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Opal Rings

Opal Rings


Silver Opal Ring:  More Than Just An Ornament

The Opal Stone obtains its name from three different sources which encompass Latin which is “Opalus,” the second being Greek which is “Opalliois,” both meaning a change of shade, and the last- Sanskrit word that is “Upala” which means the most precious stone. Opal is named the “Queen of Gems” by the famous, renowned English poet Shakespeare who was mesmerized by its sheer excellence. The fantastic display of colors and patterns make it a magnificent choice for making opal rings for women and girls who like showcasing their sweet feminine side. Opal rings are always considered lucky because this gemstone is a symbol of hope, purity, and protection against evil spirits.

The serenity Of Silver Opal Rings For Women

Opal has a captivating history known for leaving its powerful impression on many civilizations as a symbol of chastity. Being the October birthstone, opal jewelry is a fabulous gift for people born in this month and for those who are celebrating their 14th Marriage anniversary. Its presence in the form of rings, earrings, or necklaces can make people peaceful and serene which has become essential in today’s life of hustle & bustle. The October birthstone is also lucky for special moments in one's life. Opal wedding rings and engagement rings are trendy among women who like to look adorable and appealing on their best day.


925 Sterling Silver Opal Ring: Jewelry Built To Stay

With our humongous variety in opal rings for women, be ready to witness the best of designs under our catalog. Receiving compliments and appreciation while wearing our sterling silver opal rings will become a daily affair as every admirer of beauty will not be able to stop himself/herself from taking a second look. Be it silver or rose gold, all the opal rings from GSJ are eye-catching and premium in quality. You can wear them at the most important of occasions and look fantastic while spreading love and joy. Teaming them up with our opal earrings and necklaces will add a touch of luxury to your evening gown and give you the dream look you always wanted.