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Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone Necklace


Moonstone Necklace: Your Bohemian Neckpiece

For all those boho jewelry lovers, this is a collection of handpicked, intricately modeled, and carefully designed necklaces with magical moonstones. It is a delight to wear such a charming piece of jewel on your neck. And, the joy is increased all the more because of the soul healing and chakra balancing metaphysical properties of moonstone. This celestial gem makes any piece of jewelry heavenly, which is the reason why moonstone jewelry holds a special place in our hearts. Experience the magic yourself, and it will become special for you, too.

Moonstone: The Gem Of Love & Healing

Moonstone is touted as the gemstone of love and healing, but what does that mean? Well, it merely means that it is a magical gemstone which is more than what meets the eye. It is a spiritual healer with the ability to make wishes come true, mainly if they are related to love and intimacy. Moonstone is said to keep the bond strong even if you are away from your loved ones if you give a moonstone to them when you leave and keep one with yourself. It awakens the kundalini energy in women, the power of rebirth and new beginnings, which can help in conceiving. It can bring partners close by lighting up the fire of love which was fading away after some years. Monks and shamans have worn it because they think it cleans their aura, and it is entirely true, all you need to do is experience it yourself.

Unparalleled Quality With 925 Sterling Silver

All our necklaces and all other jewelry on the store of Gemstone Silver Jewelry uses the certified grade of 925 sterling silver, which is the highest grade of silver that you can get for jewelry. It is the quality of silver that has 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper because pure silver is a very soft metal that can’t be molded into jewelry as it will not hold its shape for a long time. Another good thing about moonstone silver jewelry from GSJ is that all of the moonstones used are of the highest GRADE-AA quality. This means that the luster and adularescence on the moonstones will be top-of-the-class. After all, this appearance is what appeals people in the first place until they find out about the metaphysical properties.