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This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Christmas Jewelry..!!

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HURRAY..! the wait is finally over. That time of the year is here when festivities and merriment are all around. Its the time for celebrations, greetings, cakes, gifts and of course, Santa.


All of us are super excited about shopping and parties. Aren't we? Some of us will buy Christmas jewelry, or sweaters, others will go on vacations, and some of us will just choose to stay back in the comfort of our bed with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and Netflix. Obviously, its the season of holidays.

Christmas Celebration With Reindeers

Okay, so go back in time and try to remember a single year when we have not celebrated Christmas? Honestly, we cannot..!! Right from the year when we were born, we saw our parents bringing gifts for us and singing Christmas carols on 25th of December. As little ones, we used to get teddy, chocolates, and bicycles & as grown-ups, we get dinner dates, vacations, and jewelry for Christmas.

We used to think that its the Santa Clause, who comes once a year to reward all the good children. And, we always obeyed our parents, from the fear of Krampus.

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As we grew up, we began to understand the reality of Santa and the real meaning of Christmas.

But still, after all these years & all the knowledge, we wait for Christmas every year, with the same enthusiasm.

Santa Claus Is Bringing Christmas Gifts

It was the day when Jesus Christ, the son of God, was born. At least this is the story we all have been told to believe. But, if we dig deep, there is no concrete evidence of the day as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Not even the Bible has a proper mention of this. It was at the end of the third century when this was declared by the church officials.

But anyway, most of us are only excited about the holidays, snow fights and gifts for Christmas.

The Birth Of Jesus Christ 

So, have you bought Christmas gifts for your loved ones and yourself already? Or at least thought of something! Maybe a red and white pullover, a pair of winter boots, theatre tickets, a bottle of red wine, or stocking stuffers. But, have any one of us considered jewelry for Christmas gift. 

Christmas Gifts For 2019 

Although, jewelry has not been much appreciated in the Bible, but with changing times it has gained its importance and significance.

Okay, don't stress much and keep reading. As we are sure while reading this, you will be satisfied with your decision to get jewelry for Christmas gifts.

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So ask yourself, do you consider yourself belonging to the hipster club? If you do, then you must be aware of the latest styles prevailing in the fashion industry. In fact, you must be a step ahead and already know the upcoming trends, as well. But for those of you who are too busy to observe the changing trends, here is a piece of information that will give you a clear idea about what are we referring to.

We understand, facts speak louder than mere words. So, let's take a look at the stats & the data collected. We are sure this will leave you in no ambiguity about the idea of jewelry for Christmas gifts.

Christmas Gift Preferences


Christmas Jewelry Gift Preferences

These charts clearly show why this year is the year of Christmas jewelry.

Gemstone Silver Jewelry's Christmas Jewelry For 2019

And, apart from this, studies show the interest of people, especially women, towards fashion jewelry is rising rapidly.

Women from 18 to 65 years of age are going gaga over elegant and comfortable jewelry as per the survey.

And 51% of millennial women owns some kind of jewelry.

So now you know that if more than half of the population is going crazy about something, then it is so on-trend and will remain in the hearts for quite some time.

People in a long-distance relationship, meeting their girlfriend after a long time, are giving the elegant opal or moonstone jewelry as a souvenir.

Moonstone Ring As A Christmas JewelryChristmas jewelry given at the end of the year is becoming the reason for excitement for stepping into the new year for many people.

Many of them are buying earrings or necklaces. And many others are surprising their girls with a snowy & glittery proposal. They are marking the date for the rest of their lives with an opal ring.

With changing trends, the choices of accessories are also evolving. Most of the people now favor sober & elegant jewelry, apparently the serene moonstone jewelry. Even for a person, who is almost a no accessory person, moonstone or opal jewelry will be something to fall for.

The days of this year are dwindling, and the infatuation towards fashion jewelry is growing. The Christmas jewelry that you gift your favorite person will stay with them for their life.

Many people, especially women, confessed that they prefer jewelry as gifts & find value in that. While many others are so fascinated, that they shared their stories of declaring the Christmas jewelry to be their heirloom.

Christmas jewelry carries with it the emotions and feelings of the bond that you share with that person.

Moonstone Jewelry As A Christmas Gift

Isn't it obvious now that your mom or your girlfriend or your BFF will be the happiest if you stuff little moonstone earrings or delicate opal ring in their Christmas stockings?

Christmas Sale Offer

So what are you still waiting for! Get your 'perfect for someone' piece of opal or moonstone jewelry now. And, if you don't have to spend a fortune for them, then what more can you ask for..!

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  • Thank you for all those great Christmas gift ideas! Such a beautiful collection of jewellery! I loved them all.

    Posted by Madison | December 21, 2019
  • Yes. its true, jewelry is the best gift for women. It can be of silver or gemstones but gemstones jewelries look more beautiful. So this Christmas try to get at least one gemstone jewelry.

    Posted by Sophia | December 21, 2019

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