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What Moonchildren Think About The Moon Halo

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No moonchild will ever say no to a full moon night spent looking at the magic moon and soaking in all the positive vibrations traveling through the moonlight. But have you wondered as to what exactly moon sees when it looks at the earth? Have you wondered what the moon thinks about us? Well, it should not come as a surprise to the moonchildren out there because they already know the answer to this. Moon has always been, and will always be the element in everyone’s life that provides a sense of serenity to all those looking at it. We are all her children, and she has pledged to look after us in the darkest of the nights and amplify our joy on the days we feel like touching the sky. She is the motherly figure for an extra dose of heavenly nurturing.

What Is A Moonchild?

You must have heard of the term moon child, or simply moonchild a lot of times, especially on Gemstone Silver Jewelry, but what does it mean? It is not a very complicated term, and it means what it says, “child of the moon.” A moon’s child is anyone who loves the moon and considers her more than just a natural satellite to the earth. For them, the moon is the power that is always watching over them, protecting them, nurturing them, and giving them the qualities they need for a peaceful state of mind. And, the moon children reciprocate by honoring the moon with moonstone. They try and be around moonstone as much as they can by wearing moonstone jewelry, or by incorporating it somehow in their apparel. This always keeps them protected from the negativities and imparts the moon’s wisdom and tranquility in them for a peaceful life.

Moon And Its Gods

Moon has always been considered a spiritual body by monks and shamans around the globe for hundreds of thousands of years. It is the light that cuts through the dark evil powers and provides a guiding hand to all the voyagers. There are many goddesses related to the moon, most of them are ancient Greek & Roman goddesses, which is where moonstone was considered very holy, including India and many Asian countries, too. The Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, has been known as the most prominent moon goddess who wears crescent moon as her crown and carries a torch that holds moon’s light. This torch provides the light for all those who are stranded in the dark and require some help. Even the Roman moon goddess, Diana, is said to protect all the animals in the night from any dangers they might get in because of the dark. She is the protector of all the animals and birds, who comes to their rescue in some form or the other whenever they need.

Moon Halo

You must’ve noticed on some days that moon’s size looks extraordinarily large. And this is sometimes accompanied with a sort of a circle around the moon, which is termed as moon halo by the followers of the moon. For them, this is another proof of how holy the moon is and how it should always be respected and honored. The actual reason behind this ring is the moonlight being reflected from the hexagonal ice crystals present in the upper atmosphere. This can happen any time of the year with the presence of some thin clouds, which give it the appearance of the halo around the moon. This serene backdrop is perfect to dance under the moonlight and absorb all the heavenly vibrations that the moon has to offer. It is a dream come true to experience a double halo or a halo with various colors for a moonchild because it is a rare, very rare sighting.

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  • I am new to Moonstone. It feels just lovely, gentle, and supportive to me. I love sitting and looking at the moon halo for hours because of how rare it is. I feel like moonstone powers up on such magical nights, and I can legit feel it.

    Posted by Kayley | January 16, 2019
  • Thank you for offering truly magical and unique pieces. I love anything to do with space, especially the moon. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    Posted by Vera | January 16, 2019

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