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Silver Ring-Braids Of Cupid





A heart-shaped design on a ring will never blow and when it is combined with braided design, the charm of the ring is multiplied by a hundred. It is a ring with a great character and a heart of sterling silver, the strongest version of silver used in jewelry-making.


GSJ Promise

⇨ Genuine Rainbow Moonstone.
⇨ 92.5 Stamped Jewelry.
⇨ Nickel Free Sterling Silver.
⇨ Crafted by best artisans to make immaculate designs.

Buy with Trust

⇨ Excellent Quality Moonstone.
⇨ Cost Effectiveness from the competitors out there.
⇨ 100% Secured Payments.
⇨ Fast Shipping delivers in 3-5 Days.
⇨ Ships from US Warehouse.
⇨ No Questions asked return policy.

Ring size chart

All of our rings are listed in US Ring Sizes.

If you are unsure, simply measure the inside circumference of a ring that currently fits you in mm

Then click here to find your measurement

The Diameters are listed at the bottom left hand side of the page

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Terms and conditions for shipping


USPS First Class Mail – It’s $4.99 that includes the product insurance as well, estimated delivery time 3-5 days.

Free Shipping over $49.


USPS First Class Mail (Canada)– It’s $7.99 that includes the product insurance as well, estimated delivery time 5-7 business days.(Except Sat-Sun)

Free Shipping over $ 100.

USPS First Class Mail (Other than Canada)

It’s $11.99 that includes the product insurance as well, estimated delivery time 7-10 business days.(Except Sat-Sun)

Free Shipping over $ 100.

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Q. Can I return/exchange the jewelry?

A. If you are not satisfied with the product you have received, you can return/exchange it within 30 days of receiving the order. The only condition is that the product should be in the same state as you received it.

Q. How much refund do I get?

A. You will receive full refund against your return, excluding shipping charges (if any.)

Q. How do I return/exchange the product?

A. Below is the step-by-step process to return/exchange the jewelry purchased on

  • Pack the product in the original packing, in which the product was originally received. Please make sure the package is properly sealed, so that we receive the product in the same state as you received it.
  • Just fill up the form below and we will send you a return shipping label. You just need to paste it over the original label on the box to avoid any confusions.
  • Send the package to your mail carrier, drop it in a USPS mailbox or at your local US post office. For orders outside the US, you can use any reputed mail carrier to send the return package.
    As soon as we receive the product, it will pass through our thorough inspection. Any wear and tear, alteration, resizing, or any other changes to the returned product will make it fail the inspection and the product will be shipped back to you.

Q. How do I select the product I want in exchange?

A. Once the product passes the inspection, we will contact you to gather details of the product you want in exchange. You will have to pay the shipping fee of $4.99(incase you have paid the shipping) if you want it delivered in the US. Standard shipping time is applicable.

Q. When will I receive the refund?

A. Once product inspection is completed, we will contact you for the bank account details and immediately initiate the refund. Please give at least 10 working days for it to reflect in your account.


If your purchase was accompanied by a promotional item, you need to return that item too, in order to receive full refund. This is not required in case of exchange.

For any queries, contact us on


Keep you Bohemian Moonstone jewelry as shiny as a new piece always by following these few steps:-
⇨ Keep your jewelry in a box/pouch to prevent it from natural sunlight and excessive heat.
⇨ Jewelry should be avoided while swimming in chlorinated pool and salt water. If it comes in touch then pat dry it as soon as possible to avoid tarnishing.
⇨ Prevent your Jewelry from rubbing against rough garments, surfaces and metals to avoid scratching and chipping.
⇨ Avoid wearing it when exercising.
⇨ Try to avoid products such as hairspray, body lotion and perfume coming into contact with your jewels.
⇨ Avoid sprays, Body lotions and perfumes to come in contact with the Jewelry.

Like any other metal, Sterling Silver also has the tendency to tarnish over time. Though, it is normal, use the steps to clean our silver items.
⇨ Use a polishing cloth and rub it to remove unwanted tarnish.
⇨ If the tarnished areas will not budge, use water and/or metal polishing solution to help with the removal of it.
⇨ Ensure to pat dry afterwards.

Plated Jewelry needs a little extra care and love than other pieces. To make the most out of your plated Jewelry…
⇨ It should be kept dry at all times.
⇨ Don’t wear it in the shower.
⇨ Keep them away from all types of lotions and chemicals.
⇨ It is normal for plating to wear off over time. So treat your Jewelry with utmost care.


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