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Exclusive Moonstone Jewelry Collection


Moonstone Jewelry Collection

Welcome to the largest online collection of moonstone jewelry including moonstone ring, earrings, necklace and bracelets. Here, at, we make sure that the jewelry cravings of every moon child are fulfilled and no one leaves our store disappointed. Our jewelry speaks to you if you really want it to because every design has a story and moonstone in every piece gives it a totally mystical look and feel. The combination of moonstone and 925 sterling silver is a match made in heaven because this is the best type of silver that can last forever, tarnishes very very little, and is as strong as any of the metals used in jewelry making, if not stronger. Moonstone is held in place by this nickel-free form of silver that can take the toughest of the beatings and still keep its place. This is very necessary because moonstone jewelry will be more beneficial to the wearer if it is worn on a daily basis. And, for that purpose sterling silver is the best bet because it makes the jewelry last longer to keep the moonstone’s effects lasting long too.
You must be wondering what effects of moonstone are being discussed here, right? Well, if you were not aware, moonstone is not just a beautiful looking gemstone, it is also a good luck charm and a very powerful amulet that has the blessings from many gods to bring fortune in the wearer’s life and protect them whenever they are in dangerous and dark situations. It is also touted as the ‘phenomenal gem’ in Feng-Shui, where it is known to improve growth and creativity in children. Elderly people can also keep moonstone with themselves as its slows the degeneration process of the organs.  For women, moonstone can be a friend when they need it the most as it helps in alleviating menstrual pain and improving reproductive health. There is something to offer for someone, which makes wearing moonstone a divine experience in itself.
Our moonstone collection consists of more than 300 designs of moonstone rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets with moonstones cut in various shapes to maintain liveliness. All the moonstones are of grade-AA standard, which means that the blue-purple sheen is of the highest quality. You won’t find so many different designs of moonstone jewelry in one place at such great prices because we do the resourcing of raw materials, bring the final product to you, and all the steps in between ourselves.
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