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Moonstone Meaning

Moonstone Meaning

Posted on September 12 2018

(A Moon Child's Perspective)


Beautiful & Divine Moonstone

Moonstone resembles the night sky with aurora lights waltzing through the clouds in various colors. It is a sight that can make even the most heartless fall in love with the sheer brilliance it exhibits. The same iridescence is held by the moonstone, and it becomes visible when it meets the light. It feels like the whole aurora sky is squeezed to fit in one crystal. This sounds like the work of some really divine power that makes the moonstone so sacred that monks have worn it to cleanse their aura, and to remove negative thoughts from their mind. Such a powerful stone must really be unique and have a story behind it, right? Let us find out then.

What Is Moonstone?

Moonstone is the embodiment of the moon’s qualities in a gem that is said to have formed on earth through hardened moonbeams. It contains the blessings of various moon goddesses from various religions, like Diana, Selene, Nyx, etc. They are the goddesses of the moon, and people have been wearing moonstone in their honor for hundreds of years. So, what is it that moonstone does, apart from shining bright in various beautiful colors, that makes so many people captivated? It provides a sense of tranquility and wisdom, which are synonymous with the moon’s character. It helps travelers avoid dangers in the night when they visit the woods, or any place that may seem a little threatening. It balances the chakras and makes them function perfectly for overall well-being. The list can go on and on, but let us first look into ‘where did this gemstone actually come from.’

Its Source

Moonstones, which are also the june birthstones,  have been worn as ornaments and jewelry for hundreds of years, if not thousands. They were made famous in the Art Nouveau period by a French Goldsmith. Since then, all the jewelers have been making jewelry with moonstone. The origin of this gem is unknown, but the oldest known mining was recorded at Mount Adular in Switzerland. This is where moonstone gets a name for its unique iridescence, known as “Adularescence.” It is the exceptional quality of moonstone that reflects white light in various hues of green, blue, violet, etc. Today, they are usually mined in India and Sri Lanka. While Indian moonstone mines are famous for rainbow moonstones, which reflect the light in various colors, Sri Lankan moonstones reflect the light in blue color only. These feldspars are available in multiple colors around the world, like peach, gray, pink, green, yellow, brown, etc. But, the most popular ones are rainbow moonstone and blue moonstone because of their exceptional sheen.

Its Magical Powers

Moonstone is not just appearance; it is also the gemstone that has made millions its followers because of the metaphysical properties it has, hidden behind its mesmerizing presence. These followers are known as moonchildren who were originally the moon’s followers. Every moonchild will choose moonstones over diamonds because of its healing powers, let us see what are those powers.

1. All

Everyone can be helped by moonstone as there are some qualities which can be of enormous importance for all. Travelers can stay protected and blessed with moon’s safeguarding and nurturing hands, especially in the night and in unpredictable situations. Anyone with low self-confidence or bad decision making can use moonstone to become more calm and wise as moonstone holds moon’s qualities that are slowly transferred into the person wearing moonstone jewelry or keeping a moonstone always by their side. Moonstones are also very beneficial to keep your crown chakra, the chakra of higher connection and divine power, balanced and functioning properly. This helps in relieving stress and anxiety which may have crept up in your life slowly and become a part of it.

2. Women

Women can reap the most benefits out of moonstones because it complements their loving and nurturing character. It is a gemstone that can help a woman ease through menstrual cramps and related pain. It can also decrease uneasiness and agony during pregnancy and childbirth. Moonstone is the gems every woman should wear as it helps in regaining the touch with their absolute feminine side, which may have been lost for some reason. It makes mothers more loving and kind as this gemstone is known for releasing love in every direction.

3. Elderly

Moonstone is known to slow down the degeneration of organs in elderly that makes them live a longer and healthier life. It also reduces fluid retention, which can be a big relief to all those suffering from it.

4. Children

Moonstone is known to enhance creativity, which is required the most in the early stages of life by everyone. It is also suggested to artists because they need to stay creative all their life. Moonstones also help in better knowledge retention. This can help children perform better academically.


It is said that moonstone is the gem that can make all the other gemstones look bleak, not just because of the appearance, but also because of the powers it holds. These powers are all provided to it by the moon, which is the reason why moonstone is known as the moon’s own gem.

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