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Moonstone Pendant Sets


Moonstone Jewelry Pendant Set: Matched With Perfection

When we were making pendants and earrings out of moonstone and sterling silver, we decided to take your convenience to another level by making similar designs and putting them under moonstone pendant sets. We thought that every pendant needs a matching pair of earrings and every pair of earrings need a matching pendant, which you may also think. All the pendant sets feature similar designs so that every piece can complement each other. You can utilize the moonstone jewelry powers in a better way by wearing a whole set with many moonstones. It can make you wiser, calmer, and emotionally stabler. Read on to see how moonstone can be the long-awaited harbinger of change in your life.

Sterling Silver Moonstone: Healing Stone In All Senses

When it is said that moonstone can be miraculous, it actually means that it is indeed majestic in all senses. For most people, it comes as a surprise how a gemstone can do all these things. But, for those who have read about this phenomenal gem, it’s nothing new. Females, elderly people, and children are the ones, who can very well reap its benefits. For women, moonstone can be a great boon as it can help enhance their reproductive health by improving fertility, relieving from menstrual issues, maintaining hormonal balance, easing pregnancy and childbirth, and also, eradicating fluid retention. Old age is something that is not easy because the organs start to deteriorate and you would think that nothing can be done about it. But, moonstone can slow that process down, as it is believed. Even children can wear moonstone to enhance growth and creativity. It can also improve the digestive system and get rid of toxins from the body. Prime Moonstone Silver Jewelry Our collection of moonstone jewelry will mesmerize you because no one else has the kind of jewelry we have. The quality of the silver and the moonstone is unmatchable and the detailing on every piece is our USP. The 925 sterling silver stamp on every piece is your seal of quality and that you are getting the best possible type of silver right now that can be worn day in and day out without any worries. It barely tarnishes. It is rigid because of the other metals present in it, which is less than 7.5%. And, it lasts as long as any other jewelry piece you may own. We are confident enough to say that you won’t find this quality at any other store. And, if you do, you can be sure that it would be priced way higher than it is at Gemstone Silver Jewelry.