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October Birthstone: All You Need To Know About Opal Birthstone

Do birthstones and other magical things fascinate you! Some call it superstitious, while the others follow these concepts religiously

After reading this blog post, you’ll know everything about opal gemstone - the birthstone of October.So, let’s learn all that you need about Opal birthstone and birthstones in general.

What Is A Birthstone? What Is A Birthstone?

What Is A Birthstone?

A particular gemstone is designated as the birthstone for each month by the ancient people. This is done by considering the astrological connections between the energies and vibrations of these gemstones and stars & planets' positions every month.

These birthstones are unique for every month because of the uniqueness of the constellations and position of the celestial bodies. However, they're common for all the people born in the same month. For example, garnet is the January birthstone, and Opal is the October birthstone.

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Despite the individual energies that any person carries, some portion is common for people born in the same month. The same also applies to the people sharing the same zodiacs.

Twelve is the key number here. There are 12 months in a year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 constellations, and even 12 primary birthstones.

How Can Birthstones Benefit The Wearer? How Can Birthstones Benefit The Wearer?

How Can Birthstones Benefit The Wearer?

As mentioned above, the birthstones possess their specific energies and vibrations. These powers resonate with that of the wearer, which will create a positive aura around her. Everything in the universe has vibrations. All the matter behaves like particle or wave depending on the frequency of these vibrations.

The energies that resonate with that of the other things or beings make them compatible. These things cover each other's imperfections to a great extent, thus making them nearly perfect individually. This is precisely how opal birthstone works for the people born in October, the opal birthstone month.

You don't have the check these birthstones' compatibility with yourself. If you're born in the month of any birthstone, then these birthstones are bound to do good to you!

All Months Birthstones All Months Birthstones

What Are The Traditional Birthstones For Every Month?

Here's the list of original birthstones:

  1. Garnet – January
  2. Amethyst – February
  3. Aquamarine – March
  4. Diamond – April
  5. Emerald – May
  6. Pearl – June
  7. Ruby – July
  8. Peridot – August
  9. Sapphire – September
  10. Opal – October
  11. Topaz – November
  12. Tanzanite – December

Now, we know the birthstones of every month, here, we'll talk about the October birthstone – OPAL.

Opal Birthstone Facts And Geophysical Properties Opal Birthstone Facts And Geophysical Properties

Opal Birthstone Facts And Geophysical Properties

Opal gemstones contain a certain amount of water that gets in during the process of stone formation. The water molecules get trapped in the rock's crevices, which is responsible for its water content.

It can be 3 to 21% by weight, but by composition, it remains somewhere between 6 to 10%. However, some people misunderstand this phenomenon and think that soaking in water enhances Ethiopian opal gemstones' life by filling up cracks. Some others believe that doing the same with any light oil will improve the opal gemstone's appearance. However, one of the October birthstone facts is that it will do nothing more than making it oily. And It'll attract dust particles to stick to it and look dirty. This will also make it prone to scratches and other defects. In some extreme cases, it loosens the grip of the gemstone from the setting.

The opal gemstone is made up of water and silica, which is the mineral found in glass. This is perhaps the reason it is said that opals have nearly the same hardness as the glass. It's from 5.6 to 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is also suggested to assume that you're wearing a glass item to understand what you should and shouldn't do while wearing opal jewelry.

Genuine opal gemstones have the perfect hardness, which makes them idle to create designer jewelry with whatever cut is required. It's only suggested to not wear your opal jewelry while doing anything that requires physical labor.

The famous phenomenon called the play of colors in the opal gemstone happens due to the diffraction of light falling on it caused by silica particles' arrangement. The better they are placed, the better will be the play of colors. This is sometimes also called 'the fire of opal.'

Opal is one of the few gemstones given the precious stones' designation along with diamonds and rubies. This gemstone comes in many different and beautiful colors like transparent, white, pink, yellow, grey, orange, green, black, brown, to name a few. The most famous and preferred one is the white Ethiopian Opal because it makes a brilliant canvas for its fire. Also, it is most widely available, thus the most economical variety of Opal.

Initially, Opal gemstones were found in Australia, and Australian opals were considered the most authentic ones. Now, genuine opals are also sources from Ethiopia. Ethiopian opals are to the gem experts what Australian opals were earlier.

Ethiopian Opal Magical Properties And Aesthetics Ethiopian Opal Magical Properties And Aesthetics

Ethiopian Opal Magical Properties And Aesthetics

Opal gemstone is called the 'queen of all gemstones.' It has been given this designation because of the beauty it is. It is also famous as the 'gemstone of love' because of its believed magical properties that bring the two lovers near.

For people who face emotional instability, opal gemstone works like magic. Along with bringing emotional stability, it enhances the bearer's mood, which is helpful for those who cannot articulate their feelings nicely.

However, lucky for everyone who keeps it in direct contact with their body, opal birthstone is biased for the people born in October, the opal birthstone month. Its energies and vibrations resonate with that of the people born in the same month.

But, all the non-October people can still get the benefits of wearing this gemstone if their zodiac is either Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, or Pieces. If the person is none of the above, they can still wear this gemstone. Wearing an Ethiopian opal ring or any other jewelry will enhance creativity, bringing the wearer's true self to the surface.

Being the gemstone that enhances love, Opal reduces the negative emotions associated with anger and helps the wearer to claim her self worth.

In some ancient cultures, it was believed that Opal is the gemstone born from the massive thunderstorms, and the beautiful play of colors is the result of the trapped lightning. Some traditional people still believe this.

Opal gemstone has a vibrant and somewhat controversial history. Some people believed it to be an auspicious gemstone and always wore an opal ornament around their neck or wrist because of its accepted magical properties. While there were some others, who believe it to be a symbol of bad luck. They cursed the gemstone to the extent that if they saw Opal among other things kept for sale, they refused to buy anything from that lot.

It can be said that this gemstone had faced the extreme reactions of people. But after all these years, after removing all the nasty tags associated with it, it has emerged as one of the most sought after gemstone among the jewelry lovers and gem collectors.

Now, Opal is valued not only for its magical properties but for the aesthetics as well.

Opal Gemstone And Jewelry Opal Gemstone And Jewelry

Opal Gemstone And Jewelry

In modern times, opal birthstone jewelry is widely popular, and not only women but men also wear opal jewelry. But, to reach this level, opal gemstone jewelry had gone through so many ups and downs. It lost its reputation because of some rumors and gained it back after many meaningful and influential activities.

Although it wasn't intended, Sir Walter Scott's book 'Anne of Geierstein' defamed Opal. This happened due to the opal ornament wore by the protagonist, who happens to be cursed. So people started relating it to the black magic. The sale of opal gemstone declined to the extent that it couldn't recover for another twenty years. Wearing opal jewelry was considered extraordinarily unlucky, and nobody, at that time, used opals as gifts. The opal merchants had to sacrifice their choices.

It regained its reputation in 1870 when queen Victoria herself wore opal jewelry to negate the gemstone's superstitions. She didn't stop there, but she presented opal birthstone gifts to her daughters and close friends to make the belief stronger. From then on, Opal started gaining its long lost popularity and deserved respect again.

Fast forward to today, Opal is one of the most sought after gemstone. The beauty of Opal is capable of capturing the attention of anyone catching its sight. Opal is now used to make almost every type of jewelry and ornaments. Opal birthstone gifts are becoming popular, including an opal birthstone necklace for mom. And it is now given the royal status.

You can find at least one opal birthstone ring, opal birthstone earrings, or any other opal birthstone jewelry item with the people born in October. Accessory lovers are another type of people who will have at least one piece of opal jewelry with them.

Opal jewelry goes well with every occasion and every outfit. If you carry it nicely, it will add a thousand stars to your appearance, but if not, it'll not do anything terrible, but don't even expect the good.

So that was all about the birthstone of October, i.e., OPAL. Now you know everything you need to know about this gemstone, whether you're born in October or not.

The saying, 'don't wait for the right time, take the time and make it right' holds absolutely true in getting some opal jewelry.

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