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Healing Chakra Jewelry: To Mend All That Is Broken

The spiritual world is a place, where we all coexist without any differences. Without the barriers of caste, creed, religion, color, race, or any other discriminating factors. It is a place where all beings are equal and pure. It is believed that our spiritual energies are radiated from the body, which creates our aura. These energies are radiated through psychic energy centers present in our body, called chakras. There are 7 chakras in the body, named root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, 3rd eye, and crown chakra. They are all responsible to radiate different types of energies, out of which crown chakra is considered to be the highest spiritual center. It is considered as the place where pure consciousness is present without any object or subject. Jewelry that helps in balancing chakras is simply known as ‘chakra jewelry.’ In our collection we have silver, gold plated and rose gold plated chakra jewelry.  

Balancing Spiritual Energies- Silver Chakra Jewelry

All the chakras have positive effects on the body if they are not meddled with. But, we humans are not completely aware of the ways in which we can imbalance our chakras. We only realize something is wrong when it affects our lives, and that’s when we look for answers. There are various ways to balance the chakras, one of them is wearing chakra jewelry. This chakra jewelry is made of sterling silver, which means no more tarnishing and breakage of silver jewelry articles. Sterling silver has opened various new ways in which silver can be used in jewelry. It has made sure that no one ever has to thing of silver’s nature of being tarnished with time to make it a great daily wear. The way a balanced diet helps one to maintain a healthy body, a balance of energies in the body helps the mind and the soul to remain healthy. Energy is concentrated in these chakras and chakra jewelry helps in maintaining a balance between them.

13 Ways To Balance Life

The 13 chakra jewelry designs in this collection are all made exclusively to balance the chakras and get them in a line to maintain the harmony of spiritual energy flow. Every design is meant to affect a particular chakra and is meant to heal that chakra. Apart from the 7 designs meant only for the 7 chakras, there are other chakra designs, which contain elements considered beneficial for all the chakras and overall well-being. These jewelry pieces also affect the 21 minor chakras spread all over our body to provide a spiritual and physical well-being.