appreciate your cravings for the knowledge about moonstone. I hope this blog post helped you get most of your answers about moonstone meaning and other things.

If you liked this, then you’ll certainly love to know how moonstone is a mythological legend where you get to know various moonstone beliefs associated with different prominent cultures.

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