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What Metaphysical Properties Of Moonstone Make It So Popular

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*Joy*     *Divine Protection*     *Safe Voyage*     *Motherly Nurturing*     *New Beginnings*     *Love*      *Saintly Wisdom*      *Clean Aura*     *Positive Vibes*     *Good Luck*     *Creativity*

Moon’s goddess Diana’s jewel and every moon child’s desire, moonstone has been made famous because of its unique blue shine and its peerless healing, protecting, and nurturing properties.

Moonstone is found in many parts of the world, which is another reason it is so popular among the moon’s tribe, which has moon children spread everywhere. It emits the feminine energy of Yin, which is the serene, tranquil energy said to be a character of moonstone that has been mirrored off the moon.

It is also known to synthesize the powers of the mind and channelize them in one direction for a better concentration and tenacity. These qualities of moonstone are only the tip of the iceberg, which is explained in this article. But before that, let us find out a little more about moonstone and see why moonstone jewelry is the only jewelry you will ever need.

More About Moonstone

Moonstone can be of many varieties, and they can fall in orthoclase, oligoclase, or any other group of the feldspar family of minerals. This is the family of minerals that contains all the magical looking stones with an unparalleled sheen with labradorite and moonstone being the most popular.

While moonstone is available in many colors, the most famous one, which is called the rainbow moonstone, is actually labradorite in a white matrix. It has a light blue colored sheen, sometimes with a hint of green, orange, yellow, violet, purple, etc., which is visible when held against direct light. This extraordinary phenomenon makes moonstone perfect to make jewelry items because such a magical sight in jewelry will make it even more precious and beautiful.

A moonstone ring will shift everyone’s attention from whatever they’re doing towards your ring because it is shining in an array of rainbow colors. And, the healing properties of moonstone always follow, which are explained below.

Metaphysical Properties Of Moonstone

Moonstone is a feminine gemstone that emits energies to make you aware of your deep, hidden feminine side to bring out the motherly, nurturing, and calm nature from within you. It helps you become more wise and creative, which makes it the perfect gemstone for performance artists, painters, poets, etc.

It also helps in strengthening relationships, especially the ones where distance is causing rifts. A moonstone with you and your loved ones in any corner of the world will make your bond stronger than ever and help your relationship evolve.

Wearing moonstone also helps women have a better chance of conceiving because it awakens the kundalini energy, the energy of life, and rebirth. It is the perfect jewelry gem for women because it helps in eliminating fluid retention, reducing pregnancy-related pain and period cramps, correcting the hormonal imbalance, and much more.

It is an other-worldly experience to wear moonstone because you start feeling its effect on your life, which is when you understand its blessings, its magic, & its spellbinding capabilities.

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  • I was not aware about the metaphysical properties of moonstone, this blog increased my knowledge.

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  • The matchless answer ;)

    Posted by 1968luba5l | March 08, 2019
  • In my knowledge, moonstone is available in two colors which is simple moonstone that has blue sheen and other is rainbow moonstone which has many colors sheen in it. Correct me if I’m wrong. You said truth about the powers of moonstone.

    Posted by Mira | February 05, 2019
  • I love rainbow moonstone that’s why i have lots of jewelry of it. This blog help me to learn more about moonstone. well written and iformative blog.

    Posted by Amy | February 05, 2019

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