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Moonstone Silver Bracelets: A Bunch Of Moon’s Blessings

Moonstone’s powers are something that cannot be described in words. But, we still try to do it. They need to be felt by you to really appreciate them. A moonstone bracelet helps you do that, and in a way, which is unparalleled. The reason is that there are many moonstones, all present in one bracelet, to shower their blessings on you at the same time. No other bracelet will bring happiness to your life like a rainbow moonstone bracelet does. It has the ability to keep you close to your family and friends even when they live far away. The connection will stay strong as ever if you leave a rainbow, pink or white moonstone with them and carry one yourself. The best thing about these bracelets is that they are made of sterling silver, so that they can be worn on a daily basis to keep the connection strong without any tarnishing or breakage because it is the best silver in the jewelry world in terms of rigidity and longevity. Not only will the moonstone keep you connected with them, it will also be your protector in the night while traveling. Its virtue can keep away the dangers prevailing in the night time in places with no protection.

Mythological Legend- Sterling Silver Moonstone Bracelet

Moonstone isn’t just believed to be a talisman today, its legend centuries old now. It is mentioned in a lot of holy books, especially in the ancient Greek and Roman mythology. It brings prosperity and love in the life of the wearer because it is a gemstone that is worn to honor the moon goddess and protector of animals, Diana, according to the Romans. It can also make the wearer wiser and more sensible because it is considered essence of prophecy and second sight, which helps in decision-making. While, there isn’t much difference with the Greeks either, as moonstone is considered an honor to their moon goddess, Selene, and the night goddess, Nyx. Even in Asian countries like India, it is known as the moon goddess’ gemstone and is featured on the deity’s head, representing the third eye. All these beliefs have one thing in common, people’s faith, which doesn’t need any reasoning.

Finest Moonstone Silver Jewelry

A woman’s jewelry defines her, and we make sure that you are defined by the intricate detailing, grade-A moonstones, and strongest silver. Afterall, you deserve all that is good in this world, and we try to achieve that, a little every day. You will be astounded by the kind of work gone into every piece, which is clearly visible in the form of design and quality featured in our jewelry.

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