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Why Does Sterling Silver Tarnish And How To Prevent It?

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Be it diamonds, gold, platinum, silver, or any other metal; jewelry has always been used to beautify looks of women. Currently, sterling silver is receiving popularity from everyone as it is the modern trend of women's jewelry. Your sterling silver jewelry tarnishes when you don't take care of it and clean it regularly. We believe looking her best from head to toe with is what makes her happy & tarnished jewelry should not come in the way of that. 

In terms of different materials available in the jewelry market, sterling silver is becoming a popular choice for women who wear jewelry regularly as well as those who like wearing gorgeous jewelry on all occasions. Sterling silver is an alloy made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals (primarily copper). Silver is a soft metal, & it is alloyed with copper to increase its toughness and make it suitable to be used as an ornament which makes cleaning it even more important.

Why Does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

When we buy jewelry, we are attracted by the emotions which it offers to us. We are social & we like looking gorgeous everywhere we go. We love it when someone praises our apparel & jewelry choice. But if you prefer sterling silver, cleaning it and taking care of it will prevent it from going black. There is no universal answer to how long sterling silver takes to tarnish because it entirely depends on the wearer. Some follow the tips that are mentioned here to maintain and clean their silver jewelry and some don’t, which determines the life of their jewelry.

It feels very nasty when you see your favorite silver jewel with a great sentimental value losing its natural charm and gleaming shine. The disgusting discoloration & stains of grey, black, or green on silver jewelry make it look shabby and unlike themselves. It is the copper in sterling silver jewelry which reacts to sulfur and moisture present in the air, resulting in tarnishing. It also happens because of the chemicals present in perfumes, hairsprays, body lotions, etc. which we use in our everyday life.

5 Practical Tips To Prevent And Remove Tarnishing


It is required to take care of your jewelry so that you can uplift the beauty of your natural features in the long run. These basic yet essential steps will explain how sterling silver tarnishes and what you can do to prevent & get rid of that tarnishing.

1. Storing At The Right Place

Store your jewelry in separate airtight pouches away from the reach of kids. It will reduce the chances of scratching and physical damage. Store these pouches in your jewelry box in a dark place away from sunlight and moisture. The better you store your silver jewelry, the less you will need to clean it.

2. Keep It Away From Water

To restrict your silver jewelry from tarnishing, avoid wearing it when you take a shower or chill in the pool. Here, you are in constant & direct contact with humidity and moisture. It is also advised not to wear it during a workout or while playing sports because the sweat might also offset tarnishing. If you forgot removing your jewelry, cleaning it by wiping it dry with a clean cloth will help.

3. Rub It With A Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

After removing your silver jewelry, clean it with a jewelry cleaning cloth before you put it in the ziplock bag or an airtight container. This will remove all the sweat, dirt, and chemicals from the jewelry to help it retain the natural shine. You can find a jewelry polishing cloth on many online marketplaces for a couple of dollars.

4. Jewelry Cleaning With Baking Soda

Fill a bowl with one cup of boiling water & one tbsp of baking soda. This will make an effective silver jewelry cleaning solution without many efforts. Put your silver jewelry in it for a couple of minutes and keep the bowl covered with a lid. Remove it and wash under ordinary water to remove all the undesired gunk. Cautiously, rub it with a dry cleaning cloth for jewelry which is easily procurable. This method is quick and will be helpful for all the busy bees who look for simple jewelry DIY cleaning methods.

5. Jewelry Cleaning With Vinegar

This is one of the simplest ways of jewelry cleaning at home, which can be tried by anyone with ease. In a bowl of vinegar, soak your jewelry and rub it with a delicate toothbrush till it is sparkling. To end, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth till it is completely dried.

Your sterling silver jewelry needs some cleaning and maintenance so that it looks presentable and forever new. Following the points mentioned above will not require any special efforts, they won't hinder your busy lifestyle, and they will take only a few minutes of your time. Let us know in the comments which method worked best for you and what you think should be improved. To stay connected with the world of fine women's jewelry, follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest today and get a chance to be featured in front of our followers.

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  • The tips are straightforward and very useful. I’ll do the same my silver chain.

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