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Opal vs. Moonstone: How They Uplift Your Spirit

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It will be a difficult task to find a woman who isn't fascinated with gemstones. Women always go gaga over gems that bring colors of beauty to their lives. The shine of gemstones compliments the bright and beautiful personality of a woman, which is hard to forget and difficult to ignore by anyone. Every gem has something to offer to its wearers; therefore, people choose them according to their preference and birthstone.

An Old Debate Among Jewelers

Any debate or discussion about gemstones is incomplete without comparing about opal and moonstones. These mesmerizing gemstones are much more than their rich appearance. Opal vs. moonstone is an evergreen debate as lovers of both gemstone favor their gemstone to be more appealing than the other one.  Being a paragon of mystic powers and beauty, they are widely preferred by women all across the world. Well, if they are so useful for women, why not explore them more and know which stone is better in the battle of opal vs. moonstone? It will help us find out what they have got apart from their shine that impresses women everywhere.

More About Opal & Moonstone

Opal, the stone of Venus, is considered as the queen of gemstones. Created by the combination of silica and water, it is colorful, shining, and possess the fire effect, making it one of the most beautiful gemstones ever. Opal is the gemstone of excellence, creativity, and wisdom. It is the birthstone of October which makes it one of the most effective gems for an October born woman.

Moonstones is a mystical stone which is blessed by moon goddess Diana. It is known as the June birthstone, & it reflects white light in shades of blue, green, violet, etc., which make its appearance all the more mystical. Rainbow moonstone is the most famous, which is renowned for its extraordinary sheen.

Going for moonstone or opal depends on your choice as both are a treat for eyes, it's just a matter of preference. They can be worn by anyone who wants to surround themselves with elegance and sophistication.

How They Benefit Their Wearers?

Both opal and moonstone offer various benefits to their wearers. There are many jewelry items available in the form of moonstone & opal rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Their presence around their wearers can provide various benefits.


Moonstone rings in gold and silver 925

1. It can help in relieving stress and anxiety. If someone experiences low self-confidence, moonstone can surely help in making them calmer and wiser.

2. It is a stone which can make the travelers super happy because it protects them from all the dangers on their voyage.

3. It can help the woman with menstrual cramps and pain. It is a feminine stone that amplifies their loving and nurturing nature.

4. It is recommended for older people as it slows down the degeneration of organs, helping them live a longer, healthier, and painful life..



real opal rings in silver and rose gold

1. It's a Venus gemstone that enhances the mutual understanding and bonding between couples and increases the quotient of love and romance between them.

2. It is recommended for people who are involved in creative fields such as music, theater, painting, dance, etc. as it increases the power to think creatively.

3. It can help in improving the functioning of kidneys.

4. Lucky for all those individuals who are associated with clothes, fashion, jewelry, handicrafts, etc.

No matter what gemstone you support in the contest of opal vs. moonstone, both are loved by women equally. Apart from the breath-taking shine and luster, their presence provides numerous benefits to those around it. Many people are going offbeat by choosing opal and moonstone rings as their engagement rings and birthday gifts for their close ones because they are beautiful, even from the inside.
Wear them daily or on special occasions & the attention will make your cheeks go pink with compliments from all directions. Gemstone Silver Jewelry is the hub of opal and moonstone jewelry crafted in sterling silver 925 & 14 K yellow and rose gold vermeil. If you want to explore more, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and never miss anything about gemstone jewelry.

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