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Moonstone Necklaces


Moonstone Necklaces: An Interesting Twist On Neck Chains

Moonstone is the crystal of healing, and it has been worn as an honor to the moon gods and goddesses for hundreds of years. And, to wear such a holy gem on your neck in the form of a sterling silver necklace is just the blessing you deserve. A moonstone necklace is an excellent piece of jewelry that can be worn to experience the metaphysical properties because the moonstone stays close to the heart and heart is where all the love and happiness resides, waiting to be brought out. Moonstone jewelry is commonly known as the moon jewelry among moon children, the tribe of followers of the moon and moonstone. They swear by its powers because they are the ones who have experienced them closely, which also makes them an advocate of the moonstone’s powers.

Moon Necklace: Relish The Saintly Magic Of The Moon

Moonstone is closely related to the moon because of its appearance and its exceptional calming qualities that can also provide the follower with a great sense of wisdom. It is also an outstanding gem because of the unique iridescence that has attracted many towards it. When light falls on a rainbow moonstone necklace or any other jewelry, it disperses in its veins and is reflected in various shades of blue, green, purple, etc. This phenomenon is called adularescence because of one of the moonstone mining sites in Switzerland, known as Mount Adular. This effect also makes moonstone connected to the moon because even the moon reflects the sunlight which provides it the alluring appearance which is savored by millions of moonchildren around the globe. Our crescent moon necklaces & pendants are the most loved ones because they represent the moon in its most superb form, the crescent form. Wearing such necklaces is in itself an experience so sacred that you will definitely start to feel a little saint-like.

925 Sterling Silver With Artistic Craftsmanship

Moonstone’s healing powers are difficult to describe in words, which makes moonstone jewelry a holy experience, rather than just a jewel. To make sure that this experience of a lifetime lasts for a long time to come, at every step of the production process, all the pre-established guidelines are followed, and the integrity is maintained throughout. All the moonstone jewelry uses 925 sterling silver, which is the ace quality silver used in jewelry making. The moonstones used are of the grade-AA quality, which means that the sheen on its surface will be absolutely captivating. Our values drive us to always use the best in anything that we make because your hard earned money should be spent only on the jewels that are top-class.

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