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Moonstone Engagement Rings

Engagement rings need to be highly polished and very well made, which is why GSJ brings to you the engagement rings with moonstone you’ve been waiting for. These jewels are out of this world because their quality is top-notch and the craftsmanship is impeccable. These unique moonstone engagement rings will definitely make you want to get a proposal right now.
All of these engagement rings are either pure sterling silver or gold & rose gold vermeil. What is vermeil jewelry, let us see.

What is gold vermeil?

When we talk about vermeil jewelry, we usually talk about gold or rose gold. When a sterling silver jewelry item is coated with a layer of gold or rose gold, it is known as vermeil. You can find the best vermeil jewelry in the US at GSJ with highly polished gold & rose gold vermeil items available for cheap. Many of the engagement rings are gold and rose gold vermeil with an adorable moonstone. There are also some moonstone engagement rings with cubic zirconia gemstones for extra bling which gets some people going.

Moonstone Engagement Ring- Rose Gold

There are more than 30 different designs of rose gold moonstone engagement rings for her on our store. We provide the best customer services, hassle-free returns, & free shipping over $49 anywhere in the world. These exceptional moonstone rigs are what you should be looking at when thinking of buying an engagement ring. 14k rose gold vermeil makes for the perfect color & provides a proper shine to these rainbow moonstone engagement rings. These rings are available at an unbelievable price as all of them are below $100. Isn’t that really cheap for an engagement ring? But, don’t be alarmed because the quality is not sacrificed even a bit to keep the rings at this price. We buy directly from the manufacturers, which is why we can control the prices better than others.

Moonstone Engagement Ring- Gold

A classic gold engagement ring will be the best way to propose her if she is someone who rejoices in classic jewelry. These unique moonstone engagement rings can be the inspiration in her life because this gemstone has magical powers that protect and bring good luck to the wearer. These gold engagement rings for her come in various shapes and sizes. You can find the emerald cut, round cut, cabochon cut, and many more shapes and sizes. There are more than 30 different designs of engagement rings available on GSJ.

Moonstone engagement Ring- Silver

An engagement ring has to be very special because if you want her to be happy, you will have to get her something that she will always treasure. The silver engagement rings on GSJ are just that because they are made with the ace of silver jewelry, 925 sterling silver & grade- AA+ moonstones. These mystical gems will keep her calm and make her wise with time. Don’t just give her a ring, give her an expression of your love that she will embrace forever.

Unique Moonstone Engagement Rings

The engagement rings that we make here at GSj are completely unique and you will not find these designs anywhere else. These gold and rose gold engagement rings are simple and flashy in their own way. Choose from the wide range of moonstone engagement rings and make her go wee. These moonstone rings have a great character because the moonstone in them makes them more than just jewelry, it makes them little pieces of moon’s blessings to shower good luck and prosperity in the life of the wearer.